Will The Lakers Win More Or Less Than 45 Games Next Season? Reviewed by Momizat on . There is some uncertainty heading into this upcoming season for the Los Angeles Lakers. With so many questions about health, age, and chemistry, it is difficult There is some uncertainty heading into this upcoming season for the Los Angeles Lakers. With so many questions about health, age, and chemistry, it is difficult Rating:
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Will The Lakers Win More Or Less Than 45 Games Next Season?

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There is some uncertainty heading into this upcoming season for the Los Angeles Lakers. With so many questions about health, age, and chemistry, it is difficult to try and envision the type of season the Lakers will have, and what overall record they will end up with.

Last year the Lakers ended with a 45-37 record and were able to capture the seventh spot in the Western Conference. Last year the Lakers were battling injuries all season, but managed to get hot at the end of the season.

So we asked Lakers Nation, Will the Lakers win more or less than 45 games next season:

The votes are in, and 88 percent of Lakers Nation believes the Lakers will win more than 45 games.

This year’s upcoming schedule will have some brutal stretches for the Lakers, but this Lakers roster is quite different from last year’s squad, and Mitch Kupchak did a great job in bringing in some younger legs that will give the Lakers some youth and depth.

Their best player, Kobe Bryant, is coming off an Achilles injury and there is not set date for his return, and that will definitely affect the Laker’s overall record.

Lakers Nation is definitely optimistic about this upcoming season, and winning more than 45 games is going to be a challenge, but only time will tell.


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A Southern California native and Laker fanatic since birth, I am here just sharing my passion for the purple and gold with the rest of Lakers Nation!

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  • Marty Susman

    I hope 25 max and I hope Kobe sits out most of the year getting better.

    • Daryl Peek

      OK Marty, I’m about to really go in on you over this if tanking the season is what you’re implying? Tanking in the same sentence with the Lakers is blasphemy! *looking*

    • richard

      25 max wins? What? are you nuts… any team with a Pau Gasol playing along side Steve Nash can win more than 25 games…. shesshh… and we still have Kobe coming in by December… don’t forget that we have a vastly improved bench this coming season… J.Hill, Farmar, Young, Kaman, Wes… that can easily be a starting 5 on some teams – that’s our complimentary players by the way, in case you haven’t noticed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

      History can attest, the Lakers has never been an NBA bottom feeder. This team will win more than 25 even if you take Kobe and Gasol out of the roster.
      It seems you are reading way too much of that BSPN predictions of being the 12th team in the West. We have a very good young and athletic additions that can handle and shoot the ball, and a couple of descent defensive stoppers in the making (Harris & Johnson).

      Like I had mentioned before, Lakers have not assembled this much talented shooters since 2000, when they are shooting lights out from downtown. you may say “of course, Kobe was just 22yrs old then”, and yes, it was the same with these young prospects we have right now, and if it works like what I have been looking the way they are, it will be another shocking season for everyone.

  • Daryl Peek

    More. With a healthy Kobe by at least Dec. I see at least 48-50 wins.

    • Eddie Lazaro

      That’s the same figure I got, hoping Kobe comes to training camp 90%. I’ll say Dec.-Jan will be a good time for him to go on a full swing which is 8-9 months.

  • Marty Susman

    Daryl, I said I wanted Kobe to stay out till he was 100% healthy. The stupid coach allowed him to run himself into the ground last year, this year he could do the same, thats what I don’t want to see… As for tanking, look bottom line is simple, this coming season is all about Kobe getting healthy & the money they will; have after the season & the draft pick they will get…

    • 3339

      you’re absolutely right. Kobe should wait until he’s 100% I’m afraid that dantoni will do the same as last year with him, possibly even more because Dwight’s gone.
      If the Lakers are really thinking about the money they’ll have for free agents they better fire dantoni. I guarantee every Laker fan here that the big name guys won’t come here with dantoni here. ex. Do you think Melo would play for the guy that quit once the Knicks traded for him? hell no

    • Daryl Peek

      25 wins implies tanking. As I wrote above, tanking does not work and that has never been done by any Lakers team. They have never won less than 30 games before either. Competing is Laker DNA. 2014 will be taken care of when we get there. I highly doubt D’Antoni is fired before seasons end or if he’s fired at all going forward.

      Unless The FO relents and brings Phil back to coach (highly unlikely also) or coach K. decides to go pro, MDA is safe. Rambis failed miserably as a HC on two occasions. Phil has already expressed he’s not interested in coaching the team without Howard and said the roster is now better suited for MDA.

      With the exception of keeping free cap space, contemplating 2014′s new head coach is too problematic given last season. Continuity is something needed for the futures stability. I wont say MDA is the man for this but change for the sake of not liking MDA could easily turn into another PR nightmare.

  • Jim213

    Right now I’m observing a similar type of record but the team isn’t fully assembled at the moment to prognosticate.

  • 3339

    honestly I see the Lakers being involved in alot of very high scoring games, like 115-110 or something. thats what dantoni does. I really don’t trust him to manage this team and especially to manage Kobe properly after an injury. like last year we are 2 talented to miss the playoffs. Lakers probably finish with a similar record like last year.

    • richard

      you are too stubborn to learn… Daryl has been giving you facts… and you still insist that what happened last year was not due to the many injuries the team suffered.. it was not Kobe alone… about 80% of the roster was injured in some form… can’t you see it…or you are just gutting it out for the sake of argument? It’s not helping your cause…IMO…. peace…

    • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

      He has to, MDA need to do a better minute management of our aging stars specially Nash, Pau and Kobe all coming from injuries. With all the fresh legs and athletic additions we have added, It is so important to do so, for a very healthy roster to make the playoffs. Last year was last year and the scenario was totally different.

      There is nothing wrong with you looking back, but live for the moment and be objective as everyone here is trying to be. Dwelling in the past will keep that bitterness in you and the progression will be close to impossible or will be very slow. Keep your positive energy, you will be amazed what it can do. Take care.

    • richard

      Here is the showtime lakers vs. sixers.. circa 1980 championship… I just watch the game 1 on dvd and it was in every way a high scoring game… in fact, you can see from the data below.. all 6 games was a high scoring game. And if you watch the regular season in the showtime era, it was always high octane offense… even opponents’ score comes close to the lakers score most of the time… in other words.. there is no problem when a team is a high scoring team, they can win championships with that kind of offense and an average defense just like the show time lakers.

      Game 1
      Los Angeles Lakers109-102 (1-0)Philadelphia 76ersGame 2
      Los Angeles Lakers104-107 (1-1)Philadelphia 76ersGame 3
      Philadelphia 76ers101-111 (1-2)Los Angeles LakersGame 4
      Philadelphia 76ers105-102 (2-2)Los Angeles LakersGame 5
      Los Angeles Lakers108-103 (3-2)Philadelphia 76ersGame 6
      Philadelphia 76ers107-123 (2-4)Los Angeles Lakers
      I think, what you see as a template for a championship is the Chicago Bulls of the 90′s and the PhilJax run Lakers – where a grind it out, slow-paced, deliberate offense was the norm. That’s what we were used to seeing when Phil man the sideline.

  • Marty Susman

    The only reason Mike is still around is money. He will never be here at seasons end. They are waiting for the Lakers to lose a bunch of games & then he is gone… Kurt is here because Phil asked for him, he will take over half way through the season…

    • tara myricks

      SO TRUE!!!!

    • Eddie Lazaro

      Phil has no say in whoever MDA wants to be his assistant. Not a fan of MDA but fact is, Phil will never be around if not because of Jeannie. There is a bridge that was burned between Phil and Dr. Buss. Phil is Jeannie’s Business Adviser/Consultant, not the Players Personnel Operation, which is controlled by Jim.

  • Daryl Peek

    Lets kill the myth D’Antoni ran Kobe into the ground. First thing Kobe chose to play all of those minutes in April. If you think Kobe was gonna allow MDA to monitor his minutes while the team was on the verge of missing the playoffs, you haven’t been paying attention the last 17 years. Phil would have let Kobe play all those minutes all the same. Don’t believe me? Lets do a seasonal comparison…

    In the 12-13 season Kobe averaged the following MPG, month by month;

    OCT. 2 games, 36.5 MPG
    NOV. 14 games, 37.1 MPG
    DEC. 14 games, 40.6 MPG
    JAN. 16 games, 38.8 MPG
    FEB. 13 games, 36.1 MPG
    MAR. 13 games, 37.8 MPG
    APR. 6 games, 45.2 MPG
    Total season MPG average 38.8

    Neither Mike D’Antoni nor Phil Jackson could have stopped him from playing heavy minutes during April…
    “You guys really can’t ride Mike too hard about this, because Magic used check himself into games, too, MJ used to check himself into games, too. I’m just following their examples. I used to do the same thing with Phil.” –Kobe Bryant

    Here’s proof in the 09-10 season;

    OCT. 2 games, 38 MPG
    NOV. 14 games, 36.8 MPG
    DEC. 15 games, 40.1 MPG
    JAN. 17 games, 38.8 MPG
    FEB. 7 games, 40.1 MPG
    MAR. 15 games, 38.9 MPG
    APR. 3 games, 39.3 MPG
    Total season MPG average 38.6

    Now looking at this you can see Phil let Kobe do his thing also. Kobe averaged more MPG under Phil in 09-10, and this was coming off two previous season of deeper championship runs, hence more games played plus a summer Olympics run in 08 also. Also keep in mind Kobe was injured the entire 09-10 regular season. He missed 9 games that season because of injury. Phil still let Kobe play massive minutes dealing with those injuries and three consecutive seasons of more games played than anyone else in the NBA.

    Another thing to consider is how Phil only allow 8 men to play more than 10 MPG the entire 09-10 season. Of that, Shannon Brown only started 7 games with an injured Kobe playing throughout the season.

    Last season, 13 players played at least 10 MPG. Of course multiple injuries contributed to this but that just furthered the need for Kobe to play more minutes throughout the season VS what Phil let happen in 09-10. Lets us not also forget Kobe had dead legs by the time the team got through the finals against the Celtics.

    One could say it was Phil’s fault Kobe knees went bad in 10-11. His 05-10 run of MPG coupled with total games played can be blamed on Phil using the D’Antoni hate platform. ;)

    • 3339

      No. The only reason dantoni is still here is jim buss’ ego. The buss family confronted jim and asked him to fire dantoni. He almost did. But then that flukd winning streak happened when kobe went down and he didn’t fire him. Dantoni is only here because of a desperate attempt by jim buss to improve his name. Dude only cares about himself

      • Daryl Peek

        One thing you’ll notice about me, I do my best to base all of my arguments off what comes directly from the horses mouth (via direct interviews easily accessed) or documented facts we’ve actually seen. The outside sources I do quote when I do that are usually ones that have a long standing relationship with the Lakers family. I can’t say they are on point 100% all of the time but people like Lazenby, who authored the books of MJ, Phil, West and the Lakers is usually very reliable.

        That being said, Stephen A. Smith is the only one I’ve heard say that about Jimmy and the Laker family regarding D’Antoni. Personally I don’t trust anything that Smith says about the Lakers! The guy is a total hack when it comes to the Lakers inner workings.

        Now as for what I wrote above, 3339. Those are all of the documented facts we’ve seen, I’m talking about. The only opinion I injected is that of blaming Phil as a joke in rebuttal to those who blame D’Antoni for wearing Kobe out.

        • Qing Zhang

          I kinda have to agree with you Daryl. Because I don’t think D’Antoni did a very bad job or did he ran Howard out of town, the situation did. Loosing Howard may seem like a major blow, but add his distraction in the lockroom and on the court, that’s probably not much of a upgrade than Kaman neither.

  • islander8

    Finally Lakers has all the players can shoot free throws just like the Show Time in 80′

    • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

      and shoot they can, even 3s from downtown

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