With Baron Davis to New York, Gilbert Arenas Eyeing the Lakers

With Baron Davis to New York, Gilbert Arenas Eyeing the Lakers

Should Fisher Watch His Back with Hibachi Looming?

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, Gilbert Arenas has narrowed his choice of teams to 4, after clearing waivers today. With the Lakers having a glaring hole at the point guard spot & Baron Davis heading to the Knicks, the Southern California native have put the purple and gold at the top of his list along with Miami, the New York Knicks and my favorite – any team that trades for Dwight Howard.

Does that double the chances of the Lakers getting the Hibachi man himself?

Stein reports that the Lakers have given the impression that their hesitant to pull the trigger (oops, that just came out) on Arenas, as it’s a very delicate time with Lamar’s exit, Pau’s uncertainty and now, Kobe’s pending divorce.

Before all of you Lakers fans clamor for Arenas to return home, please remember that he has had multiple knee surgeries, played in less than 50% of possible games since signing that $111M contract and has been a relative disappointment with the Orlando Magic.

But I know you all remember this 60 pt game vs. the Lakers, which is making you go “why not?”


  • Kevin

    lakers don’t need gilbert arenas.. he time in the league id done. that would be a total desperate move and lakers are better than that. we have steve blake and fisher we’re good.. remember the 99 spurs they had avery johnson running the point. the offense is more focused on getting the bigs going to open the floor. and defense we should be much better so NO gilbert arenas

    • Tony

      Are u kidding me about we are good at the pg spot? If u have been watching the lakers in the playoff in the last 2 years u would know why we need a new pg. I don’t think Arenas is a good fit but we definitely need a new pg.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Holbrook/1464631143 Chris Holbrook

    ill take a chance on gilbert…will cost nothing to sign and if it doesnt work out u cut his…if it works out he would be a decent upgrade at pg and can play some SG when kobe is resting…i think it would work out well for the lakers and it would secretly make a case D12 should go there cuz arenas would be there waiting for him

  • Richardo

    If there is little progress with “big trades”, I say we sign Gilbert for the veteran’s minimum. I think it’s a low risk, high reward situation. He may have off the court issues, but I think playing around a group of veterans and next to Kobe, he should stay out of trouble. If he doesn’t start, he can at least provide depth and shooting behind Kobe coming off the bench. That would really be nice, if he can give the team about 20-25 minutes and 10-12 points. Since we lost Lamar, who could do just about everything, we have to replace him by relying on a deeper bench. Bench would be much deeper and we’ll be at 15 (maximum). Also reduces Fisher’s minutes having so many guards. 

    C Bynum
    F Gasol
    F Barnes
    G Bryant
    G Fisher

    F/C McRoberts
    F Murphy
    F Caracter (Injured)
    F World Peace
    F Ebanks
    F Walton
    G Goudelock
    G Blake
    G Morris
    G Arenas

    • Gchoa

      Kapono is under contract…oops, so much for that idea!

  • Bodyinkmustang

    Sign him for the vet min and let’s see what he can do. Its going to be an interesting Laker year

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RM4FMKWDBPS3DV73R5KP2RKLO4 mariol

    i would definitely sign him. he is way better than what we currently have at the point…he is also a good defensive player

  • sammie

    Gilbert Arenas said ” where ever Dwight Howard goes, I’m following him”, so this could be a good sign to get Orlando’s center to los angeles 

  • Tony

    Good game last night between the clippers and lakers. The clippers looked really good with their new acquisitions. Although my lakers didn’t look so hot. I do think Morris could and will be the point guard of the future and they need more scoring out of Kapono and McRoberts. One last thing, I do feel like they need to go after Dwight Howard in the middle, I think we need to keep Gasol, but trade Bynum, World Peace, Matt Barnes, hell get rid of Luke Walton, and possibly throw in the first round pick they got for Odom. I think that is a good package that could land Howard in LA, if the Magic would go for it.

  • http://twitter.com/YoungPrettyBoi Dushawn Johnson

    We need a pg badly that morris kid plays liek hes in highschool he needs to sit and watch arenas can still get it done and it gives the lakers a good option i know he can do it hes desperate to come to LA why not sign him he scored 60!!!