VIDEO: Pau Gasol Receives Standing Ovation In Final Lakers Home Game

VIDEO: Pau Gasol Receives Standing Ovation In Final Lakers Home Game


In the Los Angeles Lakers final home game of the 2013-14 NBA season Sunday night, a recovering Pau Gasol (vertigo) sat on the bench cheering on his teammates in what could have very well been his last game as a Laker at Staples Center.

Of the six injured players (Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Chris Kaman, Kent Bazemore, Xavier Henry), Gasol was the only one who made it out to the Lakers bench Sunday night in their loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. Even Bryant, who was scheduled to make a pre-game speech for Fan Appreciation Night, backed out with a migraine headache.

Gasol stuck it out to the very end. He was the last Laker off the court, stopping to sign autographs with nearly every fan that approached him.

During the fourth quarter, with a few minutes remaining, Gasol received a well-deserved standing ovation from fans as he was pictured on the jumbotron, waving, smiling and giving fans a thumbs up. It was a small token of appreciation for the greatness Gasol has brought to this city, in such a humble, genuine way.

Thank you, Pau Gasol for all the memories and two back-to-back championships that would not have been possible without you.
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  • Eazy

    I really believe this guy has at least another 3-4 year contract left in him if he is played at his Natural position which is center. Yes he can play conventional power forward, but he is most effective under the rim.

    • Chad

      He’s not very effective under the rim defensively. It’s basically “come one come all” and “ole defense” when he’s down there. Offensively, there have been plenty of games wherein he doesn’t even want to post up or go to the rim, especially when the other team is really playing physical and tough.

      • Eazy

        Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree buddy. What you should be thinking about is, who would we get to replace him before hanging him out to dry.

    • Gregory Choa

      I was at the game last night and it was bittersweet seeing Pau in his civvies, possibly for the last time, on the Lakers bench. Personally, I’d like to see him come back for another 2-3 seasons but not as the team’s center and not if D’Antoni is retained. If the Lakers were to somehow land a rim protecting defensive oriented center either in the draft, or through free agency, then I could see Pau helping the Lakers and vice-versa.

      There is NO way Pau can or should be the Lakers starting center of record, especially if MDA comes back to coach and “run his system” next season.

  • Lakers4Life

    Don’t worry, Pau has a good chance to remain a Laker since we can finally get rid of that Dumbtoni pringle man! Good riddance!

  • TheMonitor

    The Lakers are 11th in the league in scoring at 102.8 per game ahead of Miami and Toronto – 2 teams heading to the playoffs. They are second to last in opponent points allowed, just ahead of the Sixers who are working hard to not win games. The Lakers are not a bad team, they just happen to have one of the worst coaches in the NBA!!