Why The Lakers Should Not Trade Pau Gasol

Why The Lakers Should Not Trade Pau Gasol


As reported on Saturday, apparently the Lakers are interested in trading Pau Gasol for the Atlanta Hawks’ Josh Smith.

I, for one, think that would be a terrible move for the Lakers; as would any trade involving the departure of the Spaniard.


Although Gasol hasn’t put up the type of numbers Lakers fans are accustomed to seeing (a season average of 14.0 points on 42.5 percent shooting, 9.9 rebounds, and 3.2 assists), Gasol is still an intricate part of the team.

Josh Smith’s numbers (a season average of 15.6 points on 41.3 percent shooting, 8.3 rebounds, and 3.7 assists) are also a regression from his previous seasons, which could motivate both teams to make a trade for a fresh start for each player.

Additionally, Smith is considerably younger than Gasol at almost 27 years of age compared with Gasol’s 32 years.

Just a week ago, Gasol’s future never seemed so secure as Phil Jackson was poised to once again take the helm as head coach, with Pau set to once again be a focal point of the Triangle offense.

However, the Lakers did a complete 180 and hired Mike D’Antoni whose fast-paced, run-and-gun style of offense generally requires a certain brand of player.

Gasol doesn’t necessarily fit that brand, and Smith does.

However, I would urge Lakers management to not make a serious mistake by trading away their seven-foot power forward.

Perhaps Smith, or any other athletic power forward would fit the fast-paced offense better and make it look prettier, but it may not be the best option for the team in the long run.

It could be a benefit during the regular season, but what about in the playoffs when the game slows down?

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  • JohnC

    Trade Pau?? Then I’ll become a fan of his new team. He’s by far the most talented big guy of the game. As soon as they create a competitive tem,… they dismantle it again? Do you want a more athletic guy? Then rather go for Usain Bolt.

    • Suki Thind

      Exactly. A lot of people just don’t get it. I hope D’Antoni makes a case for Gasol instead of against him. I really think it can still work out beautifully even under the new offense. If Phil had come, he wouldn’t have let them trade Gasol, so I hope D’Antoni realizes how much better Gasol can help the team.

    • Betto

      * Trade Pau?? Then I’ll become a fan of his new team.* That too me says your not a Lakers fan, I would suggest to get dafk out of here then. Lakers have traded big players before and they have gotten championships for that reason, if he were to play the way he did against the U.S. Olympic team with Spain, there would be no rumors of Lakers wanting to trade him.

      • http://www.facebook.com/laurence.prophet Laurence Prophet

        Dude… what the fuck man. Why the hell do you care more about the jerseys than the people wearing them? I totally agree with JohnC. Pau is a great player and a super humble/nice dude. I’m a Pau/Kobe/Nash fan first, and a lakers fan second.

        But fuck it, let’s just trade Kobe, Pau and Howard for Lebron, Dwade and Bosh. That will make the Lakers amazing. Do you see the terrible flaw in your argument?

        You’re the one who ain’t a true fan. You’re just a slave to the franchise.

        • LakersWisdom24

          Dude… what the fuck man…. With you, your obviously ignorant. The Lakers have made big moves before and Betto not a fan of the franchise, he’s a true fan unlike people like you that thinking the Lakers gonna stink if we trade a player, Pau has the label of soft whether he likes it or not, he wasn’t voted in to the Allstar last year for a reason..

        • darrel

          if lebron ever come to the lakers i will stop being a lakers fan and i have been 1 since wilts day’s lebron mite b very good but is not a leader like koby and wade i good but has leg trouble now alot and bosh 4 pau u r a jokeand really know nothing about b.BALL OR THE lakers need to leave the starting 5 alone and just work on the bench some thats it

  • AlanP

    I would like to see Pau with the second unit. He would give spacing for meeks and jamison. Move Hill to play weak side off of Dwight down at the block.


      Dude, you’ve gotten 4 thumbs up for your very naive comment …it is very telling how young the kids are that post here… Gasol is contracted to make $19,000,000 this year and $19,285,850 next year… enough said or do you want more?

  • http://twitter.com/WilfredDonaldLo Wilfred Donald Lopez

    Gasol also plays Center when Howard is on the bench and that helps a lot and Smith Cant do that so i dont agree with the Trade.

    • Suki Thind


  • Lakers#1 fan

    Don’t trade my boy gasol. We need point guards not forwards…trade Blake duhon Clark but keep Morris and go get pg. jose Calderon from Toronto or pg.Vasquez from the hornets. Don’t trade pau…

    • Suki Thind

      Agreed, our big guys are fine. We could use an athletic SF or something, and a solid backup PG would be great. D’Antoni raves about Steve Blake though, and if he can get him playing like he was back in his Portland days, look out! That’d be great, and Morris could develop as well. It’ll be extremely hard for the Lakers to get rid of Blake or Duhon, so I hope the one benefit D’Antoni brings is helping the current PGs play better as well as the bench.

  • Lakersfanfromwayback

    Trading Pau would be a big mistake as all the other teams are getting taller and bigger and since Andrew Bynum is gone they will need Pau’s height, size and skills.

  • Rasheed

    I, Jerry Buss, not satisfied with Suki Thind 5 page log essay. Don’t tell me how to handle my job.
    I make though and good decisions: Did I not get you D12/Nash. Did I not get AJ/Meeks? Did I not fire Mike brown?
    But Suki, Kobe is not letting me do my job. He wants Pau. So there is nothing I can do but keep Pau in the house. Enjoy!
    Ryan ward’s Lakers rumor says, “Dwight says if they trade Pau, he will leave Lakers in summer”…


    Pau Gasol replaced by Josh Smith is a clear win for the Lakers… Gasol is better suited for the half court game, not this new up-tempo system… Gasol’s soft reputation on defense, is even more glaring, in the same up-tempo system… Gasol has been a chink in the Lakers arsenal for some time now… anyone who can’t see this is just being totally blinded with homeboy.

    • darrel

      drreli agree with wilfred mith can never give howrd a rest on the bench pau can and smith can not pass like pau

  • SoulChorea

    If Gasol could actually look interested for more than a 5-minute stretch in a game, this would be a non-issue. Josh Smith brings a fire that Gasol hasn’t had since ’09. But Gasol’s skill set will probably be enough to keep him around.

  • iTriune

    No, no, no, no, no, this is a very stupid trade. Just let Gasol play out his contract, then let him walk. His skill is worth more than people give him credit for.

    • DARREL



      Yeah, I agree 100% …People don’t give him enough credit for the special skill he brings night in and night out, making other players much better: Opponents that blow by him on a regular basis for dunks & and ones… these players become All-Stars when Gasol accompanies them on the court.

  • Oliver

    Are you kidding me? Gasol was a non-factor in the last two POs. His phlegma and non-agressive play, specially in Defense, is BAD. He cannot defend LBJ. Smith can. And Smith were another anchor for DW12. And the size advantage isn’t a factor against teams like OKC oder MIA with their fast ball.

    • darrel

      u r a fool pau will b better now and no he can not gaurd jame but thats why they have mwp 4 and u have not watched the last 2 game 115 and 119 points okc i in trouble now lakers have mike d noow not brown get it and those game r with out nash with him could of been over 120 + a game lakers will not give up that many point in any game even with there d


        no no no… U R D FULL …FOS

  • leon adevidnop

    pau plays important part of lakerland ,his one of a few big men with high basketball IQ and thats important as a basketball player .

    • Betto

      Too bad Pau’s numbers for the last two years in the playoffs have been below his regular season average, wish we could trade Pau for Marc Gasol. hehe

  • Sti1lmatic

    I’d rather have Amare or J’Smoove than this soft flour tortilla.

  • yandel

    well if the lakers can get korver should be a good trade

  • http://www.facebook.com/jayvie.tulabing Jayvie Tulabing

    trade jamison for smith

  • lroba

    i respect gasol as a player. but i think trading him is a good move for the lakers.. he’s a 7 footer, high IQ, but one thing is that he dont have defense.. josh smith for me will be a good addition to the lakers, he can score 3s, tough on the inside, can run in fastbreak situations and in part of the new coaching system this will really work.