VIDEO: Phil Jackson Says Michael Jordan Would Beat Kobe One-On-One

VIDEO: Phil Jackson Says Michael Jordan Would Beat Kobe One-On-One


Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

As the one man that has coached both Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan to multiple NBA titles, former Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers head coach, Phil Jackson, knows these two legends better than anyone else.

With Jordan being considered arguably the greatest basketball player of all-time and Bryant being the closest comparison to the six-time NBA champion in terms of skill set, the debate rages on about which player would win in a one-on-one showdown.

Jackson was asked the question about which player would come out on top in a head-to-head matchup while being interviewed by Gary Payton and Charissa Thompson of Fox Sports One. Jackson chose to go with Jordan over Bryant.

Jackson chose a physical trait, the enormous size of Jordan’s hands, as giving him the edge over Bryant. Jackson explained that the glove-like hands gave him more control in terms of handling the basketball.

Along with Jackson going with Jordan over Bryant, the Lakers and Bulls legend also chimed in on a few other epic one-on-one scenarios.

Jackson took Larry Bird over Magic Johnson, which is bound to make more than a few Lakers fans upset, but also went with Shaquille O’Neal over Dwight Howard without question.

The coaching legend was also asked about a match-up between Metta World Peace and Dennis Rodman. Jackson believes that WWE-like showdown would definitely be more of a wrestling match rather than a traditional one-on-one matchup.

In a separate interview with Fox Sports, Jackson let it be known once again that he’s got no intention to returning to coaching in the NBA.

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  • lakerfan0

    Them hands doe!

  • kobe8cy

    Kobe didn’t need big hands to score 81 points

    • kobe8cyisanidiot

      You’re right, he needed a weak defense like Toronto to score 81. Another idiot Laker fan that lives in the past.

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        Why do you feel the need to troll and send personal attacks on a forum board? 81 Points is an incredible feat against ANY NBA team.

      • Lethal Dose

        Aye bro an NBA team is a NBA team … there supposed to be professionals so GIVE HIM HIS CREDIT #KOBE ALL DAY

      • seanjan

        81 points against any nba team defence is huge, i dont know wtf ur tlkn about

      • Glen Wilburn

        ain’t that what they were talking about a past person cause Jordan not playing right now…..and have you seen anybody else score 81 points on that weak defense

      • Eddie Lazaro

        You are just another asshole trolling here, Motherfucker!

      • kobe8cy

        you make me laugh . thanks

      • kobe8cy

        you just make my day. Thank you for make me laughing

      • D

        this entire discussion is about the past………….ass

    • buzz

      81 points means incredible ball hogger. why give credit to someone who does not trust his teammates? it is not all kobe’s fault though. why the coach would allow it to continue ?

      • Eddie Lazaro

        sure for a dumb stupid who know nothing about the game. Stars can’t even score 25pts on a regular basis dumb-ass.

  • Chaz Lesniewicz

    If they played today Jordan would win in a landslide… Kobe is not able to use his crutches..

  • jrj

    Magic Johnson is the best player ever for he’s the only one who could play all five positions…