VIDEO: Rapper Ice Cube Wants Byron Scott As Lakers New Head Coach Reviewed by Momizat on . Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. The Los Angeles Lakers will take their time in finding the next head coach of the team after the last two t Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. The Los Angeles Lakers will take their time in finding the next head coach of the team after the last two t Rating: 0
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VIDEO: Rapper Ice Cube Wants Byron Scott As Lakers New Head Coach

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The Los Angeles Lakers will take their time in finding the next head coach of the team after the last two turned out to be massive disappointments.

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As of right now, many believe that Byron Scott may be the right man for the job as the new leader on the sidelines, but it remains to be seen if the team is sold on hiring the former Coach of the Year. Scott has expressed interest for quite some time and is a legitimate candidate along with a long list of other coaches currently looking for work in the NBA.

Rapper Ice Cube was recently spotted at LAX by TMZ and was asked about the Lakers coaching search. Cube has been an avid Lakers fan for years and never seems to have a problem expressing his opinion on what direction the team should go in with players and coaches.

This time around, Cube didn’t hesitate to say that Scott should be the next head coach of the Lakers. Along with believing Scott is the right coach for this team because he’s a “Real Laker,” Cube also chimed in on Phil Jackson.

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Cube believes that Jackson isn’t happy in New York and the 11-time NBA champion regrets the decision to take over the Knicks. Although Jackson did inherit a team that might be more of a mess than the Lakers currently, it would be safe to say that he’s got 60 million reason to be happy with his current situation regardless of the state of the Knicks.
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  • ra

    Cool. And Ice can be an assistant coach. Or, team defense regulator.

    • ra

      sorry, I meant Warren G. as the Regulator.

  • purplerain53

    Who cares what Ice Cube says or wants.
    The new Lakers coach should be Lionel Hollins. B.Scott can be an assistant, alone with Luke Walton, Nate McMilan and Quin Snyder. That is a winning combination. If D.Fisher decides to put an end on his long career, then he can join Scott as an assistant.

    • They call me Pringles

      Damn that’s a lot of assistants! But yeah, Hollins would be nice.

    • derekislegend

      Not really understanding the want for Lionel Hollins…

      • LakerForLife

        That’s what I’m sayin. The team needs someone who has already been tied to the Lakers and to Kobe to get the most production in the next 2 years so we can get that 6th ring for him. I see a perfect combo is Byron as head coach and Fish as lead assistant, possibly head coach later. It would be a Laker reunion. And they proved they could win together. Plus it could lure Kylie Irving, the next great point guard with a good coach.

        • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

          Why does he have to have ties to the Lakers? I don’t understand the love for this “family” vibe, when that person might not be the best candidate.

        • borsalino12

          There is no way, we can get a ring in the next 2 years. No way. Remember that.

        • Young Franklin

          But Phil Jackson wasn’t tied to the Lakers when he first got the HC job it’s not about being tied to the franchise it’s about having the the right players for the right system, defense and commitment.

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        Memphis was a team with no real superstar, a bunch of solid, but not amazing role players and turned them into a WCF contender. In four consecutive years he improved their defense, finally climbing to #2 in the league. He coached Marc Gasol to a DPOY award. The Grizzlies never were willing to spend the kind of money you’ll see the Lakers dish out, nor is Memphis the FA attraction LA is.

        His offense isn’t anything special, but he has show an extreme willingness to slow the ball down and cater to the talent he has available. Also has a love for big men. He’s basically everything our last coach isn’t, and seems like a great fit for an aging Kobe Bryant.

        By all reports, he’s a hard nosed man who is loved and respected by his former players. He’s a man that could come in and earn the respect of Kobe Bryant, as well as Laker fans everywhere.

    • nlruizjr

      Hollins accomplishments are nowhere near BScott’s !!!!! Plus he’s older than Scott !!!!!

      • borsalino12

        Their Resumes are very similar. Byron took his Nets team twice to the NBA finals and lost to the Lakers and Spurs. Then, he has very unimpressive stints with the Hornets and the Cavaliers.He was fired in 2013 from Cleveland.
        Lionel Hollins was never fired as a head coach.After the end of the 2013 season, they just decided to not renew his contract and he left.His Memphis team earned the 8-th seed in the playoffs in 2011 and defeated the number-one seed San Antonio Spurs, before losing to the OKC in 7 games in the West. Conf. semifinals.In 2012-13 season, Hollins took his Grizzlies team to the West. Conf. Finals, where they lost to the Spurs.But to take your team to the WC Finals is bigger accomplishment then taking a Eastern team to the finals. That is my opinion.

        • CCX

          B Scott is the best choice even over Lionel Hollins, he’s a proven, solid coach. The Lakers should kick this rebuild off the right way and no better way to do it than by hiring Baby B!

          • borsalino12

            My choices are as follow: L.Hollins, E.Messina, B.Scott

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        See my comment right above yours. That will explain why Hollins is a great candidate.

    • Breal

      you must care because you took the time to read it!!!! And Cube has a right to his opinion just like you are on this blog sharing yours like we supposed to care!!!!

    • Linomart

      Fisher should be there as assistant coach of Scott.

  • James Hunter

    why not hire b scott put Luke Walton and Dfish bring in nate micmillian to coach defense and get back chuck person get rid of rambis and keep johnny davis.

  • James Hunter

    Then everyone is happy Because its a familiar coaching staff and K Love would come to la with Rambis gone and Kyrie Irving come to La because of B Scott.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    I’m on the Hollins bandwagon. Seeing what he did with that Memphis squad has me sold. Byron is a good coach, but the Nets didn’t exactly have a tough road in the east. He had one good season, one decent season, and two sub .500 seasons in New Orleans. He took over the Cavs at a horrible time, but only managed to go from 19 wins to 24 wins in 3 seasons as coach. Hollins was able to improve his win % each season, and the defensive rankings skyrocketed with him at the helm.

  • borsalino12

    As Phil Jackson will always say, the defense wins the titles. And out of all of the names mentioned, there is no one better than L.Hollins in that regard.
    Having all of the Lakers guys in our coaching staff (B.Scott, L.Walton, D.Fisher …e.t.c.) will not make any sense. None of them is able to build a program here and bring this team to the throne. So, being a former Lakers does not means anything.

  • MartyCalderon

    Lionel Hollins is alright, but Byron Scott was a Laker as a player and it’s time to bring it full circle. He was brought in during Kobe’s rookie year to add veterian leadership to a very young Laker squad and it I would love to see him coach out Kobe’s final years as a player. Also, he could redeem himself after a bad two years in Cleveland.

    • borsalino12

      There is no such a thing as “full circle”. You hire a coach, who can guarantee you success for the future, a coach, who can build a program and work with it as Lionel Hollins did in Memphis. He took 8-th seeded Grizzlies team to the semifinals in 2011-12 and defeated the number one seed San Antonio. The next season, he too them to the West. Conf. Finals.So, that kind of coach we need. To build a program and change the culture of this failing organization.

  • gurinder

    Lakers should not sign him… He runs the Princeton offense and we all know how that worked out for us. Also, Lionel Hollins is a better defensive coach and can take advantage of Kobe and Gasol in the post.

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