Why Kobe Bryant Will Still Be The Best Shooting Guard In The...

Why Kobe Bryant Will Still Be The Best Shooting Guard In The League


Kobe Bryant

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Even if you concede that Kobe was the best two-guard in the league during the 2012-2013 season, how will he remain so when James Harden is only getting better and Dwyane Wade may very well come back with a vengeance after losing in the NBA Finals and losing the best player on his team?

Well, first of all, he’s Kobe Bryant. He’s accepted every challenge he’s been faced with and conquered every obstacle put in his path. However, the recent injuries, cumulative miles on his body, and the unstoppable clock of Father Time are certainly not in Kobe’s favor.

At the same time, he’s virtually had a year and a half of rest, minus those six games played last season. While there will certainly be rust, hopefully the nagging injuries are gone and hopefully some of the daily rigors that take a toll on an athlete’s body were alleviated with the time off.

Mentally, the Black Mamba is likely seeing the end of the tunnel and geared up to finish off the last two seasons of his career with a purpose.

Some may say that Kobe won’t even be playing as much at the shooting guard position, which is true.

In Kobe’s last full season, he played two-thirds of his time on the floor as a shooting guard, while the remaining one-third was played at the small forward position. It’s possible that we’ll see Kobe split time evenly at the two positions.

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However, when playing as a shooting guard and matched up against other two-guards, Kobe will have the advantage offensively as he likes to back players like Wade and Harden down and utilize his exceptional footwork. The limited time spent chasing around guards on the defensive end while he’s matching up with small forwards should also help conserve energy for when he does match up with the young shooting guards of the league, as he’ll be fresher.

However, regardless of what position he’s playing, Kobe still has the best footwork of any basketball player in the game, and his post game is among the best in the league — if not the best, even among centers and power forwards.

That is one thing Kobe has over any player in the league, and certainly possesses over the likes of James Harden and Dwyane Wade.

The guy is just a natural born scorer, and can find numerous ways to best his opponent.

Kobe Bryant talks to Paul Pierce at the 2011 All Star GameAs he alluded to in a recent Sports Illustrated interview, Vino plans to alter his game, but he believes the evolution will make him a more efficient player. I am convinced that, along with being outside of Mike D’Antoni’s offense — where he had to handle the ball a lot more and run endless pick-and-rolls — Kobe’s evolution will include playing more off-ball and setting up in better spots, particularly in the mid-range area or close to the post.

He may not be shooting the ball as freely or as frequently as he did in the past, which may reduce his points per game, but I believe his shots will be more wisely selected and he’ll certainly continue to dissect opponents’ defensive schemes and set the table for his teammates.

That brings us to another thing that Kobe does better than most players in the league. Whereas Harden and Wade are excellent play-makers while handling the ball, Kobe has the ability to do that as well, but also is exceptional at collapsing defenses in the post and creating plays for slashers and/or big men on the weak side of the floor. With Pau Gasol gone, I anticipate him taking on more responsibility of acting as a hub down low.

When it comes to truly having an all-around game in terms of being able to score from outside, score from mid-range, score from inside, pass from outside, pass from mid-range, pass from inside, post-up, play within a system, play off-ball, rebound the ball, hound players on the perimeter and get physical with players in the post, there are not many other players out there who can rival what the Black Mamba is capable of.

No, he may not exhibit all of those skills exceptionally well in one game or even in one season, but he certainly possesses the skills to do so. He simply works on parts of his game in which he knows he’ll be better suited to take advantage of and be efficient with against his opponents. For example, in the upcoming season, Kobe realizes he’s going to need to become more of a play-maker from inside the post and also the mid-range. Additionally, he’ll handle the ball a lot more in the post and score closer to the basket and in the mid-range area, but perhaps his outside scoring will come more from off-ball movement rather than from gaining separation from an opponent as a result of shaking him with flashy handles.

Kobe BryantThe ability of Kobe to evolve his game and focus on different parts of it when the times call for it is what makes him one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and certainly keeps him in contention with the best players in the league year after year.

So, there is is. That’s my case for why Kobe Bryant will remain the best shooting guard in the league.

Maybe he won’t. Maybe he’ll never be as productive of a player again and some of the other shooting guards will finally surpass him.

Even if he doesn’t, just the fact that he will be in the conversation coming into his 19th season at age 36 is a remarkable feat in itself. When comparing him to some of the all-time greats, even if Kobe is able to be just 75 percent of what he was two years ago and remain healthy, he’ll have one of the most productive lengthy careers in NBA history.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar saw his production decline significantly in his 18th season (of 20 remarkable seasons), and Karl Malone saw his level of play decline considerably in his 19th and final season (which was filled with injuries limiting him to about half the games of the season). Among guards, if Kobe can retain a certain level of play for the next two seasons, he’ll finish his career off as having the most productive lengthy career in the history of the NBA (Michael Jordan only played 15 seasons due to multiple retirements and baseball).

But, maybe Kobe’s body won’t hold up and he won’t be able to produce like he has in the past. Maybe he won’t even be the second- or third-best shooting guard in the NBA anymore. Maybe he’ll even drop to the rank ESPN gave him prior to last season — 25th.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned to not do over the years, which plenty of critics seemingly have not learned yet, even after being proven wrong countless times by Mr. Vino, it is one thing:

Never bet against Kobe Bryant.


Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Admits He Won’t Be The Same Player

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  • kliff richard

    i hope LA Lakers should consider to sign Andray Blatche,Gabe Norwood

    • joshhh

      ur a retard our biggest issue is defense to win u need someone down low to protect a rim protector and on the wings u need a lock down defender we don’t have any of that. blatche is a liability on defense. emeka okafor or ekpe udoh that’s a smart signing


        Durant is all of those things and he’s coming to Lakers in 2016 (RUMOR)

    • Sam

      wow you are really random


      who is “Gabe Norwood”? Have u heard anything about Roscoe Smith?? He was playing in summer league last I heard.

      • Japeth

        Who is Gabe !
        he is a #teamPilipinasPlayer !


          LOL. I find it hilarious that Lakers went from chasing high profile players (carmelo, lebron, love) to guys like “gabe norwood” hahahahaha

  • http://superdiva.com/ Koberelic

    2013.. I see.

  • iKnow

    Harden is better player. Easily.

    • independentbynature

      Harden has never played a minute of defense in his whole career.

      • 1mtoldman

        whats the #1 video currently on bleacher report: hardens horrid defense in worlds (where allegedly he was playing better defense); the actual article healdine is something like: watch harden awful defense in world cups. i call it “spectator defense”. evidently harden likes to watch.


        he’s a better all around player than Bryant. more talented too

        • independentbynature

          Your comments always confirm your ignorance,little clipper troll boy.Harden’s ineptness on defense is well documented,as is your stupidity.


            How many points per game will Kobe average this year? If you are SO smart then you’ll be able to accurately predict how many points he will average.

            You are going to have a tough opener against the Rockets. A bad loss may set the tone for next year….

          • daniel staley

            Ok. I will never take anything away from harden. Harden is definitely quicker and can get to the rim and the free throw line more than Kobe, but the difference is Kobe is a leader. Harden is not. Kobe is the go to guy and has been consistent, Harden has not gotten to that point. Kobe’s mentality is far beyond the mentality of Harden. Kobe is smarter on the court. Kobe’s teammates hated but respected him, Harden just has Dwight Howard with him after Harden decided to trash his team even though he was part of the reason they got eliminated from the playoffs. We are talking about an all around game. Kobe will still score 20-25 points per game, and you will see him assist more this season.

          • fed up

            F*ng St*pid Sh*t! I’m so tired of your comments! What will make you stop?!!!!!! OK! OK! I surrender! Clippers rule LA! OK! Harden is the best, Kobe is the worst! Lakers’ banners are worth nothing! CP3 and Griffin’s commercials are awesome! Just please, please, please stop posting! Please! I come to this site because I love my team. If you don’t like them, just please, please go away. We do not like your comments. I cringe every time I see your name –and that goes for Zach, too. And if Zach insists K is a rapist then so be it. Just STOP posting.

          • fed up

            sorry, Daniel. The reply was for “Clippersrunla” and not intended for you. My bad.

          • Computer Networking

            Lol. Ok. I was looking kind of confused.

          • independentbynature

            What an idiot you are,little boy.You don’t even know the past and you’re asking me about the future.Call the psychic hotline,moron.

          • Shaka Saphir

            A clueless ass Clippers fan whose team has yet to win a damn thing other than a meaningless Western Conference Sub title. When the Clippers finally win anything of substance,then we’ll give you permission to speak,until then,shut the fu*k,clueless ass Clipper bangwagon fan.

        • Shaka Saphir

          Another clueless idiot,void of any basketball knowledge whatsoever. Why don’t you trying judging crickett, that might be something you might have some knowledge about cause it sure the hell isn’t basketball.

      • goldenoldie

        yeah! He did play a few seconds against the Lakers once. He jumped in front of Metta and got his bell rung!

    • Truth B Told

      Are you Kraaszy?……How many players in the NBA would pick Harden over Kobe?…….Maybe 3% or less………The same with the coaches……Only ESPN come up with stupid ratings…….which none have played professional Basketball…..Go figure.

      • Todd DelGiudice

        Harden can’t carry his team in the playoffs – actually he was one of the worst players in that series for most of the games.

    • Carl Cockerham

      Nope! Can’t play D!

      • iKnow

        Kobe don’t play too.

        • joshhh

          haha come on now its not like hes got a whole lot of competition haha the league is dominated by pg’s and sf’s the sg’s r nothing special expect harden hes like his only competition haha come on now who next ur gonna name Bradley beal hahahahah

        • Carl Cockerham

          Better than Rick Ross on crack though! Rick Ross on crack isn’t clutch either. Kobe is.

    • Giardini Bella

      You’re plain crazy if you seriously believe that.


      agree wit u on the 100

    • Shaka Saphir

      What an idiot,that comment points out how very little you know about basketball or talent. It takes more than just jacking up 3’s to qualify as the best SG in the NBA.

  • New power house

    He is going to be better at his age,than any other sg ever. Harden is a flopper and just younger than Kobe,but he will never be better than him. I just hope for him to stay healthy at least for three more years.

    • MFW34

      Except Michael Jordan.

      • cj

        kobe at this age is better then jordan at this age

        • Keisha Wright

          How would you know,he hasnt played yet

          • cj

            because he was retired when he was 36 so we would need to look at his next season to compare so his first in was. kobe will average more then 22-5-5 on 41% shooting and 18% 3 point shooting and 79% free throws.

          • MFW34

            No, you would compare the two at 34 when they both played full seasons. Wait til Kobe is 39 and compare again since Jordan averaged 22 at 39. Kobe hasn’t played at 36 yet and played terrible for 6 games at 35 before getting hurt.

          • Jamie Allen

            Jordan also had time out to go an play baseball
            Kobe was as good as Jordan in his second year in the NBA, just watch the all-star game Jordan in his prime against Kobe with 1 and a half years on the nba .no one else could match up to Jordan like that not even the self proclaimed king himself LeBron James FACT.

        • cj is a dumbass

          you’re the dumbest laker d*ck rider on this site. Damn I wish I could reach and bitch slap you across your monitor!

  • Jerome

    Top ten shooting guards
    1.James Harden
    2.DeMar Derozan
    3.Klay Thompson
    4.Bradley Beal
    5.Dwayne Wade
    6.Andrew Wiggins
    7.Lance Stephenson
    8.Eric Bledsoe
    9.Jimmy Butler
    10.Monta Ellis

    Kobe Bryant could get on that list if he proves he is healthy and can still play at a elite level.Otherwise he will join Manu Ginobli and Ray Allen also J.J. Redick as good shooting guards but not quite at a top ten level.If he plays like he did during the 6 game span last season then he is not a top 10 shooting guard anymore but if he plays like 2012 Kobe Bryant Pre-ACL Tendon rupture then yeah a top 3 shooting guard.Maybe we should all wait and see how Kobe actually plays before just saying baseless stuff about how good or bad he will be only time will tell what the truth actually is.I wish him the very best and hope he can regain his All Star game form and stay healthy.

    • piclo

      you forgot
      0. Kobe Bryant

      • independentbynature

        The zero is your IQ.Luv how you upvote yourself.I’m sure all the “guest” upvotes are you,too.

        • LakersLifer

          He means Zero as in 0 comes before number 1.

          Kobe belongs at the top of the list.

          • independentbynature

            OK.If you say so.But,that doesn’t make sense.Zero means he’s nothing.Kobe belongs at #1.

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            As a programmer, I see it as 0 coming first. We count 0, 1, 2, 3…

      • Calvin Ukpai

        U mean 1 nigga

    • steven b

      It is not far to count last season for Kobe as KOBE was not up to snuff and was never in the groove and played conservative after that severe injury he sustained . but the year before that when his Achilles tendon tore at the end of the season was one of his best seasons overall and worthy of mention and in league with the best plus he played with so much heart and soul. The 2 free throws he made when everyone knew he just sustained that injury and limped to the free throw lane and made both was a great basketball moment

    • Nathan

      Wiggins is not a top 10 shooting guard in the NBA. You’re basing that off what? A decent freshman year full of hype? You’re delusional to say he’s better than Stephenson, Bledsoe and Ellis. And Klay Thompson and Bradley Beal better than Wade? Derozan at #2? Please stop. Kobe is better than all of them on one leg and a broken finger (see 2010) and we all know. Stop your hating and trying to sound smart. You made yourself look pretty stupid, bro.

    • joshhh

      Bledsoe is not a sg and half of those players don’t even play sg r u high in what world is jimmy butler klay Thompson Andrew wiggins monta ellis derozan all of them r not even on the same level as kobe so insulting the only one that he would be competing against for best sg is harden and wade if his knees hold up and maybe just maybe lance but I doubt it that’s it everyone else r just average role players

      • Realistic Laker Fan

        1. Bledsoe is a combo guard he spent about the same amount of time at the SG position as the PG position last year for the Suns.
        2. Jimmy Butler is the Bulls starting SG he plays at the 3 sometimes as well.
        3. The rest of those players expect for Wiggins (hasn’t played yet) are technically above Kobe since he only played 6 games last year
        4. He didn’t add Affalo (18ppg, 3 apg, 3 rpg).
        5. We don’t know how Kobe will play next year.

        • Sam

          1.this article also mentioned that there are certain players that play a combo pg/sg and sg/sf, but went with what the players are listed at to qualify his statement. think it’s better to stay along those lines if we’re commenting about the article
          3. with that logic, we can safely say that players like randy foye and marco bellinelli are better than kobe? if we only reference last season, then jordan farmar is a better pg than derrick rose. let’s be a little better than that as basketball fans…
          4. agreed. afflalo is a great sg that should take bledsoe’s spot. i think he’s a pg.
          5. isn’t the point of this article to speculate an opinion?

        • joshhh

          that’s cuz they played dragic and Bledsoe together but his natural postion is pg its just coach likes using combo guards together. people these days issues what a u think hes gonna com back and average 15ppg like serouisly this is the closest thing to mj 2nd best of all time greatest laker I don’t have explain myself ur just a retard


        kobe played 6 games last year. he had 9 points, 8 turnovers in his first game back when he was supposed to be “at 100%”

        • Faisal Syed

          at least you are 100% moron, judging someone that came from a career ending injury for 6 games

    • Truth B Told

      Do you actually believe what you have written?……Or are you trying to make conversation?……None of those players are allow to touch Kobe’s Jock Strap……Come On Man!

    • ThatGuy

      Dude you gotta be tripping, dude got wiggins on the list

    • Al Haldie

      Like your list means something ..

    • Jeff


    • Kracken

      Kobe doesn’t have to prove anything son. He will always be the NBA’s top shooting guard

      • MFW34

        Stop it. The rapist is a great player but he is not better than Michael Jordan. Absurd.


          agree wit u on the 100

        • Jermaine Henriquez

          Shut up

          • MFW34

            Truth hurt?

          • Proctologist

            I think his dick hurt the whore. That’s why she cried, “rape”


      Let’s let Wiggins play a single NBA minute before adding him to any list. just sayin’

      • that one guy

        As if anybody on this website takes anything you have to say seriously.

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        I guess for the first and only time of my life, I agree with you on something. Now back to ignoring you.

    • Jermaine Henriquez

      Your an fool if you think that half those guys are better than Kobe lmbo

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      It’s an interesting list; I’ll give you that much. Seriously, though, Wiggins is not top 100 until he actually steps on the floor. Jimmy Butler has to be the most underrated player in the league.

    • Sam

      eric bledsoe is a PG. and how do you justify putting andrew wiggins above stephenson and ellis? not to mention putting derozan at number 2? and if you’re talking about current level of play there’s no way dwayne wade is above kobe.. or anyone else on that list for that matter. i’m not sure what you’re ranking system is even based on actually…

    • BS

      You put a guy that hasn’t even played a game in the NBA ahead of Kobe? Dude, c’mon even Wiggins would laugh at you.

    • Laker truth

      The people on that list would laugh if you showed them this

    • Faisal Syed

      wow comparing the 6 games, he came from career ending injury moron

    • karasoon4

      Hey retard, there is no such thing as an ACL tendon.

  • steven b

    I HAVE never seen an athlete so competitive so dedicated to a sport like KOBE . His work ethic and devotion to being better and better is rare especially for one at his age . He has something to prove and he is not done yet , I believe he wants to be NBA’s all time leading scorer at 4th he is closing in on MJ only 600 pts behind he will surpass that easily and looks to pass K. Malone , KOBE just loves to play he is that very rare exception of a basketball player who can still play on a high level at his age when no other great player did .All those great players numbers declined after 36 . Kobe however does not have the highest ppg and many other players have a higher average which is an important stat. only 1 MVP seems a disappointment being how great KOBE is . However KOBE does have that magic very few players have ever possessed that’s their entertainment value KOBE is great fun to watch and I have seen this guy bring back a team from behind to win even with multiple defense players all over him amazing . The best player who if continues on the same level is Kevin Durant he could be the all time scorer if he plays 20 years ,His records surpass KOBE at the same amount of time and is a better shooter than anyone in the last 5 years.

    • MFW34

      Exactly what we heard going into last season. Then what, reality set and age kicked in and he was out after 6 games.

      • Jamil

        Age didn’t kick in he got injured again. Obviously this whole argument is based on Kobe being healthy and the truth is we can’t say that any player isn’t gonna get injured and have the outlook of their season change look to Paul Georges’ situation. But with all things being healthy and being able to get into game shape prior to the season Kobe has a good shot bouncing back.

        • MFW34

          Kobe goes 15 years with only minor injuries and when he gets to his mid-30’s he has TWO major injuries and misses the 2013 playoffs and the 2013-1014 season and you think that has nothing to do with age? Seriously? His injuries are classic overuse injuries – achilles & knee. He will come back but he won’t be the same player and he certainly isn’t capable of carrying THIS team to the playoffs. Unless he leaves the Lakers, his championship days are over.

          • Jamil

            Yes classic over contributed to him getting injured. The conversation was about him coming back from the injury, Altering His game and still being effective which yes he can totally do. As far as carrying His team to a championship that has nothing to do with his age or physical ability. Lebron settled for all time that a single superstar can’t lead a team to a championship. Every championship team except the 2004 pistons had at least two legit HOFers and a couple of high quality reserves. So championship aspirations are not in the mix for this particular conversation, If we could use a time machine and bring back Kobe in his prime this team wouldn’t be able to win a championship. But can Kobe come back and be the top 2 guard in this league? Yes he can. But that says more about the lack of quality 2’s in the league right now. Being the best player at your position in the league doesn’t win you anything, ask chris paul. Houston had the best 2 guard and one of the top if not best center in the league and it didn’t get them a ring either. So I agree with you if Kobe wants a ring it won’t happen with this team.

          • MFW34

            You don’t think age has anything to do with him carrying a team to a championship or coming back from injury? Of course it does. Players get older and their game is not what it was when they were young and bodies don’t heal as fast or as well after 15-18 years of constant pounding. Typically that down slide starts in their early 30’s, Kobe made it to mid 30’s before age kicked in and he started getting injured. He can’t play defense for 48 minutes as he once could but he can still score. His 3 pt shooting % has dropped significantly over last 5 years. Can he be the top two guard? I don’t know but the odds are against it due to age and injuries. AGE MATTERS, that is all I’m saying.

          • Jamil

            Age doesn’t matter from the perspective of winning a championship. A championship is a team effort. If you read the post clearly, I stated that whether Kobe is 20 or 38 he can’t win a champion on his own. Lebron couldn’t do it, Jordan couldn’t do it, Magic, couldn’t do it. What Age will affect is how he contributes, how he gets his buckets. And I think that the way Kobe plays he will continue to compensate for his age. And I think that even coming back from injury using a post and mid range heavy game he can still be a better offensive player than the rest of the two guards in the league. I did point out that it would require his body to hold up and allow him to play a full year. Which is not a guarantee from him or anyone in the league.

          • MFW34

            At some point age affects ability because skills deteriorate, so in that regard it affects a team’s ability to win a championship. See Boston Celtics & Lakers. Celts got rid of two HOFers because they were too old to be major cogs in a championship team – AGE MATTERS. Lakers have TWO sure HOFers but they are both old and won’t be able to lead this team to a championship even if healthy – AGE MATTERS. Lakers once added Karl Malone and Gary Payton to their roster giving them FOUR HOFers and couldn’t win a championship – AGE MATTERS. Age makes HOFers ordinary NBA players, why? Because AGE MATTERS!

            As for Kobe being the top 2 guard in the league, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. In my opinion he won’t be top two even if healthy. I’d say the odds are 50/50 as to whether he will be healthy and still have 90% of the ability he had 7 or 8 years ago.

          • Jamil

            Dude you miss the whole point of the conversation. We are talking about a single player in reference to what he can contribute. If we are talking about a championship team age is irrelevant in relation to what that particular piece of the championship ship team can provide. If we are saying blindly that age matters then OKC or the Clippers should be the NBA Champion and not the Spurs. Both of those teams had a significant age advantage over the spurs. You can’t go down the list and assign a players value just by how old they are. In that respect age does not matter. If we are having a conversation about the next five to ten years of a franchise then age becomes a very large factor. But that is not the conversation. We are talking about a small sample size, one year. And a player with a high skill level who has already been adjusting to declining athleticism.

            50/50 are good odds. If he is healthy there is nothing that can prevent him from performing the basketball activities from three years ago. And that will put him in the conversation for top two guard in the league.

          • MFW34

            Missing the point of the conversation??? You keep bringing it back to whether age matters in championships. I’m just countering your post. I replied right on point based on your previous post. I really don’t need you to tell me what the conversation is about, I can read, comprehend AND follow the conversation.

            You don’t know what the odds are, so saying 50/50 is nonsense. If he’s healthy he’s in the conversation. My point, AGAIN, is that age matters because age contributed to his health problems and as we all know he isn’t getting any younger and he is coming off TWO MAJOR injuries. What makes you think he will be 100% when he comes back and even if he is 100%, that is 100% of a 36 year old body that is breaking down.

          • Jamil

            All Odds start at 50/50 either he can or he can’t. It’s the flip of the coin as to whether he can stay healthy or not.

            You did miss the point I only went on a championship tangent because you brought that up, reread the posts.

            He had two Major injuries so his predisposition to being re-injured is Higher. But we are talking probability here but there are no guarantees either way hence 50/50. If his knee is structurally sound enough to get him through the year and he is able to use his footwork and posts moves at 90% of the level of three years ago then Yes the 100% of a 36 year old Kobe would be good enough to challenge for the top 2 guard spot.

            My point is that for a single year, a single point in time age does not matter. Assuming he is healthy enough to play a whole year. That is the point. If his body breaks down then it invalidates the whole point of the article. That is the point. If Kobe plays the whole year healthy then he will be able to challenge as the best 2 guard in the league. If he can’t play the whole year due to injury then the argument is irrelevant. You keep taking the tangential point of view that He is old and may not be able to stay healthy given his age and the mileage on his body. But that position has no merit in this conversation because it is dependent on him staying healthy. If he isn’t healthy then there is no conversation. By the way there is no guarantee He can avoid non-age related injury. So from that point of view AGE DOES NOT MATTER!!!! This whole article assume that you are wrong and that his body will hold up and allow him to perform similar basketball activities comparable to His last full season. I happen to share the same opinion as the author. Neither of us will know what his body will do until the season starts. That’s why they play the games.

          • MFW34

            All odds are not 50/50. Just because there are only two outcomes does not indicate that they equally as likely to occur.Do you really believe the odds are 50/50 that I will die today? There’s only two outcomes so that must make it 50/50 right? WRONG!

            If you don’t acknowledge that age plays a part in injuries then you don’t understand the human body. Age, wear & tear, conditioning all play a part. Really is there any need to continue this conversation? Seems played out to me.


      Bryant will never compare to Michael Jordan 23, the best of all time. I went to Mt. Rushmore just last week…….Bryant was NOT there. #truth

      • purplegoldfan

        lol where are the clippers running la? must be at home watching other times actually win in the playoffs

      • purplegoldfan

        if only the clippers could win as much as you ride Kobe’s dick. 0ver 600 comments trash talking? hahaha


        There aren’t any ball players on Mt. Rushmore, but nice try. Kobe will always be compared to Michael. Kobe has more rings than the clippers do in their entire history.. I guess that was an unfair comparison as the clippers haven’t won a championship ever.. haven’t won a conference title ever.. Stay covering purple and gold championship banners with selfies of the starting lineup. Clipper fans <

      • metalbass

        how many clipper players on mount rushmore?
        yeah, exactly… 0


          Why u talking about Clippers on a laker board?? Troll

      • Sam

        neither is… MJ?


          Michael Jordan is on Mt. Rushmore…..yes

          • Sam

            so you physically went to mt. rushmore and michael jordan was physically on mt. rushmore?

  • Brodiac

    OMG WTF!!! Did ya’ll see that epic PIC? Why can’t the Lakers set a pic that effective at 2:00 on that vid!?? It was perfect. Shout out to Aaron Gray man! It was like Stockton to Malone, but on opposite teams, hahaha!!!

  • John

    I absolutely hate your glasses commentator! Put contacts on! Or get better designed glasses!

  • Jaydoggie

    Kobe must’ve given up a lot of booty to be getting this kind of publicity from the master elites.

  • Guest

    Love Kobe. One of my all time favorite players. Don’t wanna doubt him, but he has had some serious injuries to deal with the last and one-half years. Hope Mamba proves me wrong and torches the league this season. Stephen Curry would be my choice for the NBA’s best SG if he wasn’t forced to play out of position at PG. And The Beard (Harden), dude can shoot, but he is a diva teamed with another Diva, Howard, whose only interest is himself.

  • Name Private

    You just have to wonder why I am not mention in this class

  • Jeff

    James Harden might be the best SG in game now with Kobe and Wade fading. but he won’t be better players than they were in prime. they have multiple rings, put up 30 a game before, and willed the USA back to Olympic gold in the Spain game….

  • suLOL

    lol in the video jamal crawford is like “kobe why you gotta do me like that maaaan”

  • Jacob

    What year is this?

  • http://www.cidpusa.org/ Imran Khan

    Who will do what the season will tell ,lets pray Kobe stays fit for LA

  • chupacabra

    op is on crack


    Bryant did not “outlast” Vince Carter who played 81 games last year and went to the playoffs. Kobe played 6 games, went 2-4 in those games and led his team to a record of 27-55, the worst year in Laker franchise history.

    LN is often delusional. LoL

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Vince hasn’t had 10 win shares since 2007. He hasn’t averaged 36 minutes since 2009. Kobe did both in 2013. Kobe haters are often delusional.


        You mean 2012-13? In 2013-14 he played only 6 games. Vince played 81 and played in postseason. So who outlasted who?? Lol


    Josh Powell (former Laker) thinks Kobe will average 26. Ppg

  • Bart Simpson’s hair

    every Lakers fan including the media really are starting believe in what Harden said about Kobe, that he will return as the 20 year old KOBE… Harden actually meant on PS4 LOL … Kobe is the Dane Wade of the Westcoast with more rings that’s all.

  • Bart Simpson’s hair

    every Lakers fan including the media really are starting to believe in what Harden said about Kobe, that he will return as the 20 year old KOBE… Harden actually meant on PS4 LOL … Kobe is the Dane Wade of the Westcoast with more rings that’s all.

  • Bart Simpson’s hair

    every Lakers fan including the media really are starting to believe in what Harden said about Kobe, that he will return as the 20 year old KOBE… Harden actually meant on PS4 LOL … Kobe is the Dwane Wade of the Westcoast with more rings that’s all.

    • Jamil

      If Kobe can stay healthy which isn’t a guarantee with any pro athlete, He’ll be better then Harden and Wade. Harden and Wade doesn’t play D so that is a was for all three. Wade has no nuance to his offensive so as is athleticism continues to erode so does his game. Harden as a score doesn’t compare to Kobe either. Kobe can score in so many diverse ways that declining athleticism does not affect his ability to score. He can easily repeat his pre-injury scoring if he can play a completely healthy season and that would make him by default the best 2 guard in the league. The real conversation is how weak the 2 guard position is in the league

      • rofl

        Kobe is much worse defender than Wade now and about same as Harden. He has a case to be one of the top SG, but he won’t be close to any of them. Let’s be real.

        • Jamil

          By what metric are you evaluating that Kobe is a much worse defender than wade is now? Wade can’t stay in front of his man and doesn’t play help defense. That means he currently plays the worse defense you can play, same as Harden, but Kobe still tries to play help defense. All three get the exact same results from their defense although in Kobe and Wade case it’s because of a loss of athleticism and Harden just don’t care to play it. That brings us back to the only thing that can differentiate them which is scoring and play making. Wades’ whole game is built off of his athleticism as it continues to decline so does hi game. We will see the same thing from him this year that we saw from him last year just a little worse. Harden is no where near Kobe in terms of ability and variety of ways he can score. With a free reign to jack shots all the shots he wants, Harden could only manage 25.4 ppg with out the burden of playing D. If Kobe can stay healthy there shouldn’t be a problem with him regaining the to 2 guard title. He has the post-up and mid range game that will allow to continue to get buckets and he’s gonna work harder than everyone else for any type of an edge. BTW Kobe was 1st team all defense in 05-06 while still managing to average 35 ppg, and we want to have conversations about Harden being a top 2 guard. Dude is pathetic and needs to commit to raising his game ijs.

          • David

            I don’t think there are any metrics you can rely on to say who is the better defender except by the eye test; there is no doubt Kobe has the superior craft in the art of defense/offense and it allows him on many occasion to gamble on defense and still get away with it. On many occasions though he gets burned by leaving his many open, this happens more frequently because he is older and wants to conserve his energy on the offensive end. You would hear several times a game when the play by play announcer would say Kobe daring his man to shoot is actually Kobe gambling on defense so he wouldn’t have to chase his man around the perimeter. This happens a number of times per game and allows him to catch his breath and conserve his energy on the opposite ends of the floor. You don’t see this with younger players, at least less often if at all with Harden and Wade.

          • rofl

            Wade is worse defender than before, but still he can play well defense which don’t harm his team. With all sure he is no such destructive to team defense as Kobe.
            Kobe usually can’t stay and he plays 0 help defense. “but Kobe still tries to play help defense”
            It’s even funny, have to ask you, have you watched him for the last few years? I have completely opposite findings and stats prove it.
            With all sure Kobe was better player than Harden years ago, but now i see him playing 0 defense and worse offense than both Harden and Wade.
            About 2006, I remember that Kobe played poor defense, his all-defensive was a big mystery probably his popularity prevailed. The another question is,
            whether Kobe can stay healthy. I think his body is too devastated and he won’t be back to the elite. Sad but it’s time we started realize it.

          • Jamil

            So Wade’s defense did not hurt them in the NBA Finals? Go back and watch the tape, or just youtube it. At this point in both of their careers they have to be hidden on D. That is not a point that is up for debate. You can argue degrees of bad defense but playing Wade in a defensive lineup will give you any advantage over playing Kobe in that same lineup at this point. But can Kobe come back and still post and hit mid range jumpers, Yes he can do that. As far as James Harden goes. There is no reason he is this bad defensively. The fact that we are having this conversation is sad to me. He has the opportunity to lock this position down but seems ambivalent to D and being the best overall player.

          • rofl

            It hurts, but point was that Kobe’s defense hurts his team more.

          • Jamil

            Kobe’s defense did not hurt LA more than D-wade or Harden’s. Wade’s D was so bad that it contributed to Lebron leaving. And Harden’s D was a Major factor in Houston not advancing that is with a defensive anchor on the team. I don’t see how Kobe’s D hurt LA more than Wade or Harden. But If you want to talk about Kobe’s D being more valuable to his team because the roster isn’t as good as the other teams mentioned, you may have a point. But I would say in that case the issue is less about Kobe’s D and more about roster construction. And Kobe taking that big contract doesn’t help there at all.

    • DDub

      Dwade is a dirty player, Kobe is not dirty, he doesn’t break a players Nose in an all star game or run you over from behind on a fast break, like wade did to D. Collision.

  • http://nba.com/ Captain DC

    I expect Vino, to reclaim the best shooting guard in the league title. Harden’s good, but I still think that Kobe would dominate him. I’ll predict that Kobe’s numbers will be like; 25 points, 6 boards, and 7 assists per game. With a 47% field goal percentage. That should be enough, to get him the NBA MVP, this season. Yeah, I said it! What?!

    • rofl

      And then you woke up

      • http://nba.com/ Captain DC

        81 points, in 42 minutes.

        • rofl


          • http://nba.com/ Captain DC

            “You’re welcome” (Kobe voice).

          • rofl

            Nice dreams.


    LIKE THIS COMMENT if you think Mamba Will Strike Back this season.

  • Kerry

    This is a dumb conversation. ..anybody in there right mind knows kobe is the best shooting guard in the NBA and 2nd best in NBA history and anyone thinks otherwise don’t argue with them cause you shouldn’t argue with FOOLS…. example: mr I know (fool)

  • LegendInMyMind

    There’s really no one else is there? Most 2-guards in the league are limited to the mid-range game and back. James Harden’s game is predicated on getting to the foul line, and he just doesn’t seem to understand how to take over a close game and win it. That may be because he’s not allowed to, but still. If Kobe gets back to some basics on defense and rebounds well, then I think his scoring and distribution puts him over the other 2 guards in the league. It at least puts him in that argument, strongly.

  • steven b

    I agree with the writer of this article that KOBE had a stellar year worthy to be a contender for MVP ,He played with so much heart and soul did super human feats Jordon would shake his head like bringing back the Lakers from behind in the 4th period making 3’s when triple teamed yet . KOBE is the most competitive athlete I have ever seen and if he were playing when Jordon was he would have upped his game . True that KOBE doesn’t have the ppg that MJ has which is a important stat and only averaged 30 points 1 time and only 1 MVP which is surprising being how good KOBE is . I am sure if KOBE feels he can’t play at the level he can he will step down and not continue with numbers far less than he has done too much pride. He will surpass Jordan for 3rd all time point leader this season if he has to crawl to the basket but will take many more games than Jordan did and MJ quit basketball in his prime for 2 years playing baseball else MJ would have more points than Jabbar . I am partial to KOBE for one thing we lived in the same town 3 minutes away and went to the same high school ,I am older and KOBE and 12 years until he arrived ,but still he is a pure Laker and still a great player and fun to watch ,I have great respect for his dedication and work ethic and discipline that makes a superstar . KOBE should have a fine year and we will see just how good after the first 10 games that will tell how well he will do . Let’s hope all his injuries are behind him and the Lakers are finally injure free . GO LAKERS. one thought KOBE as player/ coach

  • steven b

    KOBE’s finest moments ,there are many but his championships are up there his 81 points historic , I think when he limped barely making it to the stripe for 2 free throws without help after everyone knew just how serious he sustained the Achilles tear and sunk both free throws shows what kind of a quality a superstar KOBE is unforgettable