Wesley Johnson Talks About the Lack of Point Guards Available

Wesley Johnson Talks About the Lack of Point Guards Available


Wes JohnsonThe Los Angeles Lakers got routed last night in Oakland as their division rivals, the Golden State Warriors, cruised to a 102-83 victory.

The Lakers were in the game throughout the first half, but a big third quarter by the Warriors put the game out of reach. The young and explosive backcourt of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson proved to be too much for the Lakers and they had no answer for the onslaught.

Los Angeles is dealing with a plethora of injuries and it found out before the game that Pau Gasol will be sidelined with upper respiratory problems. In addition, the team had three of its four point guards out with injuries and after the game, Wesley Johnson talked about how much of an impact the lack of playmakers has on the team’s production.

The Lakers are expected to have Jordan Farmar back on the court by Christmas, a much needed addition to this struggling team. Without a solid point guard on the roster, the Lakers are having problems getting the offense running and finding easy looks on the court.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Well Kendall Marshall better learn quick on how to run a MDA team.Otherwise?

    • Paytc

      It always takes time for players to get in sink with each other when playing in the toughest pro basketball league in the world. I think we should be patient with the process.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        I am patient with Kendall this is a long process that takes awhile tbh.

    • meep

      in do time Marshall will get it together.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Yes it was his first game and he was off a D-League team.All the glitz and glamour is all gone now he is just a skinny little point guard trying to make it in the NBA.Kendall is only 22 years old.

        All the rub of being a former lottery pick just a year ago is long gone,it’s time to just relax and work on studying the defenses he is going up against.Kendall is very talented and smart but he is new to this team and he must work on his speed he need to run faster.

        But otherwise the Lakers got themselves a great passer with a great attitude.No need to worry he is new to the team and he deserves a serious chance to play and help out the ball movement.Also he has seriously improved his outside jumper and he did that in the D-League.Good young player worth developing much like Xavier.

  • ra

    ya think?

    MDA’s system requires a superstar level PG (like Steve Nash, 2006) to be championship level. We’re lucky to get ‘any’ PG.

    • kobe24

      Its true that MDA system needs a PG to run the system like you have mentioned, however it doesn’t necessarily have to be a superstar level. Look at Steve Blake, Jordan Farmar are they super star level? No, but they are efficient enough to run the system

      • meep

        blake under mike showing us younger blake where he use to have random games of high assist

  • Gregory Choa

    Wes is absolutely correct, and it’s really no secret…it’s one thing to run, play hard, and share the ball…it’s another thing all together to gave someone on the floor with the skill sets to deliver the ball to guys where they’re used to it, where they want/need it, and in rhythm.

    Get well in a hurry Jordan Farmar, and that goes for you too Steve Blake…and Steve Nash! It’s tough for Kendall Marshall to all of the sudden be expected to just step in and be that guy.