VIDEO: Pau Gasol, ‘I’m Frustrated Right Now, Almost Every Game’ Reviewed by Momizat on . http://youtu.be/34fe8Lt2tLs The Los Angeles Lakers lost their fifth straight game, are tied for last in the Western Conference, and dropped their record to 16-3 http://youtu.be/34fe8Lt2tLs The Los Angeles Lakers lost their fifth straight game, are tied for last in the Western Conference, and dropped their record to 16-3 Rating: 0
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VIDEO: Pau Gasol, ‘I’m Frustrated Right Now, Almost Every Game’

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The Los Angeles Lakers lost their fifth straight game, are tied for last in the Western Conference, and dropped their record to 16-30 after a loss to the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night. The Lakers weren’t expected to win a game against the team with the best record in the NBA, but another loss was bound to keep the frustrations flowing.

When Pau Gasol called out his team after losing to the Orlando Magic during the Grammy trip, teammate Kobe Bryant credited him for caring, though referring to it a “tantrum.” After the Lakers extended their losing streak to five games Tuesday night, Pau Gasol addressed those frustrations once again.

“I’m frustrated right now, almost every game, especially when we don’t win, when we get in these losing streaks,” Gasol told Lakers Nation Tuesday night. “I’m more frustrated when we lose games that… we can win, that are winnable games.

“Indiana, best record in the league, you might, it’s not that you expect to lose but you can lose this game. Orlando, I’m really upset that we lost that game. New York, another game that I think we could have won. I just believe we have to have a little more confidence and determination on games that we can and should win.”

Gasol recorded his fifth consecutive game with 20+ points and 10+ assists against the Indiana Pacers Tuesday night. It was his 10th in his last 14 games, but it still wasn’t enough to get the Lakers over the hump. Another All-Star caliber performance, and yet Gasol finds himself in an unfamiliar territory, a virtual tie for last place in the Western Conference.


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  • Gauche

    Remove you blinders Pau, then maybe you will realize what many fans see. The team sucks and will suck for a few years as they rebuild. I guess Pau (and MANY Laker fans judging by their comments on talk radio and sites like this) still has blinders on and has grand illusions that just a little tweaking here and there and this team is championship caliber.

  • Lakers Fan

    It’s amazing how Pau all of a sudden cares about playing when he knows there is a chance he can be traded or not resigned. Where was this Pau at the beginning of the season when we needed him to be our star player/leader? Now that the season is over, he wants the team to play with urgency. His defense hasnt helped at all, so he needs to take a long look at himself first before he blames the team as a whole. We are losing because he can’t keep anybody from scoring around the rim and he gets bullied way too much in the paint. That also leads to getting out rebounded every game. So I hope he is more upset with himself than the team as a whole.

    • Gavin

      You damn took the words right out of my mouth. Pau gets such a pass from many Laker fans it’s ridiculous. They all hang their hat on “Well he gives us 25 & 12 a game” and completely glosses over the other side of the ball wherein he gives up just as much if not more. Let’s go back to earlier in the season before all the injuries occurred. They were 10-9 having won 6 of 8 and 3 straight on the road. The team was primarily running MDA’s offense and what did we see? The team actually resembled a Team. They were competitive and guys like Henry, Farmar, Young, Wes, Blake, and others were actually getting theirs and contributing. The what happens? Pau opens his piehole and cries like a girl over his touches in the post yada yada (not acknowledging the face that he DOES get it down low and is not doing anything with it). All the fool cared about are his touches and his stats and no mention of how the rest of the team is stepping up and all that. Now that he’s playing well and the rest is struggling, he calls them out? Even funnier is, he calls them out on their lack of focus on Defense? The other guys on the locker room must have had a classic “Look who’s F’n talking” when Pau was throwing his hissy fit.

      • Lakers Fan

        Well said my friend, well said.

    • BlackJack Charles

      Well aren’t you just the typical, front-running Laker fan? So now Pau is the bad guy? Typical…

  • Daryl Peek

    Bulls game. Where was all of this passion when Noah was forcing you into consecutive turnovers in the post while he had 5 fouls? I can dig your vocal leadership on this raggedy roster but you need to back it up on the floor in crunch time Pau! Your great stats mean nothing if you fade into the crowd in crunch time.

  • Daspin

    Pau’s frustrated?

  • Laker forever

    Sorry Pau, everyone knows that with this coach is impossible to win a single game, and less to bring a superstar to The team, we are just waiting for Buss JR. And MItch, no defense no wins. D’antoni is a high school coach

  • Guru

    Bunch of morons posting this thread

    • Terrence

      Nope, just people that have that rare ability to see more than 5ft in front of their noses, and not a bunch of myopic delusional fans that have their heads high up Pau’s you know what.

  • quickster

    Let’s face it, the Lakers are flat out unwatchable. Time Warner Cable management should tell Jim Buss if the Lakers doesn’t make the playoff every year they might have to renegotiate their contract. At the end of the season, the Lakers need a new head coach. Don’t resign Pau and Nash and that’s 19 millions and 9 millions off the books. Go after Kevin Love to play the power forward position. Pay him around 17 millions a season. Go after Klay Thompson to play the shooting guard and pay him 6 millions a season. In 2016, when Kobe leaves, that’s 24 millions off the books, the Lakers can offer Kevin Durant 20 millions and his only making 18 millions with the Thunders. The Lakers the way they are playing they should get a high draft choice. They should go after Joel Embiid to play center. The Lakers can go after a point guard with the remaining money left and that’s 9 millions bucks. The most important thing hire a new coach. I’d say Kurt Rambis and emphasized defense. It can’t get any worse. The Lakers start looking like the Clippers of old.

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    I still put the blame on D’Antoni,he does not teach defense.Also he beleaves in small ball.With out big men and defense they might as well stay in the locker room.Small ball is cool if you have a lot of small fast,good outside shooters.But a bunch of players 6’0″-6’5″/ 30-35 years old.come on,anybody can see that ain’t gonna win games.All they can do is shoot 3s.They Don’t get to the paint.You got a bunch of little bitty guys shooting from down town,But there is not a Laker in the paint to get the rebound.But that STUPID JIM BUSS thinks D’Antoni is the best thing since sliced bread.Get rid of D’Antoni and get a coach that teaches defense,get a couple of big power forwards.Guards we got.They want to trade Gasol,that is the stupidest thing I EVER HEARD.FIRE D’ANTONI.

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