Why The Lakers Should Select Marcus Smart With The Seventh Pick

Why The Lakers Should Select Marcus Smart With The Seventh Pick


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The NBA Draft Lottery has now come and gone, setting the Lakers’ draft position in stone at number seven overall. Despite dropping one spot as a result of the lottery, Los Angeles is still in a prime position to add a young and exceptionally talented player to the roster on June 26.

Now that the draft order is set, mock drafts have come out in full swing, speculating as to what teams will do on draft day. Some prospects that are projected to being taken by the Lakers are Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon and Noah Vonleh. Laker fans are hoping that Dante Exum will somehow force his way to Los Angeles, but all indications are that the Orlando Magic will select the Australian point guard with the fourth pick.

Instead, the Lakers should turn their attention to another point guard who will potentially be available when they are on the clock — Marcus Smart.

Smart declared for the NBA Draft after his sophomore season at Oklahoma State, where an incident with a fan overshadowed his performance on the court. Late in a close game against Texas Tech on February 8, Smart stumbled into the crowd along the baseline after attempting to block a shot. As he was getting back up, Smart suddenly turned and confronted a fan, then shoved him. As punishment, the NCAA suspended Marcus Smart for the team’s next three games. Oklahoma State lost all three games during his absence.

The episode with the Texas Tech fan should not be a cause for concern, as Smart has had no other prior history of character issues.

Even more important to his draft stock than the controversy was the way Marcus Smart responded after his punishment. Once he returned from the suspension, the Oklahoma State point guard was fantastic, averaging 19.2 points, 6.1 assists, 6.6 rebounds and 4.5 steals in the team’s final 8 games. OSU was eliminated in their first NCAA tournament matchup against Gonzaga. Smart wasn’t to blame for that loss though, as he tallied an incredible stat line of 23 points, 7 assists, 13 rebounds and 6 steals — becoming the first player in NCAA Tournament history to record 20 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 steals in a game.

2012+NBA+Finals+Game+Four+AyshGNOTp1AxNow coming out of college, the most popular comparison drawn to Marcus Smart is Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade. While I believe the comparisons to Wade are accurate, Smart reminds me of Russell Westbrook as well. The 20-year-old has great size, strength and athleticism for a point guard but he is also a tenacious competitor, much like the Thunder guard. Westbrook’s ability to put pressure on opposing defenses by virtually being a blur in transition is a trait that Marcus Smart also possesses, just not quite to the same extent.

Unfortunately, they also share an inconsistent jump shot. Smart shot a meager 29.9 percent from the three point line last season, but has the capability of getting hot in a hurry due to an extreme amount of confidence in his game at all times. Another thing that Smart could be more consistent in is his decision making, but learning under Steve Nash for a season could improve that quality immensely.

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The traits that Laker fans would love the most about Marcus Smart are his competitiveness, toughness, leadership and defensive ability. He has tremendous defensive instincts, which led him to an average of three steals per game in his career at Oklahoma State. He can lock down his man while creating havoc in the passing lanes, triggering fast breaks for his team. As for his competitiveness, Smart has demonstrated his desire and ability to win at the high school and college levels so far in his career. In high school, he accomplished a record of 115-6 on his way to two state championships. With him in the lineup last season, Oklahoma State was 21-10 despite playing in the Big 12, which was the toughest conference in the country.

While defense is his trademark, Smart was a nightmare on offense as well last season with OSU. He averaged 18 points per game while dishing out 4.8 assists and grabbing 5.9 rebounds.

His stock was already high, but a strong showing at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago earlier this month may have propelled it to another level. Smart measured at 6’3″ with a 6’9” wingspan. Along with posting a 33-inch standing vertical, he displayed his strength by bench pressing 185 pounds 19 times, which was third-best overall at the combine. In addition, Smart posted a lane agility time that was superior to past performances of some point guards who are notorious for their speed and quickness:

Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid and Dante Exum (not particularly in that order) will likely be the first four picks in the draft. After that, no pick seems to be a foregone conclusion. The Utah Jazz drafted Trey Burke last season, so unless they draft Smart and plan to play him at shooting guard, it seems unlikely that they would select him with the fifth pick. The Boston Celtics could take him sixth overall, considering Rajon Rondo is entering the final year of his contract, making Smart his replacement. However, playing behind Rondo and Avery Bradley would limit the minutes available to Smart in his rookie year, thus hindering his immediate growth.

If neither team drafts the OSU point guard, he will be there for the taking for the Los Angeles Lakers. Before he decided to return to school last year, Smart was virtually a lock to be a top-2 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, since the Orlando Magic reportedly had its heart set on drafting him with the second pick. Now, the Lakers could potentially get an absolute steal by taking him this year at number seven.

If Mitch Kupchak, Jim Buss and Laker management pass on Marcus Smart, it could be a decision that haunts them, as Smart will be dynamic building block to his rightful team’s future.
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  • Jeff B.

    Yes, please.

    • a.j.

      If the Lakers are getting Kevin Love in 2015 free agency then i suggest drafting Marcus Smart.Don’t draft a Power Forward.Draft Marcus Smart.

  • j.thekidd

    This kid could ball ..Let’s do it LAkers

  • Larry

    Marcus Smart is the best basketball player ever lol j/k.But seriously i do want him at #7.My hope is he can come in and help out our perimeter defense out.Marcus Smart reminds me of a fella by the name of Andrew Toney same type of player and same height only difference is Marcus Smart is a much buffer version and much more stronger and muscular version of Andrew Toney.Yes Lakers draft Smart!

  • Henry

    Marcus won’t be around at #7.Orlando,Utah,Boston are all lined up to draft him.

    • oldschool93

      Orlando wants Exum more than Smart. Utah already has Trey Burke, and Boston needs a big more than a PG, like a Vonleh or Gordon. Smart’s basically there for the Lakers taking.

      • Henry

        Yeah i am thinking the way you say it but i went to those teams fan forums regarding the draft and Marcus Smart is who they think it will be for them.But they claim Orlando wanted to get Smart since last draft or something like that and now they have him pegged at #4 since he worked out for them twice already and they have rave reviews they think he is glorious lol.But anyways Utah wants to go with a 2 guard set of Trey Burke and Marcus Smart they think having Derrick Favors and Kanter is enough up front they also have Hayward now they want to us Smart at shooting guard.Boston might trade Rajon Rondo and Marcus Smart is the perfect sensible replacement.But then again logic says the Lakers need Smart the most outta all the teams we mentioned.I agree Lakers need him.

        • sena

          hope so!!!

        • oldschool93

          I read somewhere that Utah and Boston are really high on Vonleh, especially Boston, and Utah is very high on Gordon. Vonleh’s stock has dramatically increased recently since the Combine. Hell, Chad Ford of ESPN thinks Vonleh is right up there with Wiggins, Embiid, Parker, and Exum in upside.

          • Henry

            Yeah true Noah Vonleh is a local Boston kid and the Celtics are very high on him and also Danny Ainge is very high on Aaron Gordon as he was making visits to watch him play live but also Ainge was glowing over Marcus Smart.So it could be anyone.Jazz i have only heard that they want Jabari Parker because he is a great Mormon player.Exum has been linked to Orlando yes as has Marcus Smart.Hopefully the Lakers get lucky and Marcus Smart drops to them.

      • wangkon936

        Why, yes because Boston has some guy named Rajon Rondo who, rumor has it, plays the PG position too.

  • Iggy

    Yes come to the Lakers.Draft Smart please.

  • Phil

    Yeah get Smart.

  • Savio


  • sena-celik

    if possible he wil be greater than lillard,kyle lowry,trey burke,wall,kemba but not sure about kyrie,russel,rose,cp3.if i was GM i wolud be enough crazy to draft him.he wil be an elite player in the near future.he is almost complete player but who knows he will never be a star maybe he will stop improving,one can’t know but in terms of that i hope we trade our pick for kyrie and wait kevin love leaves minnesota.

  • Charles

    Ya he is a potential All Star reminds me of pre ACL injury Baron Davis at UCLA.

  • corky carroll

    All this waiting and seeing is getting old…. grrrrrr. I hate the offseason. That said, I like Smart… also the idea of trading for Kyrie Irving…. either way it would be good. We need a real point guard. Also some bigs, smalls, coach and Jerry West in the FO. And the offseason to hurry up, hate all this waiting and wondering and all the what if’s and if onlys. Hurry sundown.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I hope the Lakers draft Marcus Smart.Jim Buss knows his basketball and so does Mitch if Marcus Smart has a great workout today then he will be the easy choice.Jim Buss is a great scout and he proved that with the Bynum pick and all you saw how good Ryan Kelly played last season.In Mitch we trust.Smart is my choice.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Marcus Smart has great length and impressive strength.Also quick from end to end.Can create offense off defense,has the ability to bulldoze his way to the hoop.Great on ball defender,terrific athlete.Working on shot mechanics and needs faster release on the shot.Better footwork when shooting and landing.

    • comrade24

      Too bad he wouldn’t have a future hall of fame shooting guard and point guard to mentor him if he came to the Lakers. Oh, wait…

  • $20509373

    He won’t fall past Orlando. They’re bringing him back for a second workout. I think Exum will fall to us just like he planned.

    • vdogg

      i heard the same thing. the question is this — if the magic do in fact select smart, would the following three team pass on exum? or would he refuse to work out for them? the next few weeks are going to be very interesting.

  • gmoney

    well he’s no dante but hopefully he’ll ball like he did last year…

  • nile

    If Marcus Smart slips to us at #7 then hell ya.But Orlando is ga ga over Smart.

  • Luca

    Smart is a franchise player,i can tell by looking into his eyes.Lakers will draft Smart.

  • LegendInMyMind

    I don’t know about him, he has all the physical tools in the world, but he seems to underachieve despite his competitiveness. And he had stretches of inconsistency as well, but all young players do that. I wouldn’t be either surprised or outright disappointed, but I like Noah Vonleh, Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon, and Dario Saric better, and I think they’re more intelligent basketball players.

  • Im About Chips

    I’d much much go with Aaron Gordon. Or trade down to get LaVine and Early, talk about Russell Westbrook its written all over LaVine, or just trade it, 6’3 point guards are great until you want to win a championship.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      What does 6’3″ have to do with winning championships? That about average. Recent championship starting PGs:

      – Chalmers 6’1″
      – Kidd 6’4″
      – Fisher 6’1″
      – Rondo 6’1″
      – Parker 6’2″

      • Im About Chips

        You made my point, go big, as easily as you reeled off that series of PGs is as quickly as you can find a suitable one somewhere else. Not to mention the one with the most rings on that list is the least talented. Don’t waste a pick on something that can be gained so easily, Lakers fans are just tired of being torched by PGs, but as Kobe showed us in i think 02 a 6 ft guard can only do so much if you put a bigger player on him, even if he’s allen iverson. Whom smart can never be.

        • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

          He also has a 6’9″ wingspan, tenacious intensity, and insane desire to play defense. You can’t just “go out and find” a player like Smart. You just can’t.

          • Im About Chips

            Um, Beverly, Rondo, Tony Allen, Sefolosha, Leonard, even Aaron Gordon….im just saying lol that was kinda easy. Now I’m not saying he can’t be good, just think there are other far better options. What if they traded the pick to the Rockets for Beverly and Parsons in a 3way for Melo. You get a good proven PG a proven 3 the Lakers need multiple good young athletic proven 2way players, not just one.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Beverley: Under contract
            Rondo: Under contract
            Allen: Under contract (and 32 years old)
            Sefolosha: Shooting guard
            Leonard: Under contract, SF/SG
            Gordon: PF

            We’re sitting here talking about going out and “getting” a PG like Smart, and you list four guys under contract (one of which is a SF/SG, not a PG) and 2 other guys who don’t even play the position.

            Go ahead, tell me where we can go sign a PG with the defensive prowess, intensity, and desire to win combined with the size (6’9″ wingspan, 225lbs), and athleticism that Marcus Smart has.

            If you don’t like Marcus Smart, fine, say that. But don’t sit here and pretend like he’s a dime-a-dozen player, and DEFINITELY don’t act like you don’t win championships with 6’3″ point guards as if that height is some how a cut off for success. Josh didn’t list a bunch of Marcus Smart replacements, he listed championship PGs from the last five franchises to win a ring. Four of whom are under 6’3″.

            If your point is that you don’t need a high caliber PG to win, I’d beg to differ. The reason Fisher was so successful was because of the triangle (pretty much anti ball heavy PG), where as most teams these days run a system that requires the ball to be in the PGs hands. Mix that with PGs like CP3, Rondo, Wall, Irving, Westbrook and Curry, and it’s becoming pretty evident that you’re going to need someone who can stop these guys. Preach big men all you want (I love post players and shot blockers), but we aren’t going to get anybody worth a damn this season, nor are we going to be able to trade our #7 pick + no assets to acquire one.

            Sign Smart. Sign Deng. In 2015 sign Love and Asik. Boom. We’ve got a defensive stopper at the 1, 3 and 5, and scoring at the 2 and 4.

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            And then Durant in 2016. Yikes! Smart and someone else in the back court, Durant, Love, and Asik up front. Game over. Maybe Kent will be ready to start by then.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Unless something goes wrong in OKC, I don’t see Durant leaving. If he does, LAL might have a tough time, depending on what Kobe’s plans are at that point. I’m not expecting Durant, but Smart, Deng, Asik and Love aren’t a reach at all.

          • wangkon936

            Not getting the championship for two more years might tip the balance in Durant’s mind…

          • SD

            Just want to say one thing…PG’s in this league can’t be stopped. Most of them are all realllly fast so the best thing you can do is be a PG who competes on that end. You’re going to get torched most nights as a point guard in the nba because of the pick and roll and because all of them are fast. It’s the hardest position to defend because one player can’t do it. Want to be a great PG? Be a great scorer. Defense is a lot about effort and then athleticism gives you a ceiling. Chris Paul/Rose/Westbrook…what makes them great is their ability to score/create…but what makes them elite is their WILLINGNESS to compete on D. However, they all get burned most nights in the nba because great offense beats great defense. Does our next PG need to be a guy who’s willing to be a great defender and has the ability to be that? yes, but having a PG who can really score makes the game much easier for the rest of the players. You can’t be truly effective running p&r or going into the post if your PG can’t score. It’s why boston lost that series to the Lakers….but SMart doesn’t havve Rondo’s court vision/bball iq…something he had before being in the NBA.

            Smart will be like beverly…good defender but a liability because I don’t think he can improve much on offense…sure didn’t show it in college.

  • tb46

    The lakers should use some of there cap space and purchase a couple of #1’s from other teams like Portland did a few years ago

  • Blayke

    Marcus Smart will be like a Wesley Matthews. Not worth a 7th pick. They will get Julius or Exum.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    I’m on the Smart bandwagon. He can get into the lane, dish the ball decently enough (learn from Nash for a year), has length and strength, and my favorite? The defense. He bullies guards, jumps lanes, steals plenty of balls and rebounds tremendously. I’d love to watch that guy in purple n gold.

  • victor t

    if his there take him if not go for aron gordon and get xavier thames sdsu pg as good or better than smart.

  • Clayton

    Does anyone know how the Marcus Smart workout went today?When is it?

    • wangkon936

      Whatever is available to you is available to Laker’s competitors. Need to keep proprietary information proprietary until after June 26th…. :)

  • Lakers Fans

    Marcus Smart,Zach Lavine,Noah Vonleh are all working out already started.We want full details on how Marcus Smart does today for the Lakers.

  • RUDY T.

    Marcus Smart is the only choice for the Lakers.

  • comrade24

    We should definitely draft Smart. Then, if the opportunity presents itself and things get ugly in Cleveland, offer Smart to pair with their pick (likely Embiid) for Irving. Either way we end up with the point guard of the future. The ONLY real knock on Smart’s game is his shot, which is the same issue most college guys coming into the pro’s have. If he develops a consistent long range shot, the rest of the league is in trouble cause he’s a great defender with good size and may end up being the one guy in the league who can body up westbrook and shut him down.

  • SD

    I like Smart, but I’m not high on him because he’s not a pure point guard and he doesn’t fit the mold of what NBA point guards need to do in this era.

    I love his defensive abilities…his agility, speed. Those things are crucial, but in the nba and especially the western conference, we don’t reallly discuss how well point guards defend because that position has tremendous depth and as a pg, you’re going to get burn most of the time in the nba with pick and roll being such a staple.

    Tony Parker killed Westbrook for half of that Spurs/OKC series. My point is that, Westbrook is the most athletically gifted PG in the nba…and Smart isn’t that kind of athlete….Westbrook has the most fire of any pg aside from Chris Paul…but even he gets burned more often than not. You have to be able to score at that position in the NBA.

    I don’t think Smart’s ceiling is that high. I could be completely wrong about him in 5 years, but he doesn’t have a good basketball iq and in the end, i think we need a player who is more balanced in his skills/athleticism…but having great instincts has to be high up there, and after watching him play, i don’t see that in him.

    Is he a piece? Yes, he is. If the Lakers draft him, that’s fine with me. I just don’t think he’s the playing I’d be drafting at 7.

    His work ethic concerns me. His stats showed no improvement from freshman to sophomore year. Maybe that was because he makes bad decisions. We don’t need the PG of our future making bad decisions.

    I love Westbrook, but I’d only add him on my team if I had veteran leadership because of his poor decision making. Will he ever mature as a player? If he doesn’t, that team may never get a championship. Even Fisher couldn’t help him.

    Maybe Smart could and would benefit from playing with Kobe. That’s my hope for all the prospects. I just don’t want any of us getting overhyped about who these players could be like in the future. They could all be busts for all we know, but I sure hope not.

  • SD

    You can have the physical tools to defend as a point guard which Smart has. The NBA game features much faster PG’s…much different offenses. College game is this stand around game…mostly catch and shoot…not guys penetrating as much.

    Wesley Johnson also has the tools to be a great perimeter defender. He was a great defender in college, too. He lacks a good basketball iq…makes poor decisions…has poor work ethic. He is not a good defender at the NBA level for those reasons. He was a super high draft pick because people thought he was competitive.

    Don’t get overhyped by some of these guys. No one is completely ready right now to be the guy. Smart could be a very good pro. Not great in my eyes, but very good. Not an allstart but almost one. IF he had the court vision and passing touch that Kendall Marshall has…I’d be on him like white on rice, but he’s also one dimensional and can’t score.

    Smart…didn’t improve any of his offensive stats other than scoring at OKState. You don’t draft a guy based on only ONE aspect. You draft players based on potential, athleticism, iq, and competitiveness/work ethic. To me, Smart only has 1 of those things based off his 2 years at OKState. I think a player needs 3/4 to be drafted. All players won’t have great basketball iq’s coming into the league, but the better players tend to already have that and it shows when they play. Some guys do need a few years on the bench as well.

    I just think defense is more effort based than anything. Most of the players in the NBA are good athletes. It’s about effort and watching film/understand the game and your opponent.

    • Someonethatknows

      His jump shot didn’t stop his efficiency.

      Kyle Lowry (Per 40 Min):
      15.0 PTS, .468 2P%, 5.9 REB, 5.0 AST, 3.2 STL

      John Wall (Per 40 Min):
      19.1 PTS, .509 2P%, 4.9 REB, 7.5 AST, 2.0 STL

      Russell Westbrook(Per 40 Min):
      15.1 PTS, .497 2P%, 4.6 REB, 5.1 AST, 1.9 STL

      Marcus Smart (Per 40 Min):
      22.0 PTS, .514 2P%, 7.2 REB, 5.8 AST, 3.5 STL

      These are each player’s final collegiate season.

      The only stat that any of the guys have Smart beat is Wall had a higher assist rate. Of course, he had DeMarcus Cousins, Patrick Patterson, and Eric Bledsoe as teammates.

      Anyway, these 5 stats (PTS, 2P%, REB, AST, STL) are great indicators of future success when viewed as a whole. PGs with these kind of numbers almost never bust. So give him a chance.

      • SD

        I just wouldn’t draft him in the top 10. IF you’re going to stay another year, make it worth something.

        Both Lowry/Westbrook improved shooting % in the second year. Numbers wise they are the closest to smart. I looked at Lowry/Westbrook/Smart True Shooting % and EFG% and they’re similar….this has a lot to do with scoring efficiency. To me, Westbrook and Lowry are NOT efficient scorers. They BOTH shoot 43% and 42% from the field for their careers. Smart isn’t the athlete Westbrook is…not nearly as fast or explosive. Anyone can see that. However, he’s a better athlete than Lowry. Westbrook was drafted 4th….Lowry was drafted 24th. One is a VERY good player. The other is a good player. Both struggle with decision making.

        Do I like Smart? Yes. Would I draft him at 7? No. I think he’ll be closer to Kyle Lowry and Lowry greatly overachieved…and to me…that’s not worth a #7 pick.

        • Someonethatknows

          The fact of the matter is they are both efficient and the fact of the matter is a lot of Lakers fans would love Westbrook or Lowry as their point guard. The thing is people get way too hung up on field goal percentage. Want to know the difference between a 42% shooter and a 45% shooter? less than one shot.

          So don’t get too hung up on it. Westbrook scoring 40/10/5 in a playoff game really doesn’t matter if he shoots 45% or 42% it’s production.

          Elgin Baylor is considered one of the greatest scorers the game has ever seen and he shot about 42% from a field at a time when there were no three pointers.

          So maybe people overrate that a bit. They neglect how Smart is efficient in other ways of scoring aside from shooting threes and also how much he does effect the game on the defensive end.

          The fact of the matter is in terms of athleticism Smart is probably the second most athletic point guard in this draft behind LaVine(who only has athleticism).

          He(Smart) beat Westbrooks time at the combine and only has half an inch less than him in vertical, all this while outweighing the guy by 30 pounds. In fact Dante Exum was only a hair faster than Smart at the combine so that should really put it into perspective how athletic and fast Smart actually is.

          I’ll even put those numbers up too

          Dante Exum:
          6’9.5″ Wingspan
          34.5″ Max Vertical
          10.75 sec (Lane Agility)
          3.19 sec (Sprint)

          Marcus Smart:
          6’9.25″ Wingspan
          36.0″ Max Vertical
          10.82 sec (Lane Agility)
          3.26 sec (Sprint)

          Do not forget how badly Lakers fans wanted Dante Exum as a 3rd or 4th pick even, Dante’s shooting is also about 33% from three point land which is less than a shot less than Smart’s. So don’t get hung up on the numbers.

          Every point guard in this draft shoots 42% from the field. The difference is Smart finishes over 65% of his shots when he goes to the basket as opposed to the rest of them. So think about that one.

          fyi Dwayne Wade still can’t hit a three to save his life, it doesn’t stop his efficiency when he has to score. Smart could be a very special player. Putting so much on his ability to hit threes and ignoring everything else is almost as bad as focusing only on his defense when you said not to define him by one thing, yet here you are throwing out the rest of it because he can’t hit threes. That’s worse imo.

          • SD

            compared to other point guards in the nba, they are NOT efficient scorers. At his age, I wouldn’t take Lowry. I would take Westbrook, but I know I’d deal with pain every night. He’s worth it. Exum is a bustable guy…more bustable than Smart, but if he becomes what his potential says…He’ll be an elite player.

            I’m not just talking about 3pt FG%. His overall percentage is low. THat means…he takes too many 3’s. That indicates poor decision making or poor basketball iq. 5 three’s a game…in college…sheesh…with a short line? Yes, FG% does matter in production. Elgin Baylor had a lot more going for himself than his ability to score too. and remember that league was a lot more physical.

            All I’m arguing is that he’s not worth the 7th pick. I think he’ll be a good player, and I wish him the best.

            To me, defense is effort based. Yes, your athleticism determines how great you’ll be at it, but you can be a good defender without being a great athlete.

            His lack of improvement with assists/fg% is important. There are plenty of good defensive guards in the NBA…and PG’s still score at will because pick and roll is used so heavily and team defense is key in containing a point guard. I’ve seen Westbrook/Wall/CP3 etc get blown by. I”m glad he likes that end and is good at it.

            He’s not a pure PG…and I’d prefer to have a pure PG. I respect your stance. Everyone complains about Westbrook’s efficiency/decision making. You don’t think KD’s shooting % had ANYTHING to do with MVP? as well as his other stats? That HELPED him to average so many points and made his points per shot higher…that’s the real indication of ELITE efficiency when your points per shot is greater than 1.

            Kobe hasn’t been the most efficient player in his nba career. Is he the best scorer to ever play? In my opinion, yes. Have I complained about him taking bad bailout shots? Yes. Does he force shots at times? Yes. Did that make him a bad player? No. It just meant he was less efficient than he could have been.

            It’s true Wade has never been a great 3pt shooters…but his FG% is 49% for his career. Wow. Wonder why? He averages 1.7 3PA for his career per game. That’s called playing smart…being efficient. And guess what…He shot better from the college 3 point line than Smart did. lol

            I just don’t think Smart has the same potential as some guys. I saw a better basketball iq from Lavine than Smart and I watched both quite a few times. Doesn’t mean Lavine will be great…He certainly has a higher ceiling. But he’s much more bustable than maybe any guy…but he could be a great.

            This is a deep draft. I’d rather we trade down for a couple of guys than just get 1 from this draft. There are guys who’ll go 20th that could likely become better players.

          • Someonethatknows

            Smart is worth the 7th pick. He’s actually a top talent. The thing is what does Exum do or what does he have that gives him star potential but Smart doesn’t have it? Both need to work on their shooting.

            Is Exum a better defender? No

            is Exum more athletic? No

            Is Exum faster? Only a hair

            They both have about the same wingspan too, and Smart has the higher vertical.

            So explain to me why somehow Exum’s ceiling is higher than Smart’s because by the looks of it they’d be about the same. Is it all because of Exum’s height and reach? Because Smart has that reach, already a defensive mind, a higher leaper, as well as proven. So to me if you think Exum has a higher potential to make him worth the pick why isn’t Smart’s potential also seen as that high? What’s s’ starbreaking about Exum that Smart doesn’t possess?

            Also I don’t know how you watched LaVine and Smart and took from it that LaVine has a better basketball IQ.

          • SD

            Exum is more athletic. Watch the videos of them both. Exum is faster on the court and has better explosion on his first step and going to the basket. Smart is not some exceptional ballhandler. He won’t be able to get past his man at the next level and he really didn’t in college. Smart is good. Many parts of game will translate well to the NBA. I just don’t believe in his potential from watching him play. I saw Lavine make some passes…guys didn’t always make the shots…that were phenomenal and showed how good his instincts were about were his teammates were going to be. Lavine, in general, didn’t force many shots. He really played within what was asked of him

            Lavine would be a reach at 7, but at 15 or 16 I’d take him and there maybe be a team at 9 or 10 that reaches and grabs him.

            Also, I don’t consider Lavine/Exum to be point guards. Very few NBA point guards have been 6’5 or taller. Smart is at a good height at about 6’4 and with his strength he’ll be able to defend some shooting guards, too.

            There’s a reason pretty much every gm has Exum over Smart…and it’s not about the incident. When you watch them both on film, Exum looks faster/more explosive. They’ve seen Smart for 2 years and the lack of improvement in his #’s makes Exum seem like a better option.

            I would take Vonleh at 7. I don’t like Gordon at 7. I don’t like McDermott at 7. I’d take Julius Randle at 7 as well.

          • Someonethatknows

            Complaining about Smart not having the ‘handles’ to get past someone is like saying LeBron doesn’t have the handles that Rajon Rondo or even Iggy had to an extent.

            The reason he doesn’t have 50 dribble moves is because he’s such bigger and stronger than other point guards(whom he outweighs by 30 pounds) all he really has to do is get his shoulder past them.

            That’s part of the reason he was able to beat people to the basket and finish at 65% at there on them.

            Exum is faster though by a hair, he has yet to prove he’s more athletic as Smart posted the higher vertical than Exum.

            Both are explosive and can get off the ground relatively quick.

            I don’t see how you can say that Exum has better athleticism when the only thing he had on Smart was that he was faster by .07 of a second. Smart had him beat in the vert as well as in the strength.

            What it comes down to is they are two different types of players. Exum has to rely on his dribbling to get past people because he lacks size and strength to just muscle his way past someone after dipping his elbow on the first step. Smart on the other hand can do that to people because of his strength.

            LeBron(and I’m just using this as an example)’s post game isn’t as refined as Kobe’s. He doesn’t have the 70 moves Kobe has in the post, but he only needs 4-5 to score. Why? Because wasting time on double jump fakes and triple switches trying to be Hakeem really makes no sense when the guy defending you weighs about 40 pounds less and all you have to do is back them down and turn your elbow.

            This is an advantage for Smart not a disadvantage.

  • Rigged4fun

    I see Smart has not only an upside, but a chip on his shoulder. He has the motivation to succeed. A quality that many of the draftees lack and it shows when they come into the NBA.

    • SD

      what about the lack of improvement from freshman to sophomore year?

      • Rigged4fun

        Remember he’s still young and may not have the proper guidance nor the maturity to improve on his own. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the motivation, just not the proper direction.

        • SD

          but it could mean he doesn’t have the motivation or the potential to.

          • Rigged4fun

            That’s where Mitch comes in. When you look at the draft it’s deep in talent but not franchise talent. There isn’t a player out there that has the instant impact. So the Lakers need to fill the holes…PG is one of them.

  • http://growingforward.net Scott Asai

    I’d rather have Randle and I question his character.

  • numb1lakefan

    so far my roster is the most accurate
    swaggyp/meeks hope to get both
    mitch will fill the rest of the roster
    2014-15 champions

  • john wayne

    He Looks like Drose.. Lol but i think this Guy can be a Lakers Star player… Forget to draft PF just give a breaking time to R kelly ..and keep Gasol as Center …

  • J.J.

    How bout Love instead of Smart?

    • numb1lakefan

      lakers are looking to make a splash this summer the addition of smart and melo would be a splash

  • VillainKing™

    Marcus Smart all the way!!!!!!

  • Messig12


  • nlruizjr

    Marcus Smart missed every jump shot in his video and he wasn’t even contested……. Hmmmmm !!!!!!!

  • Lakers4Life

    Hmm I find myself liking Smart, but I wouldn’t keep my hopes high. Chances are he’ll be gone by the 7th pick.