VIDEOS: Mitch Kupchak Speaks To The Media – Full Press Conference

VIDEOS: Mitch Kupchak Speaks To The Media – Full Press Conference


Three days prior to the Lakers scheduled media day on Saturday, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak made himself available to the media, fielding questions for 35 minutes at the Lakers facility. A multitude of topics were addressed, with the majority of the minutes being devoted to questions and answers about Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant. We’ve separated his press conference into four parts for your viewing pleasure below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be the first to receive our latest videos.

Mitch Kupchak Press Conference PT. I: Jeanie Buss’ Comments And Upcoming Season

Mitch Kupchak Press Conference Pt. II: Kobe’s Not Going To Play To Lure Players To LA

Mitch Kupchak Pt. III: Not Happy With Kobe’s High Dive Jump

Mitch Kupchak PT. IV: Lakers Next Off-Season, Plus Kobe Unable To Control

  • 3339

    Nash, Kobe, Young, Kaman, Pau, Meeks, Johnson, Farmar, Blake, Hill
    Really not a bad team @ all. Have a lot of work to do if they want to be serious contenders, but these guys can do it. Enough of this underdog bullshit. We are the Lakers. Lets go.

    • STFU3339

      STFU, u been sayin girly stuff bout team hating crybaby.

      • 3339


      • 3339

        I criticize the team b/c I want them to win and you hate
        I say the team is more than capable of winning and you hate
        Have to admit your act is hilarious. You always rip me but never make a point about the team.

      • Daryl Peek

        I disagree with most of what 3339 says about the Lakers, mainly the FO and coaching stuff. Of what he said here? I actually agree. Things can work for this roster if they play together. This season is gonna be very interesting on the court. We just gotta hope the FO goes mute, and lets the coach and players work it all out.

    • nlruizjr

      I hope DJO makes the team, he would be our “Nate Robinson”, he’s really exciting to watch, he can penetrate, score, pass and defend, the problem who would he replace ?

      • 3339

        I agree. I don’t understand why they let him go last season. If he made the squad it would be tough to get min. Would have to beat out meeks or blake