Video: Rapper Nelly Criticizes Kobe Bryant on ESPN’s First Take

Video: Rapper Nelly Criticizes Kobe Bryant on ESPN’s First Take


Kobe Bryant is regarded as one of, if not the, best player of this generation. The Black Mamba has helped guide the Los Angeles Lakers to five NBA champions and is well respected in the league and around the world.

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However, rapper Nelly has some harsh words for Bryant today on ESPN’s First Take. Nelly is known to be a big basketball fan and he has criticized Bryant often in the past.



Bryant is more motivated than ever to win another ring and after tearing his Achilles heel as the two-time Finals MVP is gearing up for an epic comeback. Kobe is already focused on this upcoming season and Nelly’s criticism will only add more fuel to the fire. Here is the video from First Take.


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  • Islesteelr

    I didn’t know Nelly “Furtado” had such a Strong opinion……

    …… Go back to the Shire ya Hobbit..! I’m sure your Roof needs Mowing!!

  • kobe2yearsleftplz

    Nelly, lol, speaks some truth. On one hand their point per game average will decrease with Kobe still on the team. On the other, they want to be the main superstar on the team. 2 big reasons why Lakers will have trouble signing free agents in 2014, apart from the atrocity the Lakers front office has become.

    • Joseph Apohen

      NBA is a big business. Players are interested only in padding their stats so they can get bigger contracts. No one cares about the team. It’s “What’s in it for Me?” As far as Kobe is concerned he is already earning a lot of money. Notice the word “earning” as he truly earns what he makes. He is highly motivated to get #6 and will do whatever it takes to get that. Kobe injured himself because of his drive to will the team to the playoffs and not to pad his stats.

      • hookedonnews

        The fact is that Kobe Bryant is not going to defer to LeBron like Wade did. It’s not in his DNA. I don’t see LeBron having any interest in coming to LA to play with Kobe. I’m not sure he would come in any case, but the idea that people are clamoring to play with Kobe Bryant (superstars, I mean) is pure fantasy. Yes, young players like Nick Young might want to do that, but not LeBron. He’ll probably stay in Miami or go back to Cleveland. Don’t think he’ll be taking his talents to LA.

        • Joseph Apohen

          LeBron will not leave Miami as Riley will do everything to keep him there. Kobe will not defer to anybody. Why should he?

          • hookedonnews

            Because you can’t win a championship by yourself. If Wade had taken the approach that Kobe took when Steve Nash and Dwight Howard came to LA (“this is MY team”) the Heat would still be looking to win a championship. LeBron can’t win by himself and neither can Kobe. He may win a few games with his heroics, but that can’t be sustained over a season. You’ve got to be willing to sacrifice your game a little and involve other people. He did that with Shaq for a few years until his ego would no longer allow it. What I’m saying is no secret. Everybody knows Kobe is a selfish player. Why would LeBron want to come deal with that? No one questions Kobe’s talent or his desire to win, but teams win championships, not individual players by themselves. Dwight Howard would probably still be in LA if Kobe had done what Wade did in Miami. When I say “defer” to someone else, I mean stop shooting 30 times a game and be willing to share the spotlight with other players who can help you win a championship.

          • Joseph Apohen

            Wade is not the player Kobe is. Michael Jordan used to shoot 30 to 35 times a game and nobody complained about that. Kobe is a differenct player than LeBron is . He was considered the best of his generation but due to advancing in years LeBron got better and is considered the best in the world. Kobe did his best to give the ball to Howard while also sacrificing his point productin without defering to him. Kobe knows how to play the game unfortunately he does not have anybody that can knock down shots unlike Miami. He has shown as a facilatator that he can have an all around game. If the Lakers were fortunate enough to land LeBron, Kobe will not be defering to LebRon as Lebron will be handling the ball more and Kobe will be doing a lot of scoring. Neither superstarrs will be defering to no one.

          • hookedonnews

            Whether Wade is as good a player as Kobe is not the point. Miami was Wade’s team. He was the star there and had won a championship, yet he stepped aside and let LeBron take over because he knew that otherwise it was not going to work. Kobe did not do his best to get the ball to Howard. He shot 65 times more than anyone else in the NBA. When you are shooting 25/30 times a game (and he is never one-on-one), there is no doubt that someone else is open. If you think he will defer to LeBron I will just point you to what he did this year with Steve Nash. He made it impossible for Nash to run the offense by holding the ball and shooting every time he got his hands on it. Then when it was obvious that they couldn’t win that way he took over the facilitating because he could not allow Steve Nash to have control of the ball. All he had to do was to remain in his SG position and shoot when he was open and pass when he wasn’t. That wasn’t good enough because he cannot share the spotlight with someone like Nash. When Nash first came back from the broken leg and was playing so well in the games with the Knicks and GS, Kobe was being asked after games about Nash. He was getting a lot of attention. It wasn’t long after that the 30 shots a game string started, and you know the rest. Kobe wants to win, but only if he’s the focus. That’s the reason he would not defer to LeBron or anyone else. As I said, Kobe could probably have kept Dwight Howard in LA. All he had to do was say the right thing. Instead he said exactly what he knew Howard didn’t want to hear. Plus he said he was probably going to play another 3 years. Howard wasn’t going to put up with that another 3 years. Was that the best thing for the team? He continually puts himself above the team. It’s all about him.

          • Joseph Apohen

            I never said he will defer to LeBron. He will play a different game by allowing LeBron to hold the ball more and set up plays more as basically a point guard the way LeBron played in Miami. He will adjust his game as he will have more respect for LeBron knowing that he is his equal if not more. It is true that basketball is a team sport and shooting 25 to 30 more times will deprive others from getting the share of the shots. However, there was no one with the Lakers that Kobe trusted that could make points. Howard did not have an offensive game. He still does not have one. He was also recovering from a serious injury. Nash was also hobbled and is a few steps behind what he used to be. Kobe won two more championships after Shaq left and no one seem to complain about how he shot so many more times than anyone else as long as the team was winning, pretty much what Jordan did whom Kobe patterned his game. There are many who dislike his game, but I have no problem with that. NBA is an entertainment, and I take it for what it’s worth.

          • hookedonnews

            That is what deferring to LeBron means. I don’t know what makes you think that Kobe will adjust his game in that way. When he was younger he was willing to do that with Shaq, but he came to the point where he was no longer willing to play second fiddle and we all know how that ended. It’s easy to make excuses and say that Nash was hobbled or Howard has no offensive game when the facts say otherwise. Yes, Nash was injured at the end of the season, but he wasn’t when Kobe was throwing up 30 shots a game earlier in the season. Howard has always scored around 20 points a game even though he’s not as skilled in the post as someone like Shaq. You can’t score when you’re not getting the ball. There were some games where Howard didn’t touch the ball in the 4th quarter. Kobe didn’t win a championship after Shaq left until they acquired Pau Gasol. He cannot win by himself. If he could he would have done it. The rest of the team is not happy when he dominates the ball and shoots too much. It may be entertaining to the fans, but it hurts the team. There were a lot of games where the team seemed lethargic and played with no energy. That’s the way teams play when they feel left out of the offense. It affects their play on both ends of the court. Whether Kobe trusts the other players is not the point. If he’s got 3 people draped all over him, someone else is open. They would not be in the NBA if they couldn’t play. He doesn’t want to pass the ball. If you read his comments you know that. Steve Nash is a better shooter than he is. I watched him ignore Nash time and time again when he was wide open. Gasol & Howard are also very capable of scoring if someone will just give them the ball. Kobe’s teammates have complained about not getting the ball, but he doesn’t seem to hear. I have no illusions that he would treat LeBron James any differently than he treated Howard or Nash. As he has said repeatedly, it’s HIS team.

          • Joseph Apohen

            You seem to have every season to dislike Kobe.

          • hookedonnews

            It’s not about liking or disliking him. I respect his talent, his competitiveness, his desire to win, etc. He’s a very exciting player to watch. However, he’s not a good teammate. He’s selfish, and he hurts the team. I want the Lakers to win a championship. In order for that to happen, he’s going to have to be a better team player. If Wade doesn’t play well, the Heat don’t win even though they have LeBron James. One player can’t do it all. Kobe might win one game or two by scoring 48 points against someone like the Hornets, but he’s not going to win a championship playing like he did last season. He had great individual numbers, but it didn’t translate into wins. He is who he is. I don’t think he’s going to change. I would love nothing better than for him to prove me wrong.

          • Joseph Apohen

            Kobe won two more championships after Shaq without a Wade or a Bosh.

          • hookedonnews

            Not without Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. They were as important to Kobe as Wade and Bosh are to LeBron. MWP was also a big part of those championships.

          • Joseph Apohen

            How much did Bynum play? Kobe played the way he played last season and won two championships. Why don’t you just say to get rid of Kobe and we’ll see if we can win a championship or pack the Statple Center.

          • hookedonnews

            I’m not advocating getting rid of Kobe. You seem to believe that he won those championships without any help. I’m just telling you that playing with someone who dominates the ball and finds it difficult to share the spotlight is not going to appeal to someone like LeBron. Kobe is not going to change who he is. The better plan is to get younger players who are really good rather than going after someone like LeBron or Carmelo.

          • Joseph Apohen

            I have always maintained that LeBron will not come to LA not because Kobe willl not share the spotlight. Riley will never let him leave Miami. He’ll pay him 50m/yr to keep him and Miami will not have any more more money to pay anyone else. That’s an exageration, but that’s how much Riley needs him. Melo will not come to LA either because I believe he prefers NY where he starred in college. Besides he is a loser whereever he goes. Both would prefer to have the spotlight on them rather than share it. For someone who is not a team player as you’ve been advocating, Kobe was credited with 6 assists per game. Not bad for a guy who hogs the ball. I believe that is not too far off from the true pgs like Jennings, Wall, or even Parker.

          • hookedonnews

            I agree that it’s likely that LeBron will probably stay in Miami. It won’t be necessary to pay him that kind of money because he has already shown that he’s willing to take less than he’s worth in order to bring in other players. I don’t agree that he’s a player who has to have the spotlight. He’s an unselfish player. I agree with what you said about Melo. The reason that Kobe has had more assists than most SGs is that he has the ball in his hands a lot more than the normal SG, giving him the opportunity for more assists. The reason his assists were up this year was the fact that he took over the point because of his inability to share the stage with Steve Nash (I’ve already addressed this earlier I believe.) It’s not just my opinion that Kobe is a selfish player. It’s well known. No one has ever accused him of being anything else. Steve Nash was the league leader in total assists with a lousy Suns team the year before he came to LA. His assists per game were cut in half this season because he was playing with Kobe Bryant. That’s not the only reason, but it’s the primary one. Kobe was either holding the ball too long (no assists when someone is doing that even if they eventually score) or taking over the facilitating completely. He has to have control of the ball, and that’s not his role. You don’t bring in a Steve Nash to play like Derek Fisher. It’s obvious that the Lakers would be a better team if Kobe would just be the SG he’s supposed to be and let Nash be Nash. The teams that Steve Nash have played on have consistently been among the most efficient offensive teams in the league, and everyone who has played with him has played better when he’s on the floor. He can’t do that, however, when the ball is not in his hands. That’s just one of the problems that result when you have a selfish player. Of course, Kobe is so talented that the team is going to be somewhat successful regardless if everyone is healthy, but they won’t be as good as they could be if he was willing to relinquish some control.

          • Paytc

            Look hookedonnews,
            We all know you have a problem with Kobe Bryant being a dominate player.
            You tend to like less dominate players.More team orienting players.That is fine.Kobe Bryant has been a scorer and dominating player his whole career.He is not going to get totally away from that, and he shouldn’t.He is one of the best scorers in the games history.Would you ask Wilt Chamberline,Jabbar,Malone,or MJ to stop scoring?

            With regards to Kobe not wanting to share the ball with Nash, that is a joke.
            Kobe welcomed Nash with open arms.I’m sure Kobe was consulted before Nash arrived,and stressed he wanted Nash to run the floor.The problem was Nash got off to a challenging start.He had a rough time bringing the ball up court in a Portland game with a young aggressive defender.He ended up getting hurt.Nash was not able to get into the flow because of his health issues and age.Kobe only stepped in to pick up the slack whenever the team needed someone to do so.You gotta know Kobe would prefer to play shooting guard ,as he has his whole career.

            Steve Nash needs to be healthy at his age with his athletic ability.
            Nash played at 80%max when he returned from an early season injury.
            The PG position will expose you if you are not healthy,especially if you are more of a one sided player, as Nash is.You have to be able to slow down or defend on the other end.That takes having the endurance and motor to do so.
            Your boy Steve Nash will most likely be healthy ,and as close to 100% as he can get to start the season.Let’s see how a healthy Nash plays before blaming the best player on the team.The guy who didn’t want to play PG in the first place,but stepped in to help the team.Kobe is a part of the team.He is the main scoring piece,and the guy you need to be in rhythm to knock down game winning shots.He also plays defense on other teams best player when needed among other things.He provides leadership.He was a center piece in every championship his team won.We didn’t say he or anyone else has ever won a championship alone.Kobe is not a role player.He is a star player.If role players play their roles, and lean on star players,and…..(play team defense)teams tend to be successful.

          • hookedonnews

            With all due respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Nash bumped legs with Lillard and broke his leg. I’m not talking about Kobe taking over when Nash was out. That’s perfectly understandable. I’m talking about Kobe taking over after Nash had come back from the broken leg. Kobe did not step in to help the team. If he had wanted to help the team he would have done what he was being asked to do–shot when you’re open and pass when you’re not. He was shooting too much, and they were losing. He took over the point because he has to dominate the ball. Period. To believe that he was helping out Nash or doing it for anyone but himself is to be incredibly naive. Look, I’m not saying that Kobe should stop scoring. That’s just ridiculous. Of course, he’s the star. No one is asking him not to be. I would just like to see him be a little more unselfish. The team will be better. D’Antoni’s offense is never going to work like it should if plays like he did last season. He needs to buy in. Everyone knows that when the 4th quarter comes the ball will be in his hands. I have no problem with that. But he shouldn’t do it the whole game. Steve Nash can only be successful if the rest of the team does what they are supposed to do. There has to be good floor spacing, ball movement, good screens set, etc. One person holding the ball in isolation disrupts that. This team has a lot of potential, but if Kobe is going to continue to go one on three and shoot 25 times a game it’s not going to work. I’m not worried about Steve Nash. I know what he can do. I’m just worried that he won’t be allowed to do it.

          • Paytc

            Just refer to any of my past post.Neither Nash nor D’Antoni know anything about winning an NBA championship.They are Lakers now, so I am wishing them all the best.But I do suggest they both lean on, and consult Kobe regarding what it takes.

          • Joseph Apohen

            Kobe has a high bb iq. Maybe high iq period. Kobe is not just a sg. He is not the type of player to stand around and wait for the ball to come to him. If you remember he is the product of the triangle and in the triangle there is no pg. He might be a selfish player, but he won two championships after Shaq playing the way he does. He is the way he is, and I have no problem with that. Those who advocate team bb are the ones complaining about the way he plays. I think he shares the ball more so than MJ ever did. MJ seemed to want to have everything focused on him like the time that he made fun of Bryon Russel during his hof induction. Kobe is not that way but then than’s another storly.

          • richard

            And who does win a ring solo.. the greats didn’t? Dr. J, couldn’t, MJ couldn’t, Hakeem couldn’t, Kareem couldn’t, Magic couldn’t, Shaw couldn’t.. name me one player who won championships without having somebody HOF caliber player…

            Been reading your posts, and it is screaming “BIAS” all over.. get over it will you!

          • hookedonnews

            That was my point. No one wins a ring on his own. I don’t know what kind of “bias” you think I have. If you think any criticism of Kobe Bryant is bias you don’t know the meaning of the word. Nothing I have said about Kobe is anything that hasn’t been said a thousand times. He has said it himself. He’s a selfish player who has had a problem co-existing or sharing the spotlight with other stars. That’s a fact. Anyone who has watched the Lakers for the last 15 years knows it. Did you not see what happened this season with Howard and Nash? If you read all my comments you saw that I said that Kobe is the best player in the NBA. That doesn’t mean he’s perfect. I can’t change who he is. Only he can do that.

          • richard

            “He’s a selfish player who has had a problem co-existing or sharing the spotlight with other stars.”

            that one I don’t know where you got… it’s pure media driven. No one who is selfish and have a hard time sharing the spotlight wins… He shared the spotlight with ShaQ and was able to win 3 rings… Shaq acknowledge the drive and will of Kobe, but never said it was hard vo-existing with him… Kobe shared the spotlight with team USA and won twice, he co-existed with superstars and in fact was looked up to by others on that team. Where the hell did you got that idea, if not from ESPN.

            what you are referencing is D12, saying it was hard to play with Kobe, and probably right, because Kobe, like MJ demands of his team mates to perform at the highest possible level. Now if that is what you mean by hard to play with, then I am all for it. To be a champion is not for sissy’s, as Larry Bird said in the early eighties in their battle with LAL and MAgic.

            Regarding Nash, did you not read and listen to his comments regarding D12… he knew even during the season that Howard was not in it. That it was hard for team chemistry to grow because Howard refuses to. Not Kobe.

          • hookedonnews

            I know he has a problem sharing the spotlight because I watched the games and paid attention to what was going on this season and because I know his history with Shaq. He and Shaq co-existed until Kobe got tired of playing 2nd fiddle. In the beginning he was willing to defer, but the time came when he wasn’t. Playing in the Olympics with other players is not the same as playing on the same NBA team. Dwight Howard said it was hard to play with Kobe because Kobe was shooting 25/30 times a game for a good part of the season and because Kobe was on his case and trying to get him to be someone he’s not. Howard didn’t want to share the spotlight with Kobe any more than Kobe wanted to share it with him. I’m not sure Kobe wanted him to stay in LA. After he announced that he was going to play another 2-3 years and gave Howard the “sit down and watch and learn from me” speech, I knew there was no way in the world that Howard would stick around. I can’t imagine that Kobe didn’t know how he would react. Then there’s Nash. To make a long story short, Kobe couldn’t defer to Nash. He shot too much and disrupted the offense and then took over the facilitating because they were losing. I suspected before Nash arrived that Kobe would not let Steve Nash take control of the offense. That’s his job–he’s the PG, but PG’s for years on the Lakers have been role players who bring the ball up, give it to Kobe, and go to a spot on the floor and wait to take a few shots during the game. That’s not what Nash was brought in to do. Of course, you’re going to talk about the injuries, etc. and they were a huge factor in what went on this season. But, things would have been no different if Nash had not missed a game this season. He would eventually have been relegated to a spot-up shooter while Kobe dominated the ball. That’s why I say he can’t share the spotlight. When Nash first came back from the broken leg he was playing great and getting a lot of attention. Not long after the 25/30 shots a game from Kobe started, and you know the rest of the story. Yes, Howard was also a problem for Nash, but he was not the only one who refused to accept his role within the offense. Do you really think that Nash would complain about Kobe? That’s not who he is. He recognized that this is Kobe’s team, and he was willing to play whatever role he was given. I’m pretty sure, however, that he didn’t expect to be turned into a spot-up shooter. This year will reveal whether Kobe is willing to be a team player, or whether he’s going to insist on ball domination and taking more shots than anyone else in the NBA. That doesn’t mean he won’t still be the best player on the team and the leading scorer or the one who has the ball in his hand at the end of the game. It just means he will be a team player who will play within an offensive system. The PG is the most important person in the D’Antoni system. No one runs that system better than Steve Nash. Let’s see if Kobe will let that happen. If he does, I will say I was wrong and Kobe is able to share the spotlight. I would love to see that happen, but I’m not counting on it.

          • richard

            wait a minute.. get your facts straight.. Kobe did nto shoot 25/30 shots a game.. in fact his shot counts was lower last season if I am not mistaken.. it is between 18-20 shots… and by the way, you only point our the first half of the season when they were struggling.. didn’t you watch the second half of the season where the last time i look they were winning 4 of every 5 games?

            again, you missed the point.. they couldn’t run the system the way Nash would run it… they bogged down becuase D12 didnt’ want to run it… again you are mis-representing things… you mentioned at first that you know things would eventually happen…

            “He would eventually have been relegated to a spot-up shooter while Kobe dominated the ball.”

            then said, ” Let’s see if Kobe will let that happen”… make up your mind… what we are talking here was in response to you saying that Kobe couldn’t co-exist with D12 and Nash… and yet, Nash and Kobe did co-exist… in fact based on the result of last season, I would say, it was D12 who couldn’t co-exist with Kobe not the other way around.

          • hookedonnews

            Yes, I watched all the games and they played better after Kobe stopped shooting so much. (He took more shots than anyone in the NBA) And yes, Howard was a problem, although he began to cooperate more after the All-Star break which was also a major reason that they began to win games. However, they still were never able to run the offense through Nash like it should have been run, and Kobe was as much a part of the problem as Howard. You say Nash and Kobe co-existed. If you mean that Nash let him take over and played the role he was given, yes. But that’s not what I mean by co-existence. I mean Kobe being the SG and Nash doing what he was brought there to do. When I said “let’s see if Kobe will let that happen” I was talking about next season. Nash wasn’t brought there to be a role player like Derek Fisher. With regard to Kobe and Howard, I will just say that Howard left because of Kobe. Whether that’s better for the team in the long run, I guess time will tell. They really need his defense and rebounding. Look, nothing I’ve said about Kobe is any secret. I don’t have some personal agenda against him. I’m just not blind to who he is. As I also said, he’s the best player in the league, but he’s not the best teammate.

          • Paytc

            If Kobe hadn’t stepped up to carry that no chemistry,no bench production,injury riddled team,with a new coach,and a big cry-baby,etc… they would have been far below a 5oo record basketball team.You and every other Laker fan should be thankful for the effort Kobe provided night after night.Thanks Kobe! Most of the Laker fans appreciate you.

          • hookedonnews

            Injuries were certainly a major problem this season. No one doubts Kobe’s contributions, but you seem to have a blind spot when it comes to him. As I’ve already said, that’s not the whole story. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t understand Kobe’s importance to the Lakers or what a great player he is. But you have to see the other side of the coin as well. (See all my comments above.) And those are the things that would keep someone like LeBron from coming to LA and contributed to the departure of Dwight Howard.

          • Paytc


            It is totally ok to respectfully disagree. :) We both have jobs to do here.

            Your job is to knock Kobe. My job is to defend him.Of course he, nor anyone else is perfect.

            I think Kobe and Lebron have shown…they can and have played well together(U.S.Gold medal).If Lebron choses to stay in Miami etc…

            His decision in “my opinion” will not be because he doesn’t want to play with Kobe.The best usually like to play with the best,unless they have insecurities.

            We are both just expressing our opinions.You have made some very good points with many of your comments in the past.I don’t always agree,but …..

            I do understand.These our just our opinions.

          • hookedonnews

            I agree. There’s no reason we can’t disagree and still be respectful. I realize that Kobe and LeBron have played together on the Olympic team, but that’s totally different than being on the same NBA team. I think we both agree that LeBron will probably stay in Miami. If he leaves I think he’ll go to Cleveland. The best may like to play with the best, but as I’ve said that’s not going to work unless everyone gives a little bit. I just don’t think Kobe is willing to do that, but I guess we’ll find out if some big name decides to go to LA in 2014. I think a big indication will be if Kobe is willing to play within D’Antoni’s system. Both he and Dwight Howard resisted that this season. The new players like Farmar and Kaman have said that they can’t wait to play in the D’Antoni offense. Looking forward to next season to see how it all works out. I guess everyone who comments on these articles has strong opinions. If we all had the same opinion, it would be pretty boring.

          • Paytc

            I agree with that. But I will return to disagreeing with you at a later time :)

          • hookedonnews

            I look forward to it.

          • richard

            Kobe didn’t resisted MDA offense.. he indorsed it… the reason why they didn’t run it was because they didn’t have the personnel to run it due to injuries, and for the lack of training camp, and resistance of D12 to run PNR with Nash… if you have not read or watch the interview… Nash said it himself… they would have been the cellar dweller if they insisted on it.

            you are so wrong in your assessment. you need to open up and see things from a different perspective instead of putting Kobe down all the time…

            Kobe has many failings, as do the greats that came before him.. but don’t go bashing your own player that plays on your team.

            There is a reason why there are a lot of us here that does not agree with you… can you dig it?

          • hookedonnews

            Isolation plays are not a part of the D’Antoni system Taking shots with 2 or 3 players draped all over you is not part of the D’Antoni system. Yes, I read the interview with Nash and realize that Howard was a problem. I knew it before I read the interview. However, the idea that Kobe embraced D’Antoni’s offense is not true. This season was a disaster for many reasons. Injuries were the main problem, but the inability of players to accept their roles (see interview with Mike D’Antoni) made establishing any kind of team chemistry impossible. Translation: Howard & Kobe. Hopefully next season will be different. I understand that some fans don’t want to hear any criticism of Kobe, but I’ve also said a lot of good things about him. I just want him to do what’s best for the team. I want a championship, and he can’t do it alone.

          • richard

            YOu know what, I have no problem with Kobe taking a shot with 2 or 3 guys “drape all over him” as you would put it… it has gotten the lakers 5 rings… in fact if you would allow me, I have a problem with a star player passing on a shot when he should have taken it for fear of missing and taking on the blame, in front of the whole world in a championship game. Or for fear that people might say he is a ballhog. You best player should be able to take that shot no matter how the defense reacts, they should be able to find a way to put that ball in the hole. That’s what you call willing your shot in.

            The reason I am not a fan of LBJ and I am a fan of Kobe. Now, if Lebron can win 3 more rings with him taking the last shot even if the defense is drape all over him.. I might be a fan of his.. but right now, I am a fan of Kobe. And I don’t see Lebron ever going to reach that kind of mindset. During the height of Magic Johnson’s career, he took the last shot every time when the game was on the line. Lebron only takes those shots when they are leading. You can reference the 2012 and 2013 NBA finals for this.

            I would take a Kobe kind of player any day over a Lebron type of player. I think this is where we are different. You are like a Lebron fan to me than a Kobe. And I think this is where a lot of us here disagree with you on many things.

          • hookedonnews

            No, I am not a LeBron James fan. I have no problem with Kobe taking the occasional shot with 2 or 3 guys all over him, but I don’t want him doing that throughout the whole game. If he’s got that kind of coverage, someone else is wide open. That is not a high percentage shot, and the rest of your teammates are not on the court to watch you go one on three all night. I have already said that the ball will be in Kobe’s hands in the 4th quarter when the game is on the line. I have no problem with that. I agree that I would rather see Kobe take the last shot than LeBron. There are times when Kobe needs to take over and try to score. I would just like to see him play within the offense for the majority of the game. They play better as a team when he does that. That’s the point I’m trying to make here. I don’t like the Heat, and I’m never going to be a fan of LeBron James.

          • richard

            Thank you for saying this @paytc:disqus … there are those here who don’t have an idea how to appreciate something. They would prefer rather a somebody who smiles at fans, giggles, and joke around than going all out even on last limb to perform for the love of the game… and for that… I salute the Mamba.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            With both players coming from high school having accomplished so much, much at this stage, I will not put Lebron as comparable, NOT YET.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            Before you start bashing and start trolling like a KOBE hater like the others, get you unbiased facts straight. There are always two sides to the story. You can not just rely on prints and news coming from this “EXPERT” sportswriters and broadcasters who will CHEAT to sell their stories at the expense of the others.

          • hookedonnews

            I’m not getting my opinions from sportswriters and broadcasters, although they’re not blind to what’s going on. I don’t always agree with what they say if my own experience tells me otherwise. I’m basing my opinion on what I have seen happen on the court and what I’ve heard players and coaches say. You don’t have to be a Kobe hater to understand who he is. There’s no reason to pretend he’s someone he’s not. No player is perfect. As I said earlier in this endless string of comments, Kobe himself has admitted to some of this. No one follows the Lakers closer than I do. I think Kobe is an unbelievable player, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see the other side of the coin.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            Good for him, we loved great competitions, much fun that way.

        • Eddie Lazaro

          But Lebron did, forgotten the 2008 Beijing Olympics where him and the others have “No MORE EXCUSES NOW!” (as good as BRONZE prior) and Him, Melo and the others (not DUMB HOWARD) came back better after learning a lot more of hard work, determination and the KILLER INSTINCT they have seen from KOBE, first hand.

          • hookedonnews

            Playing together in the Olympics and leaving Miami to play with Kobe in LA are 2 different things. Of course, everyone admires those things you mentioned about Kobe Bryant. What they don’t admire is his unwillingness to modify his game in any way or share the spotlight with other players in order to make the team better. He wants to be the center of attention. He’s not a good teammate, and no one has ever accused him of being one. That is not just my opinion. It’s the generally accepted opinion of anyone who knows the NBA. He’s a great player, but that doesn’t change who he is. He ran Shaq and Dwight Howard out of town with his attitude. I just don’t think LeBron has any desire to deal with that, and why should he? I’m no big LeBron fan by the way. There are a lot of things to admire about Kobe, but trying to pretend he’s going to let LeBron come in and do what he does in Miami is unrealistic.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            I never mention anything about Lebron joining Kobe in LA. As a matter of fact, I never buy into the idea, but if he will, HE KNOWS he is not the ALPHA and can not get the THROWN while KOBE is still IN THE HELM.
            Regarding Shaq, it was the owners decisions who traded him and got rewarded for doing so. Shaq’s issues are about him coming unfit and (foot)injured comes training camp, not being able to join the team, having his surgeries while the team is building coherence and chemistry.
            Kobe was groomed as a kid, but he was not an ass kisser and never back down from challenges. He made it to the rotation after STUPID Del Harris impede his growth for 2yrs. Replay their games together and you will see how many times Kobe bailed Shaq out, carrying the team on his back at a very young age when the big guy is injured or out(rant about Kobe, check Iverson’s), and for all the things he has done, people, Even Shaq treated him like a second fiddler, giving Shaq the credits and all the merits. When Shaq left, they blamed and cursed him and called him a ball hog, but what else is he got to do when 2/3 of his team are getting the pass but shooting bricks. You can not blame the guy for wanting so bad to get a WIN. Regarding the spotlights, Kobe loves to share it with everyone, but have to earn their way in as he did. In as much as other team mates hates his approach, he still works harder than anyone “Even Now”. Earning everything he got and deservingly so. He will not roll over like Wade did, if Lebron comes to LA, but he better comes with a hammer and nails in his hands, for nothing in LA is for given for FREE. He has to EARN IT! He will not modify his game just because. That comes in at training camp, having coherence while building chemistry. The scrutiny is cut throat in LA. as you can see, and for those thin skinned like d12 and the likes, it will not work out. We want to be pleased with our team and things we buy, and willing to pay to get the best and do what it takes to get the Championships Back to LA, anything less is a lost, and only goes to the BATHROOM.
            By the way, getting his FIVE(5) RINGS in his 14th year only cemented that his ways are a SUCCESS and PROVEN, & never need fixing. The ones who joined are proud owners having STAKES for dinner & the ones who left are Chasers, still eating at Taco bell.

          • hookedonnews

            I don’t think Wade “rolled over.” He was just willing to share the spotlight with LeBron and didn’t engage in a competition over who was going to be the star of the team. He’s gotten 2 more rings because he was willing to do that. Kobe’s unwillingness to modify his game is not a virtue. It’s an impediment, especially in a system where ball movement and floor spacing are so important. Yes, Kobe is going to get his points and will even be able to win games. But he won championships when he had good players on the team that he was willing to share the ball with. He can’t do it all on his own. After Shaq left he didn’t win another championship until they got Gasol. Players were complaining last season because Kobe was holding the ball and shooting too much. Even at the end of the season when they were playing better, Pau was saying that Kobe needed to share the ball more. That’s not the way to build team chemistry. I don’t agree with your take on the Kobe/Shaq situation, but that’s the past. If Kobe refuses to play within D’Antoni’s system next season like he did this season for most of the year the Lakers aren’t going to be as good as they could be. No one is asking him to play second fiddle. He just needs to play within the system and save the heroics for the 4th quarter.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            That’s one thing you’re misinformed. Kobe took MDA and his system with open arms. He played the game that MDA designed. Never complain having Gasol benched, even when Gasol was told to play 4 which was not his comfortable position. He embraces the challenge given to him and he average more assist last year than the last 5yrs he played. BTW, if you compare his assist record with all playing guards in the league, he is above average. He shared the ball with everyone, even when D12 had been shooting brick and loosing ball on post -up plays, not even making the free throws. As always, Kobe will the team to wins, making the playoff, but you and so many others DO NOT SEE THAT, you are so focused on seeing the BAD of him(not sharing). Every one count out the Lakers with all the injuries and MDA replacing Brown, and here you are, not taking into consideration that 2/3 of the reason they made it to the playoffs was him taking over. He does not need to prove anything to anyone, not anymore and still, day in and day out, thru injuries, he worked his ass off & plays harder than anybody.. and now being blamed for it.
            When he was invited to join the “REDEEM” team in Beijing 2008, he showed everyone how to apply Dedication, Intensity, Work Ethics and the KILLER INSTINCT he was famous for. They did not just got the Gold, They all came back with additional knowledge in their arsenal, learning from Kobe, playing side by side, first hand “FOR FREE”, the PRIDE was REGAINED, better that the previous one in 2004 with the players of LEBRON, MELO, DWADE, DUNCAN, etc were PUNKED by lowly regarded Lithuania and Argentina and the best they got is “BRONZE”. Though he’s not perfect and never claimed to be, he still looks to add new things to his arsenal. Going back to last year, his play was by design, (playing point than injury prone NASH) same with the rest of the team, but due to too many factors impeding their cohesion from coaching changes to lack of training camp, to too many injuries, they all buckled, rode his back until his last minute, when his Achilles gave in, Devastation, but still made his free throws to secure the WIN. I do not need to convince you for your mind was made. Also, there is nothing good he can do for you to change that. What I am stating are unbiased facts that at this stage of his career, no one, not even MJ can top that, much less Lebron.

          • hookedonnews

            Yes, Kobe welcomed D’Antoni but he never embraced D’Antoni’s system. Steve Nash has said that they never played D’Antoni’s offense this season. Part of the reason for that was the continuing string of injuries that plagued them all year, but MDA has said that there was a difficulty with players accepting their roles. Although he didn’t name names, he was speaking about Kobe and Howard. D’Antoni’s system relies on ball movement, floor spacing, and pick & rolls run off screens. Someone who holds the ball and wants to post-up constantly or run iso plays disrupts that offense. Gasol was at the 4 because of the arrival of Dwight Howard. It was either play there or back up Howard. As we all saw, Gasol didn’t want to do that. D’Antoni eventually went to a low-post offense once Gasol was healthy. With regard to Kobe’s assists: he had a lot of assists this season because he took over facilitating in the middle of the season. He has always averaged more assists than the average SG because he dominates the ball more than most SGs. Look, I am not saying that everything Kobe does is bad–far from it. I recognize all the good things he did, and I appreciate his work ethic and will to win. His talent is unquestioned. You keep bringing up the Olympics. That is a totally different thing. The Lakers are HIS team, and he has a totally different mindset when it comes to the Olympics. I hope he comes back as good as ever and has a great year. I’m just telling you that if he doesn’t try to play within the system it will hurt the team. He doesn’t have to bear the burden of all the scoring. This is a system built to score a lot of points, but you have to work within it. I hope he will.

      • Paytc

        Joseph Apohen,
        You are so right on all accounts with that post!

      • Eddie Lazaro

        Kobe does not pad stats, he breaks them!

        • Paytc

          Eddie you are right.But I’m sure you realize Joseph Apohen is not saying Kobe pads his stats.He is referring to players who want a big contract.Kobe is being paid at the top of the ladder and rightfully so,as he deserves even more.Based on how much the” Kobe Brand” has boost attendances,tv ratings,merchandise sales,etc… for the likes of the NBA,Lakers franchise,Nike,and all the other sponsors/individuals who have benefited.
          He also goes on to compliment Kobe’s drive for #6 and even more.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            My comment was in additions to what he already mentioned and a clarity to misinformed, Thanks for the input

    • Mickey Mouse

      3 points I heard from Nelly.

      1. Nobody wants to play with Kobe- Kaman, Young, Faarmar, Wes, Meeks, take paycuts to play with Kobe.

      2. Kobe doesn’t make teamates better- Kobe putsShannon Brown, Ariza, Faarmar, Vujacic, Clark, on the radar they become solid NBA players.

      3. Kobe doesn’t want to take a pay cut- He can’t, the New CBA forbids players and teams to renegotiate a contract.

      Guy should stick to making crappy music.

      • Paytc

        Good points!

      • Eddie Lazaro

        I agree with your 3 other than his CRAP, all I know is he can just flush them in the toilet.

  • Laker J

    Wo Nelly! Thanks for adding another log to the competitive fire that burns within the 5 time Champion Kobe Bryant. Now go play under the shadow of Justin Bieber in some charity game.

  • AEG

    I am a training consultant so I stick to training. I suggest Nelly stick to music. He is so far out of his lane it’s ridiculous. He sounds like a complete idiot! Go drop a CD nelly or take some steroids

    • Eddie Lazaro

      There is no music in Crap, he is just smoking so much, forgot to brush his mouth

  • anthony

    what does he know his from St. Louis …..

    • Eddie Lazaro

      He was from Texas, What else is new. Where EGOS with STEROIDS make them GROW BIGGER while their BALLS shrinks like Grapes on the table.

  • John

    lol..seriously, Nelly DOES NOT know how to listen. He has been shouting from the start. It seems he is nervous to accept that most, I say MOST, of his points are to some point stupid.

    Yes he has some good points, but seriously, he does not see it in a basketball point of view. My opinion.

    And him hating Kobe in the past loses his argument’s credibility.

  • fugazi71

    In other news I took a dumb about an hour ago that had more talent than Nelly at anything.


    Who would want to listen to this fool? …Who would even pay this dude the time of day? …Who would put a mic in front of this complete idiot and hear what he has to say? …only another talkin-head full of what he’s full of, would even consider it… (S.A.S.) It takes one to listen to one!

  • joyzzce Lakers

    Nelly if you have no FOUNDATION or Charity work , Just shut the fuck up!

  • Jesus Lopez

    Nelly is a dumb ass crack head! Go to school!!! lol Money doesnt buy intellegence

  • Eric J. Chambers

    I agree with Nelly wholeheartedly. What marquee player wants to come play with Kobe? None. Only minimum wage players. I wouldn’t, and I don’t blame Dwight Howard for leaving. While I love my Lakers, I can hardly wait until they become a team again~perhaps in 5 or 6 years after Kobe is retired.

    For a man to leave $30m on the table, that speaks volumes! Some say he can make it up, but if he’s injured and have to retire, he won’t make it up. People on the outside think playing and working in the Lakers organization is a gravy train with biscuit wheels. It’s not so. I’ve worked for high profile TV companies that I thought was glamorous~until being on the inside and looking out. That’s the same thing I’m sure D12 experienced.

    As much as I dislike the Spurs, I actually enjoyed watching them play “real team” basketball. Passing. Picking. Playing D. The Lakers are all-Kobe all the time. Speaking of time, it’s time to dial 1-800-BOUNCE!

    • klr

      Actually Howard will be making more when you take into account taxes and the fact that Lakers offered a 5 year deal while Houston gave only four. Howard didn’t want to wait his turn/Lakers didn’t want to give Howard all the power. Howard since the one visit to the finals has not proved himself of a championship caliber player, and post interview I don’t think he has the tenacity to will himself into a championship. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you’re coming to a market like Los Angeles or Boston, hell I’ll even add Miami now, we expect you to focus on the getting to the finals and nothing less. He couldn’t handle that pressure and that’s fine too. I was just disappoint for FoH waste all that money on that ridiculous campaign.


      Wow , 5 Championships Who wouldn’t want to play with a winner. The NBA is so soft now, there’s only a few players can play in the 80s and Dwight is not one of them. Kobe will have a Statue out at the Staple Center, That’s says a lot. For you suppose to love the Lakers, and belittle him. Kobe will go down as one of the Greatest, how about Dwight run from pressure and check out his new contract he will opt out in two years. Kobe had 3 Championships at the age of 28 with one team. Not to many stars can say that. We will see in 2014 what star will be the next face of the Lakers. Shaq teamed up with Kobe they won 3. He opted out of his contract. Then he won 2 without a all star. So Nelly stick to rapping and acting, and get facts right. Mr. Chambers I’m a Lakers for Life. Kobe will one or two before Dwight goes to another team because he’s not the face of the franchise.

      • Paytc

        Great points!

    • Jim213

      That’s the type of attention that helps both a low ratings show and a dwindling wannabe rapper. Aside of Kobe, DH wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility of being a Laker. Didn’t have it in the noggin, he couldn’t play alongside of Kobe given his lack of discipline and work ethic.

      There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with being the top NBA organization, like you have mentioned not everyone can handle the pressure working for high profiled businesses. You must have thought that you’d get the red carpet treatment within your type of occupation when it’s really about keeping the BRAND (consistent) at the top. This isn’t being spoiled…

      These so called REAL band wagoners don’t want to give (Kobe) the man… credit for helping to raise the brand to another level and yes I also enjoyed watching the Spurs given their chemistry which definitely lacked with us this past year. A lot of us also know that Kobe plays his best when he scores less than 30 points or so and distributes the ball… but yet you see him as a ball hog when everyone else around him fails to step up and earn their pay. Kobe’s one of the great’s for a reason, consistency and work discipline.

    • John

      So you do not call Pau Gasol a marquee player?

    • Islesteelr

      Dwight leaving is more indicative of HIM wanting to be the man, than this Notion that no one wants to play with Kobe! They are just two different people…. Simple. Dwight wants to be liked , Kobe EARNS respect! The guy who earns respect ALWAYS shoots the Last shot..!! And they guy who wants to be liked, will never understand that!

      ….the first to arrive, and the last to leave…. That’s Kobe.

    • Joseph Apohen

      How many championships did Kobe bring to LA?

    • Eddie Lazaro

      So working for a high profile TV is comparable to playing in the NBA with the same caliber as Kobe Bryant as you are saying the same thing with D12 experienced. WOW, very nice assessments there.
      If I am not mistaken, LAKERS was rebuilt by the great owner Dr Buss moving from Minneapolis to Los Angeles and those players whose names are etched on the record books, though some are not hanging up the rafters. Kobe have done a lot more, more than the majority of those and now that he is Older, Slower with that $30mil on the table, you will throw him under the bus. I hate to say but YOU ARE NOT A LAKER. You are just another Kobe hater. Kobe earned every penny of it. He is still the most watched player in the entire world and that is why it is “SOLD OUT” wherever he plays. he is the money man and that is why “Money KOBE Talks” and “Bullshit Howard Walks”
      Only “CRY BABIES” and “Mentally-ill Equipped” players will not want to learn and play alongside KOBE for they think “They Know Better”. If you remember the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Kobe was invited to join the team because the 2004 team was demolished (roster with stars like Lebron, Melo, Dwade, Duncan, Iverson, etc) by lowly rated Lithuania and Argentina. The best they can do is “BRONZE”.
      Coming back from Beijing with the Gold, these young stars are happy with their REDEMPTION but most of all, most came back with the great understanding about work ethics, dedications, sacrifices and the KILLER INSTINCT they learned first hand, side by side with them in the form of KOBE BRYANT and for FREE. If I was a player who is offered a job to play with the LAKERS, I will take that contract in a heart beat knowing full well that the amount of knowledge I will learn from the LAKERS and THE BLACK MAMBA can be worth more than GOLD. There are ONLY FEW players like him that comes out every so often and learning from them is worth a lot more money than your salary from that high profile job of yours. Regarding Nelly, where have you heard him play ball to make you think his words are relevant at all. Facts are, we have 16Championships at hand, even now, 3 of our starters are Old and Slow, but I will not bet against the Lakers while Kobe is still in the helm, in trying to get the 17th. Of all the players out there, “HE IS STILL” the one player that coaches and players alike scares them the most.


    He made a good point about how any “big time” player that joins the Lakers should expect his numbers to go down, and if the team loses it’s never gonna be Kobe’s fault. Last year, Lakers nation lost the best center in the league (Howard) and the best coach in the league (Phil Jackson). They showed alot of class taking low blows at Dwight, that they would’t have said if he stayed. It’ll be a long time before they return to the finals.

    • klr

      The funny thing is that on a national level Kobe is never blamed, but on a local level we question Kobe all the time. Granted Nelly makes big questions that should be answered, but he forgot, KOBE IS NOT THE MANAGING OFFICE OF THE LAKERS. Kobe stated countless of times that he as well wanted Phil back, FoH wasn’t buying it. They went with MDA and he went with MDA. I get it, Kobe is a hard player to work with, but at a certain point when does it become player responsibility to push back on some of Kobe’s demands? Everyone gives Kobe too much credit off the court.

    • Islesteelr

      Expect Hardin numbers to go down…. And if it don’t , expect Dwight to Cry about it… Funny, we have players who have played with Kobe come back , wanna come back, and get his BACK ! Shaq had beef with Kobe bcuz Kobe couldn’t understand a talent like Shaq would play himself into shape. Now that Shaq is retired, he sees what Kobe was all about now…. And this notion that any marquee player should expect his #’s to go down if they play with Kobe is not some profound statement that we should dissect! It happens all the time! If Kobe played with Magic, Kobe’s #’s would go down… Worthy woulda scored 30 a game elsewhere… And like Dwight, if u don’t like that and want to be the MAN, go find a team to be that! There is a pecking order and torches are passed in LA…. Through MERIT!!

      • Paytc

        Good point ! Kobe understands with greatness comes both love, and hate.
        We would either have to ask Lebron,Durant,Rondo,CP3,or Carmelo if they would want to come play with Kobe.Or wait till 2014 to see.Obviously Carmelo and Kobe are tight so we know he would want to.We know if the commissioner and NBA wasn’t hating CP3 would be playing with Kobe right now.We also can make an easy assumption that Lebron,Durant,and Kobe have mutual respect for one another…so that is very likely a possibility as well.There are only a few greats, and they all respect one another.All the talentless critics out there with hateful opinions, and no game ,need to stick to what they do best.Kobe will go down as one of the all time greats, and hate won’t be able to stop that.Other great players love and respect Kobe.
        Howard is not as good as CP3,Lebron,D.Wade,Durant,Duncan,D.Rose,Rondo,D.Williams,or Kobe etc….Truth of the matter is Howard better pray the NBA puts in the “no hack a Howard” rule.He also needs to stop just living off the natural gift he was blessed with(his 7 foot super athletic body).Put the necessary work in to develop an offensive move or two.Make a better percentage of foul shots.And stop joking around so much.Get the kinda fire and intensity it takes to be a champion.Be the 1st to practice and the last to leave,like all great players do.I question Howard’s work ethics and desire.Kobe did too.Howard knows Kobe is the kind of leader who will demand you to bring a business workman like attitude,and champion desire.That, and following in the footsteps of pastime greats, was just too much stress for a playful lighthearted player like Howard to accept.

    • Jim213

      Disagree, last year’s the team lacked chemistry. We’ll have a better team than last year as long as management can acquire the right pieces to make us competitive and help assure team chemistry. Never wanted DH, and if you think that he’s the best center that just shows that talent lacks today within the position .See you next year, believe that…

    • Eddie Lazaro

      We did not loose the best center, he is no better than Noah or Bynum when the are healthy. Never a fan of him when Orlando, not even when he was here, and a lot less now. He is just another good defensive center, no more. His childish behavior on and of court with Circus in his tow was a liability (+ his free throws) creating disruption. Take your Circus now in his tow, that will be helpful having a lot of space in the desert, for here in LAKERLAND, We CLAMOUR only for CHAMPIOSHIPS as you can see with our Banners, and that’s not taking CRY BABY EXCUSES. by the way, your team does not even qualify to be on the same book as the LAKERS, MUCH LESS ON THE SAME PAGE!

      • Paytc

        I agree.Because for every plus Howard has, he cancels it out with a negative.
        Great defender and rebounder,but no moves on the offensive end of the floor.His attitude and maturity needs checking.His desire,ego, and work ethics need checking.
        Personally, I think a heathy Bynum is a more complete, and better player, than Howard.Better offensive moves,and makes foul shots.Howard may have a slight edge as a defender, but Bynum is a good defender as well.They both could work on a few things,but Bynum has championship rings, so he has stepped up,and knows what it takes.


      Nobody can’t tell Kobe nothing… and they shouldn’t he got 5 rings. He was big enough to get Shaq fired, in his prime. What makes you think he gonna work with D12. So if you a lame, nobody player then go to LA and do what Kobe says, cuz he can teach you how to win a championship. That ish might get ya to the playoffs, but that about it. Somebody just compared Dwight to Bynum… dat dude ain’t even play last year. Another guy said if Kobe played with Magic… Magic is a retired legend. I guess the point your making is exactly what I said, (unless your a retired legend who comes back in his prime) your numbers go down when you go to LA. Kobe won’t take a pay cut, and with the new luxury tax restrictions ya’ll gonna have a hard year. Truth be told, I’m a Kobe fan, just cuz of his work ethic and drive, but that MJ (one-man-show) stuff ain’t gonna get it anymore. You gotta play team ball… and that brings me to my next point.

      And for all you Rocket haters… We were one game from the Western Conference Finals last year, with a brand new team (Harden got here mid-season). We have the youngest overall team in the league. We average the highest PPG in the league last year. We put up 140 on the Warriors, they just started fouling everybody. We just hired Hakeem full-time to work with Dwight and Asik (12 ppg, 11 rpg). We got Kevin Mchale one of the greatest PF/C of all-time as a coach. James Harden, Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parsons… Houston… is a problem. We will make Dwight better, you can teach the game, but you can’t teach height/strength. We will have an incredible season and definetely get to the conference finals… and maybe have a chance to show the Heat what happens when you don’t have a real big man.

      Ya’ll stay strong…

    • Paytc

      Truthfully, it’s a statement that makes very little sense.Having 2 superstars your #’s don’t need to go up.
      It would be obvious if there is more than one superstar player ,and both are healthy.
      A so call “Big time” player’s numbers only need to go up if he is on a team with little help.
      It’s also obvious if the Lakers lose it would never be because of the best player on the team.A player who never takes a play, or a night off.It was not blows that were unnecessary.
      One of the problems with Howard’s game is the media has blown him up as a great player.He is a great defender and rebounder,but far from a great player.Someone needs to be truthful with him.I like both the Rockets and Howard.But this my friend is suppose to be a Laker’s site.Laker fans are not Howard and Rocket fans for the most part.
      If you think your gonna find a bunch of support from fans on this site… your delusional at best.

    • Paytc

      When a team has more than one so call “superstar”, it’s obvious individual numbers may go down.The one superstar now has help.It’s no longer necessary to carry the major load.

      Why would you blame the hardest worker on the team?New coaching philosophy,chemistry,Poor health,poor team defense,and lack of championship desire ,among other things was the blame.Not the best and most consistent player.

      Howard is not the best center in the league.He may be the best defensive center in the league,but has a lot to work on offensively.We would be here all day debating about Phil Jackson so I won’t go there.I will say he is one of the best and perhaps most successful.

      I personally like Howard a little,but I would like to see him improve his game, not keep running from the work it will take to do so. And finally……

      I doubt it will be long before the Lakers return to the finals.
      But I have no doubts, it will be forever, before the Rockets get close to matching the number of Laker NBA championship titles.

  • sophia


  • Sti1lmatic

    ei ei nuh oh

  • Freddy K

    its “thurr” not “there” lmao

  • mike

    When he stated that Kobe didn’t want to play with Phil Jackson, that automatically discredited anything else Nelly had to say because Kobe wanted Phil back just as much as the next person.

  • Johnny

    Hey A rapper I like and totally agree with. And I’m a real Laker fan. L.A. Lakers won all those rings playing as a team. Something Kobe forgot!

    • Eddie Lazaro

      Sure, it just shows how deep you root for the team. Kobe got injured for playing too much trying to will the team to win. He is playing a lot better than younger and quicker marquee players and that’s not good enough for you. I guess you are too blinded listening to the Crap you are listening to to see all of that. Having brought 5Championships is something you forgot same with all those parades in Los Angeles. Just another Bandwagon who jumps in and out of the conversations pretending to root for somebody. You want to be a part of the glory, just another wanna be, but can not take the heat when team is down for re structure. Go take your Nelly with you and be happy bullshiting each other with Craps you both agreed. REAL LAKERS take our cause seriously and that’s Championships!

      • Paytc

        Great point !

  • Daniel

    Isn’t he from St. Louis? Everyone should want to play with 5 time champion, pure shooting, Kobe the Black Mamba Vino Bryant.

    • Daniel

      Kobe was leading the league in points and everyone said pass the ball. He started passing the ball and everyone said he wasn’t shooting. Kobe just can’t win with some people because they are blinded by their hate.

  • Lakers#1

    Why was Nelly on the show? The 3 of them just didn’t want to debate with him anymore after 1 minute of Nelly talking…every super star has to sacrifice scoring in order to win the ultimate goal, a championship! Nelly was just going off on the fact that Kobe has 5 rings and counting and his boy D12 (aka D-0 Rings) will never win a ring!

  • ra

    Wait. Nelly is still around? Forgot about him for a second. Ah, I get it, he needs publicity. So, make a comment about Kobe (well, this is several weeks, maybe several years too late).

    Meanwhile, Kobe is recovering after having been ‘put in too many games for too much time’ by D’Antoni, possibly leading to his injury. Why would D’Antoni have Kobe play as much time as he did, knowing he’s logged in 17 years? Because Kobe is a champion, and knows how to win games. And also, because DH wasn’t “gettin’ it done”.

    If you want to ‘play with Kobe’, better step up your game when you get a chance. DH had 4 chances post-season to step up.

    • Paytc

      Great points.Both Gasol and Howard need to share in the blame with D’Antoni for Kobe’s injury.Actually, I don’t blame D’antoni for playing the teams best player a lot down the stretch.You can’t win a championship if you don’t make the playoffs.Playoffs are the 1st step.
      If Howard and Gasol(both so call superstars)would have stepped up sooner… the Lakers would have locked down a playoff spot long before being backed up facing elimination.

      • Paytc

        Of course health may or may not have been a factor.I am only an outsider looking in.
        Howard and Gasol both know whether they came to play and gave it their all?
        Plus an injury can happen at any time to anyone.Young and older players can get injured.Of course putting a lot of effort and demand can increase the likelihood.

  • Steel Bill Moreland


  • Truthful_Faithful

    Isn’t Nelly the kid who use to put band aids on his face, and worked for Chingy ?

  • jwickabdurrahim

    Why was he on First Take?

  • Mambaforever714

    Nelly is wack anyways cali dont listen to crap. We LOVE KOBE. One of the greatest. Why is nelly even famous. He just hating cus people dont want him like they want the mamba. Go back to st louis please . Kobe #1!

  • kakapopo

    LOL, Nelly making Skipp and Stephen A. look like good analyst.

  • Steve Martinez

    I just saw the video on Nelly, first of all he doesn’t know a thing about the ownership of the Lakers. Why is he blaming Kobe? He said why doesn’t anybody want to play with Kobe? Well, there were three free agents that sign with the Lakers dumn ass! And they did take a pay cut to play with Kobe. and to Stephen A. Smith, this is the first time I think you were scared to back up your play. I’ve seen Stephen A. Smith rip other people an new asshole on a subject less warrant to basketball. Stephen, thanks for at least trying to back up the Lakers. oh ya, who is that thug Nelly? Sounds like jelly or belly or a stupid ass Kelly…!!!

  • Rynell Lone

    Hey Nelly go root 4 the St. louis Tricks, Trick

  • Joy Dionisio Jr.

    say what u want nelly. but im pretty damn sure that you wouldn’t want kobe to take the last shot against your team to win the game. no debate there!

  • Rob

    you criticized Kobe? BTW who is this guy? This people keep on underating and criticizing Kobe and the Lakers, cant wait to see their faces when TheBLACK MAMBA prove them their wrong. This makes this 13-14 season so exciting.

  • Super Girl

    Is this no name rapper a CLIPPER FAN!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

  • angelomixla

    Kobe is spoiled , and anything he does seams to be swept under the rug , in the 2 championships he won without shaq who was the person who sealed those victories …….. his teammates , fisher and trevor ariza in orlando , and metta in the boston series , this man is no leader , he’s just a glory seeker , he will never be Jordan , he will never be the best ……..

  • djc5ICK

    I don’t remember Nelly Furtado ever making a rap song. She looks different too.

  • lakers””

    when kobe went down with his injury d12 had every opportunity to show what he was made of and that was nothing…he played worse and got himself ejected because he couldnt handle the pressure while kobe passed him in the tunnel to support his teamates…howard n nelly..two sorry ass jokes….lakers are acutally better now the big crybaby is gone,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Sir Lawrence

    First of Nelly I give you credit for having your opinion on the Mamba not wanting to relinquish the throne, but don’t tell me that Kobe should kiss a.. for player to come play with him in LA. Kobe respects players that man up and gets in his face. By you saying that no one wants to play with Kobe shows their weakness in not wanting to win as badly as he does. If for example D12 got in the Gym and worked on his weaknesses as Kobe has done since year one in this league and he continues to do, then Dwight would have a leg to stand on. For him to say that he wanted mgmt. to faze Kobe out when Kobe is still one of the best in this present day shows just how insecure Dwight is.

  • Matt Williams

    Nelly looked like he was tweaking on that show. The shit he was talking about was utter ridiculous.

  • RLB

    Oh shut up Nelly! You kindergarten rapper! You don’t know nothing about no basketball or the Lakers.. Go an try to make another hit so it’ll go copper…

  • john

    FUCK THIS NELLY!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Sgv Bullys

    Wow! There some writers in here