VIDEO: Steve Nash Talks Stretch Provision In “The Finish Line” Part 2

VIDEO: Steve Nash Talks Stretch Provision In “The Finish Line” Part 2


The first episode of the “The Finish Line” by Bill Simmons’ showed a different side of Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash and his struggle in the twilight of his NBA career.

Nash talked about wanting to get back on the floor and the frustration that comes with watching in the back of Staples Center rather than playing. The first episode gave an inside look at Nash’s battle to fight off Father Time while Lakers fans continue to push for his retirement.

In the second episode, Nash turns 40 and has a throwback performance on his birthday providing hope that he may finally be able to produce like the player of old once again. Unfortunately, it was long before Nash was dealing with the same nerve issues and talk of retirement and the Lakers potentially using the stretch provision on the veteran point guard resurfaced.
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  • John Armstrong

    Where’d he get that grey coat?

  • Jim213

    Tough circumstance for both sides but aside of being a business issue foremost Nash is a good person who IMO will find work easily in the league (team staff?) once his basketball playing career is over. On one side Nash wants to retire under his own conditions while honoring his contract though still loving to play the game and on the other there’s the business aspect that IMO makes it difficult to observe Nash playing a full season given his previous injury which is prone to re-aggravation.

    IMO, Nash is prepared for the worse come off season (stretch provision) but one solution (though unlikely but throwing it out there) is if Nash considered renegotiating his final contract year to possibly take half the $9+ mil while giving him the chance to earn the remainder by reaching certain conditions (ex. playing 45+ games next season) that would allow the business side some leeway towards his contract next season if the same circumstances presents itself next season.(long shot like I’ve said but just throwing it out there).

    But the main issue for many isn’t Nash’s age (mostly) it’s he’s being paid the salary while playing less or more than 10+ games this season. However, recognize that the brand has a bigger issue (injury wise) with KB24 this season but IMO can’t compare a Lakerlifer (who’s helped to bring 5 rings) to someone who’s been here for 2 years or so (no diss, opinion) and hasn’t been able to play solid minutes given the situation while having issues getting back to health, Business is business but though it’d be a long shot (idea) this would give both some leeway though a long shot.

    • Chrmngblly

      They say renegotiating his contract downwards is not an option under the CBA. He has played one too many games to be eligible to do anything other than the 3 year stretch provision he talked about on the video. Some say it is possible to ask for an exception to that, however.

      • Jim213

        Seems unlikely with the CBA so the only shot would be a stretch provision (best business). Looks like he won’t give up too so if they keep him next yr he’ll likely play 20 games or less next season.

        Sad to see a potential player be disregarded for Nash who’d now do best as part of staff. If he wanted to seriously address the issue he should’ve gone under the knife (last yr) while taking this season off and return for his last year though it’d been a shot too.