Who is Javaris Crittenton & How did He Help the Lakers Win?

Who is Javaris Crittenton & How did He Help the Lakers Win?


Drafted in 2007 by the Los Angeles Lakers with the 19th pick in the first round, Javaris Crittenton was a 6’5″ point guard that was drafted to help the Lakers with their point guard problems. Experienced with the triangle from his days running the offense in high school and along with his quick speed, Javaris “slipped” to the Lakers as he was a projected top 12 pick and a top 3 point guard option along with Mike Conley Jr. and Acie Law.


In 22 games with the Lakers, Crittenton averaged:

3.0 ppg | 1.0 rpg | 0.8 apg | 0.3 spg in 7:47 mpg

Playing behind Jordan Farmar and a newly re-signed Derek Fisher, Javaris was barely cracking Phil Jackson’s rotation, but he was still highly regarded enough to be included THE trade that changed the Lakers destiny forever:

Grizzlies Get:

  • Javaris Crittenton
  • Kwame Brown
  • Rights to Marc Gasol
  • 2008 1st Round Draft Pick
  • 2010 1st Round Draft Pick

Lakers Get:

  • Pau Gasol
  • 2nd Round Pick in 2010


The argument could be made at the time that Javaris was the second most talented player in this deal and was able to land in a better situation in Memphis where he could get more playing time to showcase his skills.

It’s just sad that we know his career has gone downhill since being traded from the Lakers as he has dealt with firearms issues in Washington with Gilbert Arenas and now being the primary suspect in a murder case in Georgia.