Why The Lakers Should Trade The Seventh Pick For Kyrie Irving Reviewed by Momizat on . PAGES: 1 | 2 Coming off the worst season in franchise history, things can only get better. The front office moves this summer will determine how quickly a retur PAGES: 1 | 2 Coming off the worst season in franchise history, things can only get better. The front office moves this summer will determine how quickly a retur Rating: 0
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Why The Lakers Should Trade The Seventh Pick For Kyrie Irving

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Kyrie Irving

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Coming off the worst season in franchise history, things can only get better. The front office moves this summer will determine how quickly a return to the top can be. Getting the seventh pick in the NBA draft lottery wasn’t what the Lakers hoped for, but we move forward and look to focus on the draft and selecting the future coach.

According to most NBA experts, the top 5 prospects are: Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Dante Exum and Julius Randle in that order. After that, it really depends on a team’s need by position versus overall perceived upside. With Kobe Bryant only signed to a two-year contract, the window to win with him is closing rapidly. That being said, the Lakers must choose to draft a potential star and let him develop or go for the home run by trading the pick for a proven player in the league.

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kyrie-irving-nba-charlotte-bobcats-cleveland-cavaliersThe Lakers as an organization, including the fan base aren’t known for their patience and if you take into account how the Lakers usually reload after a disappointing season, it’s through free agency — not the draft. Small market teams don’t have the luxury of attracting proven stars via free agency, but the Lakers are still one of the most desired destinations in the league.

Enter Kyrie Irving — one of the most exciting young stars wanting a new home. Reports state both sides, Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers, are unwilling to agree on a max contract, so a trade now becomes a possibility. The Lakers can offer the Cavaliers the seventh pick where Cleveland can begin rebuilding their team in addition to their first pick.

Kyrie Irving has never been to the playoffs in his first three seasons in the league. It has also been reported that he is not as strong of a leader as the Cavaliers had hoped. After his second season, even with a close relationship with then coach Byron Scott, he did not speak up and demand that Scott be retained as coach by management. He is a rising star on a losing team, but how much of the blame should be directed his way?
Lakers GM Kupchak Says Next Coach Must Get Most Out Of Kobe Bryant, Chances Of Trading The Pick?

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  • Athens Petersen

    Some of the players will need to agree to low pay contracts. But look what happens with the Heat, nobody should be complaining. You want to win, that’s what you do. Most of the players on the heat is taking pay cuts. I just need to see a report on the possibility of Kyrie, Kobe, And melo, pairing together. But until then if that doesn’t happen. Get a good coach like mark jackson or jeff van gundy and trade that damn 7th pick for kyrie irving

    • devin

      Your soooo fucking dumb thinking the lakers are the ONLY team irving would agree to be traded to. And besides irving even said he wants to be a cav long term the team is just figuring out IF they wanna give him the max. If not theyll trade him and i guarantee it wont be for any less than atleast 2 first rounders. Have fun watching irving play for the cavs for atleast the next 5 years and if not he wont be a laker :) if i was a laker fan id be hoping kobe and nash would retire already clear cap and build through the draft around young talent THEN youd be able to interest a star player through FA thats just how it works

  • Athens Petersen

    And i know people are going crazy talking about, why risk it, he’s injury prone . Well dwight howard came off back surgery guy, he also chosen the lakers as a last resort, just didn’t wanna stay with the magic another season. Kyrie actually wants to be a laker, and injury prone? they said the same thing abouth curry but yet he got better, he stayed healthy. The great ball players always end up finding a way. And they’ll trade for the 7th even though there is better out there to trade for because kyrie could just let the other team know, “look i have no intentions on staying with ya” . So they have no choice, they stuck. what team gonna make a stupid move like that. You’re basically giving up your pick or great player for a great player who’s not staying for long.

  • devin

    You laker fans are retarded, your team is all geriatric old washed up scrubs and you have nothing of value to trade for ANYTHING. have fun being a shit team as long as kobe is sucking up all your cap space with his torn achilles hahahaha. Kyrie would way rather play for the cavs the team might be small market but it has alot more talent than the lakers do plus they have the #1 pick. Keep dreaming laker fans. The clippers run L.A now :)

  • Athens Petersen

    why you on a laker blog though, you the real retard to be honest. Get your hating mess out og here. The clippers run la but yet haven’t won a championship . okay? Lol you dumb

    • devin

      Your delusional. Who cares about what the lakers have won before lol theyre not winning anything for a lonnnnnnnng time :)
      as long as kobe is on your team sucking up that cap your not winning jack. Him and nash are washed up and kobes attitude gets in the way of everything thats why d howard left haha keep dreaming idiot

  • Fakers

    You guys are delusional. A #7 pick for Irving?!? Maybe next year they can trade a second rounder for LeBron. Dumb asses

  • Wei

    Lakers fans have never been in the situation of losing a star so you guys don’t understand how rookie contracts work. As you guys know, we (the cavs) can offer him a max deal, and he can reject it, but it means he becomes a RESTRICTED free agent next year, so any offer (most likely max) we will be able to match. Now what Kyrie can do is play out the next season, and opt in the preliminary offer for 15-16 season, and then become a unrestricted free agent. This option however, will cost him about 12-20 million dollars over 2 years, (thats a lot of money, and considering Kyrie’s injury past, he’d probably would want to lock down a long contract way before the 2016). Now as a cavs fan, I personally don’t want to give this guy a max contract at all, PER is terrible, plays no defense. If you guys can swap picks with Orlando somehow, We’d probably give you Kyrie in a heartbeat.

  • cp1

    The Lakers should try to trade Kobe for Melo , I think both would accept the trade since Kobe could rejoin Phil and likes NY and the Lakers get a younger player to build around

  • cp1

    get shepard in the deal with melo and package the 7th to get Love

  • devin

    Hahaha the lakers are washed up scrubs. Theres not even a guarantee kobe will be 100% himself after his injury and old age. And besides why would kyrie want to play on a team with no talent or assets to get better in the near future? Laker fans are delusional and to think theyre pick #7 is enough for the cavs star player proves it.

  • Don’t hate Lkrs#1


  • Don’t hate Lkrs#1

    Devin and all u other haters why don’t you go rest your f…..neck and get off our page (:

    • devin

      Trust me if you all werent smokin something thinking you can get our best player for virtually nothing i wouldnt be here lol theres nothing more boring than being a lakers fan. Yall think you deserve every teams players its not happening. The bucks have more going for them than you do haha. Your best bet would be unloading kobes massive contract building through the draft like everyone else. Its not our fault your team traded away all your valuable assets. Have fun being a mediocre team the next 4-8 years. Your just mad the cavs have a brighter future. We have kyrie dion the first pick, cap space for another star player resign spencer hawes and god help you if bennett gets his act together. Good luck with your measly #7 pick hahaha nothing worse than laker and heat fans

  • devin

    Early this morning ESPN reported the thunder have agreed to trade westbrook and durant to the lakers for steve nash and pau gasol suposedly thunder was looking for more veteran presence in theyre lineup. Also lakers are in discussions with the cavs offering theyre #7 straight up for theyre #1 and wanting to draft embiid
    Lakers 2015
    Also lebrons opting out to join the lakers for a sixth man role :)

  • Marty Susman

    I would do that trade in a blink of an eye and give him a max deal..

  • Delusional

    It’s amazing how delusional Laker fans are. 7th pick is, as palastrus put it well “no way in hell” enough. There are plenty of teams above the Lakers in the draft that could offer much better packages. And for the morons who are saying that Kyrie could just opt out, there’s unfortunately something called restricted free agency. The earliest he can jump ship on his own is the summer of 2016; in this scenario he would be saying “fuck the Cavs, I don’t care if I get hurt” and signing the qualifying offer sheet next summer (2015). Nobody has done that in history, and given his injury history, you never know what will happen. ANY OTHER OFFER by other teams can be matched by the Cavs. Sorry comrades, but for the 7th pick alone, this is a pipe dream.

  • Adam404402

    Coach Byron Scott

    PG kyrie irving
    SG kobe bryant
    SF loul deng or lance Stephenson
    PF jordan hill
    C Marcin gortat

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