Why Lamar Odom Would Be A Solid Addition To The Lakers’ Front...

Why Lamar Odom Would Be A Solid Addition To The Lakers’ Front Court


As for Mike D’Antoni’s offense? Well, Lamar absolutely thrived in Phil Jackson’s Triangle offense, but I believe he could be effective in D’Antoni’s as well.lamar off balance shooting

D’Antoni likes the idea of a stretch four, and although Lamar isn’t the best shooter, his versatility and ability to do so many things on the court can be an asset for the system. Essentially, Odom is able to operate from farther away from the basket than Pau Gasol was last season when D’Antoni tried to have him do that. Also, as stated earlier, Odom and Gasol have a strong chemistry and Odom was often the guy who was able to bridge the ball from the back court into the post–which was another problem the Lakers faced at times last season.

Many of you may still be worried about Odom’s potential at this juncture of his career, but I’m still willing to bet that he’ll still be quite productive.

Lamar has never been a player who has relied on his athleticism or speed, but rather on his skill level. Basically, at age 34, he’s physically not a whole lot different than he was when he was 30; his game has always been smooth instead of flashy or hyper-athletic.

Is he the type of athletic specimen the Lakers so desperately use right now? Not at all, but the Lakers are hard-pressed to find someone like that in this free agent season.

However, Odom is a pass-first type of player, which is always welcomed on a team, and no player is quicker than the ball when it comes to offense versus defense.

Delving more into the offense, although Mike D’Antoni eventually gave in to posting the ball more frequently as opposed to running pick-and-rolls to death towards the end of the season, he’ll still want to run some pick-and-rolls.

Where Odom fits into that is the fact that he can both create and finish on pick-and-roll plays; he can play on both sides of those.

Oh, and I’m sure that D’Antoni will love the fact that Odom can rebound and push the ball in one swoop.

Back to the passing, though. Can you imagine the type of half-court passing display that can be put on with the likes of Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, and Pau Gasol on the floor together?

Defensively, Odom’s length can still be used on the likes of quick guards all the way down to tall centers.

Perhaps the biggest selling point on both sides, however, is simple: Familiarity.

Odom has played alongside Kobe and Pau, won with them, and the group knows each others’ respective game and tendencies.

They also get along well off the court, which seems to be a huge factor in decisions like this, as of late.

At the core of it all, it’s a move that would likely be welcomed by the players, coaches, management, and the fans.

That’s enough of what I think, though. What do you all think? L.O. or no?


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  • Hendrix2020

    Please come back Lamar

  • honestly

    i just want kobe, pau, and lamar to all retire as a laker

  • Jim213

    Brought it up a week and a 1/2 ago… good job of making the pitch. Although, I would’ve titled it “Why Lamar should’ve never been traded”…

    • Suki Thind

      It’ll all work out if it comes full circle, I hope. Haha

      • Jim213

        brah..good article on Kobes’ possible 3 to 4 year future.

        • Suki Thind

          Thanks, I appreciate that!!

  • ra

    Agreed …. come back, LO! I think we should also keep MWP, and then we’d have a ‘good portion’ of the Championship team together, for at least one more go at it. Next year (2104-2105) is a different beast anyway.

    • Jim213

      I’d rather let go of Gasol b/c MWP plays consistent defense. Three team trade sending gasol out and Rondo in…

  • Laker Love

    LAMAR’s inconsistency irritated the hell out of me. One day we loved him, the next game i wanted to kill him.

    has a great soul and I applaud his heart, but I seriously cant stand
    inconsistency. You never know which Lamar your getting any given game.
    It just drives me crazy.

    KEEP METTA, we need his effort, spirit, and brawn!

    • Jim213

      LOL… Lamar 6th man of the year was more consistent during the regular season than P Gasol has been since. Sounds like you’re talking about Gasol who should be traded…

    • Paytc

      That is funny….but it’s true.Odom could be such an awesome player if he were a bit more consistent.Perhaps it’s just his questionable lifestyle?Too much partying?I agree MWP is a consistent warrior.A veteran player who plays with heart every night, at home, and on the road.I would still sign Odom.Especially if we could at the league min.

    • Jim213

      Two years of inconsistency from Gasol?!… and you talk about Lamar’s play with the Lakers 6th man of the year. At least he earned his pay during the regular season and contributed during the playoffs, however, requires improvement. Lamar plays with heart he wanted to remain a Laker and earned his pay.

  • Garrett Humbertson

    If we stay healthy, we’re already better than last year. With Dwight out of the mix, chemistry can develop with MD’s system. I like our chances.

    • Jim213

      Yes, I seriously believe that if Lamar Odom comes back will definitely be better than the Rockets. Thanks to Dwight for leaving, never wanted him to sign with the Lakers as he didn’t have it in the noggin.

  • Guest

    I love lamar O back to L.A :)

  • KObe bayan

    I love Lamar O. back to L.A wearing gold and purple :)))

  • michael_battaglia

    Bryant and Nash backcourt, Gasol and Odom front court, Sasha at SF, then off the bench you have Farmar, Kaman, Jhill (back up guard, back up center, back up forward), and further down you have Meeks and Blake if MDA decides to go four or five deep into the bench rather than just three. This is assuming the rumors regarding Lamar and Sasha have any substance, Farmar is a done deal as we now know. I really like this roster; I like the thought of bringing back the championship squad for one more go ’round before the big blow up next year. Would be nice to add Fisher to the list, of course, but there are only so many moves we can make. The beauty is, Sasha and Farmar are better now than they were when we didn’t want to match offers on them, and now we can get them for vet mins.

  • Eddie Lazaro

    Trading Lo and Gasol for CP3 was a bad move, but it was business. Same when Lo was send to the Lakers as part of Shaq’s move to MIAMI. but after it was nixed by Stern, Lo went and asked the FO to trade him that is why he was sent to Dallas. He was bitter for the LACK OF LOYALTY. But he is not the only one. Look at Lebron, Dwight, Shaq, Melo and some even Legends were traded during their terms. It will be wonderful if he can BURRY the Hatchet and take the LAKERS OFFER> it will do both Parties good. Now we just need Elton Brand, and bring back The MACHINE to make ANOTHER RUN FOR IT!

  • Dave Stucky

    I would love to have LO back.

  • ma

    the guy is inexpensive and will draw laker fans. It would be a decent move for the franchise.

  • Drew

    Kobe needs to take a pay cut. i understand he “deserves” the amount he’s being paid, but honestly if he wants a 6th ring, he has to be realistic here…. besides that, they should drop some useless contracts and free some salary cap by 2015 like MWP (as much as i love him) and Steve Blake. This would clear a good 20 mill. Take advantage of this and sign some vet mins with some old players like Odom and Sasha and such and tank 2014 so you get a 1st round pick and pick up Andrew Wiggins and Melo…. in total, lakers COULD have up to 55 mill in uncapped salary… but this is only a dream…

    • Jen Cruz

      Kobe can’t take a pay cut…per the new collective bargaining agreement, his contract cannot be restructured. He has already publicly addressed this saying he wished he could.

  • Jim213

    Lamar update…

    Sources say that LO is weighing whether to sign with the Lakers or Clipps on a one-year, $1.4 million contract. Should’ve put a sign up for Lamar than for DH, that’s for sure. However, Lamar should be assured that he would get more playing time and appreciation from us than the Clipps. KB24, we’re you at?… not meaning basketball camp.

    • Jim213

      More like scoop from gossip sites…bet you the leaker is a Kardashian family member.