VIDEO: Pau Gasol Responds To Lakers Trade Rumors, ‘It Would Be Tough’

VIDEO: Pau Gasol Responds To Lakers Trade Rumors, ‘It Would Be Tough’


Lakers big man Pau Gasol is once again at the center of attention in the rumor mill, especially with the NBA’s trade deadline fast approaching on February 20th. At Lakers practice on Tuesday, Gasol said he understands the possibility that he may get traded in the next couple of days, but also mentioned it would be tough for him to deal with.

“Might happen, who knows?” Pau Gasol responded to questions at the Lakers practice facility Tuesday about being traded. “If it ever happened, it would be tough.”

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Gasol also admitted that should February 20th pass with him still a Laker, he will be looking forward to being in charge of his destiny in free agency. Though Gasol has recently voiced his desire to stay a Laker, he’ll be looking forward to the day where his future is somewhat in his own hands. The latest rumors pin the Phoenix Suns as the most likely destination spot for Gasol, but for now, it’s all talk. To keep up to date with the latest in Lakers trade rumors, click here for our 2014 Lakers trade rumors tracker.

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers FO seem hellbent on trading Pau Gasol,something is going down IMO.

    • Jim213

      Dwight Howard: On tomorrows game

      “I’m going to get a lot of boos. I know I’m going to hear it the whole game — ‘Coward,’ whatever. There’s not anything I can do about it. Just go out there and play. Thank God, this year I’ve been through it a lot in every city. There’s Lakers fans everywhere. So I think I’m a little bit prepared for it.”

      • Jim213

  • ranfan

    wow he looks different. can’t figure out what it is lol though. looks clean

  • ra

    Surely Pau knows aspects of what might happen. If they’re really trying to get ‘rid’ of Pau before the deadline, the only trade that makes sense is with Minnesota for Kevin Love.

    If Pau is still interested in playing for the Lakers after this season, surely he knows that a max contract might not be possible. So, he would really only have about 2 months left with the Lakers.

    A trade would be tough for Pau at this point, no doubt. And it seems like the Lakers would not necessarily be hell bent on keeping Kobe ‘happy’ by keeping Pau.

    If the Lakers are seriously considering trading Pau for some ‘assets’, I’m not sure I trust the FO to make good decisions now. The decisions over the last year have led to a somewhat capable team, but not a championship team (notice I didn’t say a ‘bad’ team, although many can argue that). Who on earth could the Lakers get for Pau, that would justify a trade, and not lead to just a whole lot of ‘nothing’? Answer: Nobody (except for Kevin Love).

    • Jim213

      Agree, FO doesn’t give the masses a lot of confidence in their decision making. But I’d still trade Pau for a first rounder (more assets) to have more pull down the line.

      Pau may not return while demanding more salary which given his play isn’t justified. Best to focus on the future b/c Kobe has 2 years remaining so acquire youth who can learn from his knowledge/experience before he retires.

  • Jim213

    Mike Trudell

    “Nick Young (knee) out for Wednesday. Steve Nash also did not practice and is doubtful tomorrow.”

  • Jim213

    Per Steve Kyler: “Whats Jordan Hill worth to the Nets? —> second round pick and a traded player exception from what I hear.”

    Doubtful, but Shaun Livingston and a second rounder would be nice.