Why Charles Barkley Is Wrong About Kobe Bryant’s Return Reviewed by Momizat on . We all love/hate Charles Barkley for the same reason: he speaks his mind. I personally like Barkley and how he says what's on his mind, whether he's right or wr We all love/hate Charles Barkley for the same reason: he speaks his mind. I personally like Barkley and how he says what's on his mind, whether he's right or wr Rating:
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Why Charles Barkley Is Wrong About Kobe Bryant’s Return

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We all love/hate Charles Barkley for the same reason: he speaks his mind.

I personally like Barkley and how he says what’s on his mind, whether he’s right or wrong.

Most recently, Barkley had this to say with regards to Kobe Bryant and his injury on the Dan Patrick Show:

“I think he can be a good player. That’s it. Is he going to be an All-Star? He’ll probably be an All-Star because the fans will vote him in. But as far as being a dominant player, that’s not going to happen.”

With this, I have to strongly disagree.

Barkley actually makes it very easy for me to disagree with him for a few reasons.

First, he could have simply said Kobe wouldn’t be the same player or wouldn’t have the same explosion.

Or, he could have said that he won’t be able to carry the load offensively for the Lakers all by himself anymore.

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He could have even said that offensively Kobe would be okay, but defensively, he simply wouldn’t be able to guard younger, faster players anymore.

All of those would have been reasonable, logical assessments.

However, to say that Kobe Bryant–even at the age of 35 and coming off an Achilles tear–won’t be a dominant player and imply that he won’t be of All-Star caliber any longer is just ridiculous.

Nobody will truly know how Kobe’s body will respond to the injury until he finally suits up next season, but there’s a certain feeling you get when it comes to Kobe Bryant. The feeling that he’ll will his way back into top form.

Even if he’s not the same player that had a legendary season in his 17th year and was named the fourth best player in the league by ESPN, he’ll still be dominant.

For edification, just prior to this past season he was ranked sixth in the same poll by ESPN. Additionally, he was ranked seventh the year before.

Why am I pointing this out? Because when Kobe had a full off-season to get healthy and get into tip-top game shape, he was able to dominate once again and have a truly remarkable season.

Moreover, when he hadn’t been as healthy or in as good of shape, he was still pretty darn good, and the critics and doubters fueled him to bounce back seemingly stronger than ever; creating the “Vino” nickname which symbolized his ability to get better with time.

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  • Shaka Saphir

    Barkley is nothing more than a overweight fat ass Lakers & Kobe hater,mainly because from the time he entered the NBA,the Lakers were constantly kicking his ass and preventing him from winning or even coming close to winning an NBA title,regardless of which Western conference team he played with to try and accomplish that goal. Thus I put no validity in anything the fat ass has to say regarding the Lakers and his comments regarding the Lakers,Kobe or Shaq is worth less than the cost of a roll of toilet tissue I buy to wipe my “bleep” after taking a “bleep”.

    • Steve Chavez

      Wow. That was almost poetic, and I couldn’t agree more! :)

  • John Mtlton

    Barkley also said the Lakers wont make the playoffs. He is wrong A LOT!!!

  • kendalgreene

    yea like he said the pacers would beat the heat……really smart


  • Jon

    I remember when TNT was doing a fantasy draft where you could choose any player from history past or present. Sir Charles had the first overall pick and chose Allen Iverson. Out of any player in the history of basketball, Allen Iverson. That about sums it up.

  • RSlyvesterKelly

    I’m not really a Lakers fan but I do like Kobe, gotta support a local Philly athlete and rather see him as the face of the NBA than a clown like LeBron, but that’s another topic for another day. Getting past all the LakersKobe bias, I think Chuck has a good point, Kobe isn’t gonna be the Kobe were used to coming back from a ruptured Achilles. When he comes back at full strength likely after missing most of next season he’ll be on the wrong side of 35 with tons of miles on his surgically repaired knees and bum ankle on top of all the natural loss of athleticism and normal wear and tear of playing pro ball since 18. Looking at other athletes who had Achilles tears like Elton Brand, Ryan Howard, Chauncey Billups, etc, they can be effective but normally not the same as before. I think he’ll put up decent but not typical Kobe numbers, similar to the Wizards MJ. I hope I’m wrong and Kobe comes back and wins #6 to put distance between LeBron, but given the facts of the matter, ie age, severity of the injury, amount of basketball he has left, state of the Lakers roster; I just don’t see him being the same MVP Kobe and I don’t think Chuck was as wrong as people are making him out to be with his statement

  • Ballintodayy

    barkeley hates kobe because of what kobe symbolizes, he is a 5 time champion, a winner, and barkeley has never won a ring, he hates the comparison of winning rings to being a great player because it haunts him

  • Crystal

    Barkley’s opinion doesn’t matter because as we can see, it’s jealousy and always has been. Kobe will come back better and stronger than ever. Barkley will be hating much more when Kobe proves him wrong–again lol.

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