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Wallpaper: Derek Fisher – Forever a Laker from Laker Fanatics

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Courtesy of @LakerFanatics

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Gary Lee - Long time Lakers fan & Managing Partner at BuzzSmith.com. Founded LakersNation.com to fuse digital experience with passion for Lakers basketball. Follow Gary on Twitter @MrGaryLee if you like food, tech stuff and anything entrepreneury.

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  • Sugah

    BEAUTIFUL Papacitos :o)

    • Lakerfanatics

       Thanks Sugah!

  • jonathan

    derek fisher forever a laker

  • Bernard


  • Lakerfanatics

    BIG BIG thank you as always to LAKERSNATION!

  • Maria Ella Bautista Bone

    His number should be retired….he has earned it just like all the numbers that are hanging at the Staples Center.  Love love the wallpaper.  Awesome job. My heart is sadden to see him leave.

  • Martinez_jimbo_jamie

    he neesds a plaque or statue
     fo show 

    • Radda radda

      Kareem deserves one more than fish

      • sexymexy24

        kareem associated with the lakers as much as fisher

  • Daveantorozco

    D-Fish will always & forever be a Laker!!! Sometimes it’s a cruel business & things like this happen & it’s just so unfortunate because Fish is one of the good guys!!! Thanks for the memories D-Fish, 5x NBA Champion!!! 

  • Andwhodisguisedas

    Fish in anything but a Laker uni is just wrong.

  • http://twitter.com/MManLA Markeyse Jamar Mundy

    Always a Laker!!!

  • Kcmaks24

    I was so sad when I heard the news yesterday that they had traded DFish, He Will Forever be a LAKER!! Good Luck in Huston Fish!! You will be missed!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XAHJMMQGDSVE5FDR7SCGOPRPL4 linda s

    They could have at least let Fisher finish out the season.  Maybe he is not what he used to be, but he could come up with scenarios with Metta, Kobe, Pau and Bynum and just against the Hornets, he had a shot that was needed that helped them win the game.  At least treat him differently than they did Pau and everybody else they sent out the back door because of his loyalty and longevity to the Laker organization.  I hope Kupchak, the Grand Mongrel, get a dose of his own medicine at some point.  Fisher should have remained at least part of the Laker organization and that would have made Kupchak’s “emotional” remark (what a hypocrit) sincere.  They don’t care about the fans feelings, but they need to be swamped with the dislike in the way they handled Fisher.  The only original Laker left now is Kobe.  Kupchak is a dishelved common mongrel, even with all the money he makes, you can’t buy class.  Take a look at Jerry West and take a look at that cheap, insincere, cold-hearted jackass.  I hope he has not heard the last of this.  Jerry Buss must have on blinders.  He could have stopped it.  If I was Fisher, I would retire and run for office and tell the Laker management to go to hell!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XAHJMMQGDSVE5FDR7SCGOPRPL4 linda s

    And another thing, even with dealing Fisher, Kupchak still couldn’t get Beasley, so he had to go back to the D League and bring back Darius Morris.  What a jackass! 

  • musikluva02

    Man can’t believe we traded Fish. My favorite Laker of all time. Thanks for all the good memories brother, will never forget game 3 of the 2010 nba finals against the Celtics. Wish you and your family the best Point 4

  • Magikwyrkz4u

    I have loved El Presidente since the beginning with the Lakers. My heart still hurts that he will no longer be in a Laker uni. I guess we all grieve in different ways and eventually I will heal, but I just at this moment do not like it. At the very least he deserves at least something because of his tenure with the team. Personally, I will now be framing his jersey for my Laker room. I wish Derek the best and you can bet I will be behind him whatever he does after basketball. Run for office D Fish! I will definitely vote for you! We could use someone like you in a place of power!

  • Seangel17

    Lakers didn’t get a first round exit with Derek but they did get bounced out in the Semi-finals without Derek there.  Ramon did not show up in the 2nd round cause he is still green around the gills in playoff situations and Steve Blake doesn’t have that leadership to be a good mentor. Steve should of been the one to go and Derek should of been able to stay to come off the bench and be a mentor to Ramon.  In the 2nd round the Lakers could of really used Derek coming off the bench.  Lakers management screwed up royally and now with OKC in the Finals and Derek having a chance to get his 6th ring maybe they will see how badly they screwed up.  

    ETA: Forgot to mention game 6 against the Spurs Derek played the whole fourth quarter and played great defense.  He was the reason Tony Parker went cold in his shooting.  Derek was all over when he was trying to do what he did in the first half.  When Derek gets going he can be dangerous to a team.  He proved that again with the Spurs and he has done it to other teams.  People do not give Derek enough credit.    

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