VIDEOS: Lakers Point Guards Are Finally Back At Practice

VIDEOS: Lakers Point Guards Are Finally Back At Practice


The Los Angeles Lakers were back at practice on Thursday after using Wednesday as a day of rehabilitation. The news of the day was that Lakers point guard Steve Nash was finally back on the practice floor after being out since November 10th. Despite participating in the majority of practice, Nash said he will not play tomorrow against the Charlotte Bobcats and is targeting next week for a return. Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar are also participating in full practices but still aren’t ready for game action. Pau Gasol is listed as probable for tomorrow’s game with groin soreness. Jodie Meeks is also probable with a sore foot. Take a look at our practice videos below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel!

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  • Jim213

    IMO, still believe Nash’s issue persist but is trying to limit the uncomfortableness foremost to try to return. Don’t see confidence with regards to returning to full health.

  • Lakerrsssssaredead

    Omg just give Nash his pay and his wheelchair and move on . Nash can’t do anything to keep up with the young PG s of Today’s game speed athletic crossovers defense , what Nash could do is try to walk it up the half court line bearly beating the 8 second found for a bad turnover is done rap it up buddy . Laker fans need to move on kobe is washed up and we all know he cnt do what he use to. d antoni still cnt coach defense . Gasol has been more stiff then ever before slower and super less athletic and he hates playing defense watch him give up on defense he does every game he lets players do what they want to him. Nick young needs to play harder defense and work on his consistency . Sacre just scares me in a bad wAy I don’t even no whAt he does for the team . Jordan hill needs to hit that mid range jumper!!!!!!! Kendal Marshall has to play way better defense !!! Ryan Kelly wow lift more weights and work on that long ball ur 3s are way of bricks or air balls , Meeks really needs to have better dribbles/ball handles to make him a threat , stop running like crazy slow it down and brake some ankles every play u make it seem like its a fast brake , Westly are you scared to go up against the grates every time you choke and dunk more if u have the ability to fly basically I know I would ..and work on your consistency and stay on your guy u always leave some one open .Farmar consistency when passing and confidence when shooting the ball, Blake so far is my favorite player the season despite his injury he gives it all he has on both parts offense and defense . Plz lakers read this.