Why Mike D’Antoni Shouldn’t Use Jordan Hill As A Stretch Four Reviewed by Momizat on . In a time when the culture of NBA philosophies began moving away from highly specialized role players to ball players with more unique skill sets who can fill m In a time when the culture of NBA philosophies began moving away from highly specialized role players to ball players with more unique skill sets who can fill m Rating:
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Why Mike D’Antoni Shouldn’t Use Jordan Hill As A Stretch Four

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NBA: Indiana Pacers at Los Angeles LakersIn a time when the culture of NBA philosophies began moving away from highly specialized role players to ball players with more unique skill sets who can fill multiple roles, Mike D’Antoni was on the forefront of an offensive revolution that saw teams — and more specifically — his Phoenix Suns try to win games by speeding up the pace of the game to manufacture high percentage shots in as many possessions as possible.

What wasn’t specific to D’Antoni’s offense, however, was the utilization of basketball players who can fill multiple roles on the offensive end and defend multiple positions on the defensive end. Despite their contrasting styles of play, this changing of the guard is a reason that the Lakers and Suns met in the 2010 Western Conference Finals. They weren’t just the two best teams in the Western Conference that season, but they were the two teams in the Western Conference with the most interchangeable parts. No longer completely tied to the largely arbitrary archetypes of standard positions, both the Lakers and Suns were able to move away from the classical positional roles and move more toward putting players in spots on the floor based on their skill sets.

Lamar Odom spent a lot of time handling the ball, Pau Gasol operated from the pinch post, both Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest spent a tremendous number of minutes on the low post while guys like Derek Fisher played off the ball and positioned themselves as spot up shooters. With all of this considered, it does make sense for D’Antoni to want Jordan Hill to continue to develop a mid-range jump shot. The more diverse Hill becomes on the offensive end, the less predictable the Lakers become as a unit.

One of the biggest problems the Lakers had on the offensive end last season was opposing defenses knowing what spots on the floor Lakers players were going to operate from, which is a huge difference in knowing what spots on the floor players liked operating from. Knowing that Dwight Howard was going to dive to the basket after setting a screen from the right pinch in Horns sets was problematic. Knowing that Metta World Peace was primarily going to be spotted up in one of the corners was problematic. Knowing that Antawn Jamison was only efficient in situations where he was cutting from the weak side was problematic. Knowing that Hill was only going to hurt opposing teams by scoring off of offensive rebounds was problematic.

However, there are varying degrees to which you can convert a front court player into a jump shooter; more importantly, a head coach has to be much more selective in which bigs he’d like to stretch the floor.


Before Jordan Hill’s injury, he was logging some historic numbers on the offensive end of the floor — some numbers you’d have to delve into outside of typical box scores. In 29 games last season, Jordan Hill’s offensive rebound percentage was at an outstanding 20.3. To put that particular number into perspective, had he recorded the minimum minutes to qualify for the league’s best and sustained his ORB%, he would have had recorded the best offensive rebounding season since Jayson Williams in 1998 — with Dennis Rodman’s 20.83 ORB% the year before being the only other instance that a ball player had an offensive rebound percentage over 20.

Hill would have had the third highest single-season ORB% of all time. As wild as that sounds, this season wasn’t an outlying performance. Hill has a career ORB% of 14.2, which would be sixth all time had he already logged the necessary minutes requirements through his first four years in the NBA. In seven regular season games with the Lakers last season, Hill recorded an ORB% of 20. And in the 12 playoff games that he saw minutes in last season, his ORB% was a smidgen under 19.


Mike D’Antoni has his heart in the right place by wanting to make Hill a stretch four, but his thinking is just a tad bit off on this one. Having an offensively limited guy like Hill suddenly developing a jump shot would do wonders for the Lakers offense next season, but it’s but unrealistic and unwise.

D’Antoni’s staff worked with Hill on developing his mid-range game last season, and there was improvement in some areas, but he also regressed in others. Check out his shot location charts from the previous three years beginning with this past season.

What you should notice is that Hill made an improvement in shooting from the 10-14 foot range (which wouldn’t be sustainable considering the low number of shots he took from that area last season) and from the 20-24 foot range. However, Hill made a huge decline shooting from the 15-19 range, where a lot of the shots the floor-spreading big is designed to take in D’Antoni’s system. In that role last season, Gasol took 23 percent of his shots from the 15-19 foot range (more than any spot after shots right at the rim), and only knocked down just over 40 percent of his shots from that area — and that wasn’t good enough for D’Antoni, who would have Gasol come off the bench during a stretch of games in January.

With Hill’s best season shooting from that range at 35.5 percent, and that number dipping to 27 percent in this past season, it just wouldn’t make sense to make Hill a full time stretch-four. If you couple that with how well Hill rebounds on the offensive end of the floor, designing your offense to pull him away from the rim just doesn’t make sense.

This isn’t to say, however, that Hill shouldn’t continue to work on his jump shot. There will be situations next season where Hill is going to have to be a pick-and-pop forward either out of Horns or natural P&R sets, and his ability to knock down jump shots with some kind of regularity will help him stay on the floor. But Hill should spend the majority of his time around the rim as the garbage man, cleaning up the boards.


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  • Jim213

    About time a solid article was made that didn’t dwell on gossip as even managed to throw in some Excel. However, I’m not certain unless others know of who’ll be placed in what position yet? J Hill may play stretch four though it’ll depend a lot on his ability to adapt or meeting Mike’s objectives.

    But Pau may still be used though others may prefer him as a center. IMO, more player development is required to have a reliable stretch 4 player as I’d hope the Nuns would release Beasley though he’d have to control his off court issues. Otherwise, sign a PF for vet contract with experience who’d be able to meet the duties on a regular basis thus buying others more time to adjust to the position.

  • 3339

    If he has a jumper then use him as a stretch four. If not, then don’t force it. Jordan Hill has a lot to offer the Lakers and shouldn’t suffer just because he isn’t a stretch four

  • SpringBreakers

    MDA use Lakers the right way U Piece of turd.Jordan Hill is a bad a$$ playa.I seen him since he was in College and the Mofro can play the game of basketball at the highest level.SMH at haters sabotaging my Lakers squad.Don’t mess up a G THANG punk.Mike D’Antoni is hating hard on Jordan Hill he has always been a Hill hater since NY ya’ll.I am Bossin And Flossin.LAKERS GANG!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

    If it will benefit his game and the Lakers as a team, I do not see anything wrong with it. Even star players (Kobe, Lebron, Chandler, Stoudemire, Melo, etc) go to others camp. They pay their fees to develop their games and elevate it to be better. I don’t see why Hill can not try and see where he could be better. It will be more money for him if he improve his game. He will still play his old game, will add mid-range shooting and develop his range. People have to look at the big picture, the Lakers future and stop bashing MDA.

    • SpringBreakers

      Look man i wanna see dat cat Jordan Hill do his thang.But i know his game is much stronger on da inside.Foe real if he wants to shoot jumpers and he makes dem aight more power to him.But i been watching Jordan Hill blay Basketball since his old days in college and da homie can’t shoot worth a crap from outside of 12 feet brotha.Why shake a Lions cage and rattle him when U could just coach to da playas damn strength not weakness SMH.Ya northin wrong wit tryin new thangz out it’s a time of transition and crap.I wanna see Jordan Hill a former Lottery Pick play to his strengths not his weakness.And i respect Hill a lot and i love his grind and hustle he reminds me of Kenneth Faried foe realz.If it ain’t broke don’t fix it damn it.MDA needs to figure out ish about talent evaluation come mane.Wanna stretch 4?Hire dat pot head freak Michael Beastley MDA but if he want a tough banger we already hired Jordan Hill for dat ish mane.It is all in da coaches hands how Lakers play style wise.Some playas are posers looking good in a work out video and then playing like crap in real life on da mean NBA Courts.Jordan Hill is grimy and tough he is legit and luv dat homie.LAKERS GANG!

      • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

        I don’t understand what you are trying to tell me.

        • SpringBreakers

          MDA is misusing Lakers talent.Overplaying 34 year old Kobe,Having Pau shoot jumpers,Using Dwight Howard like a bitch,Now pulling BS wit Jordan Hill.Come on man need i say more.Hill stretch four LOL dats a damn joke.

          • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

            That was last year when we have too many injuries, and too many disruptions from Howard’s presence trying so hard to be the man with the child’s brain. I know he did a lot of experiment not having enough time to know his players and that was partly his fault, but I will not bash him. He is still one of the best Offensive coach in the league and he wants to have Hill working on his mid range shooting to elevate his game, making him a better player. He brought Rambis to help him integrate defense to his system, what could be wrong with that? who else do you think is capable of taking this team, better than the positions he is in. Hill will still be playing the way he was, he is just adding that mid range jump shot to make him a better player. I don’t see anything negative about a coach developing his players game. Making the team more potent when everyone can shoot anywhere.

          • SpringBreakers

            I understand all that.I hope your right about MDA.Ya i agree we had a ton of Lakers playas injured last season.Hopefully dis season Lakers roster is fully healthy and MDA plays to our strengths more often than last season.I really do like Da Lakers roster it’s also a good move bringing in Kurt Rambo Rambis he is a Phil Jackson disciple and a former Lakers playa that preaches defense and rebounding.Peeps say well Rambis had a bad record as a head coach and my response is anyone would have a bad record wit dat terrible Minnesota roster.Pieces never fit in Minnesota this time around Rambis has way better talent to work wit.MDA has never won a ring but i do respect his run and gun offense only if he has the right parts.What i am saying is we need younger faster legs as the core to execute run and gun properly.Give MDA the Thunder roster and dey would be the funnest run and gun team in the League.Fast young legs are a must to run and gun in the NBA.Lakers are older the core is not young like OKC Durant & Ibaka &Westbrook all under 25 years old.Lakers and MDA should consider slowing it down when the older playas are playing.Put it dis way if Jordan Hill clanks outside jumpers everyone will hate on him and if makes em everyone will say MDA is a genius for putting out on da outside developing his game like a Chris Bosh.I hope Jordan Hill sees more floor time man.I think Jordan Hill is better off playing on da inside going for put backs and easy bunnies.But it is what it is maybe he will become a much better shooter over dis summer maybe he can become anotha Chris Bosh from the outside.I won’t bet on it but i wish him da best cuz i love Jordan Hill and Lakers i want watts best for them both.GO LAKERS!

          • Jim213

            SpringBreakers?! tha U brah, wha u say mang? u expect crew to go wit dis brah. hood like mang?… lol

            But yes the overall health of playas will be important for team success.

            beleedat mang!

          • SpringBreakers

            LOL i am a Alien on these type of forums hahahaha.Peeps like me talkin funny just call me Alien from now on lol hahahaha.Sorry to offend folks up in here wit my slang.I will clean it up much better mane.Ya i still prefer MDA be ousted lol but willing to see what happens.Jim U already have shown UR distaste for MDA calling him Dumbtoni i gotta anotha nickname for him Dumbphony lol.Have fun wit our Lakers i will be reading all your posts.Alien been lurking Lakers Nation for a hella long time now.I hope Da Lakers can do much better next season.How many games U got em penciled in to win Jim213?Are Lakers making playoffs yes or no?Jordan Hill stretch four is not enticing to me.LBC 213 hell ya Jim tell Snoop i say hi lol.Take care partna peace out.

          • Jim213

            Pringles man is popular for Mike. You ain’t offending nobody a lot of people don’t like Dumbtoni but we ain’t got a choice given he’s the coach. We still got to roll with him mang. But this is nothing compared to other sites that want to LYNCH Dumbtoni, Kupcake, and Jimmy!

            Don’t know how many games they can win given KB24′s return and an still not having a complete roster. Don’t know how people count out KB24, Nash, and Gasol especially if they comeback healthy it’s not like they’re going to sit out the most crucial moments of the games .

            Right now Lakers are around a lower seed come playoff time but health and chemistry will determine next season’s success as still hoping for a solid trade acquisition before trade deadline though have to meet the cap.

          • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

            Like you, I really like this roster. We have never seen these many shooters since 2000, when they did the first back to back to back 3peat. This team can shoot the lights out from downtown, slash, backdoor, dunk, pass and PnRoll, PnPop, PnPass. I can feel something good is about to come out of this team and will really stun everyone comes playoff time. The excitements of the players statements playing for the Lakers is already a positive energy to build in, just chemistry and cohesion comes training camp assuming everyone is healthy and Kobe coming at least 90%. LAKERS All the WAY!

  • Jim213

    One of Mike’s moves?, Pete Mickeal has received interest from Lakers, 76ers, and other teams. Not sure about this one.

    • SpringBreakers

      Pete is a good player but he is old NOW at 35.He would be a decent bench playa.Seen Pete light Lakers up in a preseason game a few years ago.Pete was aight at Cincy!Lakers gotta do what dey gotta do.

      • Jim213

        Hear ya mang! might as well go with a d leaguer given age & possible buyout.

        • SpringBreakers

          Ya i agree.Lakers need youngsters.



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