VIDEO: Stephon Marbury Believes Kobe, Not LeBron, Is NBA’s Best

VIDEO: Stephon Marbury Believes Kobe, Not LeBron, Is NBA’s Best


LeBron James, Kobe Bryant

According to the media, LeBron James has surpassed Kobe Bryant as the best basketball player in the world.

It’s difficult to argue considering James has won two consecutive Most Valuable Player awards and championships. His combined size, power, and speed has never been seen, but Stephon Marbury believes Kobe is still the best player in the NBA.

During Bryant’s stop in China as part of his Lenovo tour, Marbury believes Bryant is the best all-around basketball player:

“I consider him the best basketball player in the NBA. I think LeBron James is a freak of nature. There’s not many guys who can run, jump, and pass the ball the way and how he does. I just think Kobe is the better all-around basketball player.”

It’s surprising considering that many feel that James is actually the best all-around basketball player while Bryant is one of the best scorers in the NBA. There will always be constant debate between Bryant and James, but in terms of who is the best basketball player, Bryant’s skill-set is unmatched.

For Bryant to be considered a top-three player in the league at the age of 34 requires a lot of skills and adjustments throughout his career.  It’s simple to say that James is the better player now considering he’s six years younger and in the prime of his career, but it’ll be more interesting to see if James will be able to sustain his greatness as his athleticism diminishes.

Here’s the video, courtesy of KB824Legend:


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  • Paytc

    Obviously Lebron is still playing catchup to Kobe,Jordan,Magic,Kareem,and other greats so it’s really not even worth the discussion.But we all know how the media thrives and survives off controversy.Sure Lebron is also a superstar,but Kobe has been doing it at the highest level longer.
    I would feel the same way if a rookie came into the league and idiots remark that he is the best player in the league.Lebron is deserving of lots of praise but not at the expense of Kobe.

    • Paytc

      It’s all about respecting the greats who came before you.
      You shouldn’t fear them, but you should respect them.

  • Jim213

    Although LJ is starting to improve his shooting it doesn’t compare to Kobe’s, LJ prefers to drive inside rather than shoot. Thus, Kobe is still #1 during clutch moments given his ability to create opportunities for himself.

  • Clarence Glenn Rosas

    let us see if “the Queen” LBJ can sustain her performance at the age of 34 like Kobe did and look back if she really is better than Kobe. but…i don’t think so. hahahaha

  • ra

    Well, YEAH. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Glad to hear that one of the NBA’s players is saying this. No question that LBJ is a greater athlete (right now, considering Kobe’s Achilles, etc.), but Kobe is ‘much more skilled’.

  • minnaplee

    No one is talking about Lebron’s five minutes of fame…the statement was to the question of who is the best all-around player in the NBA, Kobe Bryant has it without a doubt :)