Video: Pau Gasol Happy to Stay With Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . The NBA trade deadline has passed and the Los Angeles Lakers made a couple trades which shocked its fan base. Derek Fisher was traded to the Houston Rockets fol The NBA trade deadline has passed and the Los Angeles Lakers made a couple trades which shocked its fan base. Derek Fisher was traded to the Houston Rockets fol Rating:
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Video: Pau Gasol Happy to Stay With Lakers

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The NBA trade deadline has passed and the Los Angeles Lakers made a couple trades which shocked its fan base. Derek Fisher was traded to the Houston Rockets following five titles with the team and before that, the Lakers acquired Ramon Sessions from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, despite the early trade rumors, the Lakers decided to keep Pau Gasol. Gasol was initially traded to the Rockets as part of the Chris Paul deal, but that trade was vetoed and he remained with the Lakers.

Ever since then, Gasol’s future with the team was in limbo and he did not know when he would wear his Lakers jersey for the final time. Luckily for the Spaniard, the Lakers did not trade him before the deadline and chose to go into the post-season with him and Kobe Bryant.

Shortly after the 12 p.m. deadline passed, Gasol released a video and wanted to express his relief of not being traded. Let’s hope Gasol continues to get better and gives the front-office a reason to make him a long-term option.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001366824798 Misael Flamenco

     now that hes still with the Lakers, i hope he finds it in his heart to bring his best and win another championship !

  • TikiRob

    He is an awesome person,no go out and kick some ass……

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neroz-Mukherjee/100000250818286 Neroz Mukherjee

    do your best gasol…
    championship plz

  • Betto

    Pau, all we need from you is play hard and please, DUNK THE BASKET when your 2 feet from it.   I like Pau’s way on behaving while there was the trade talk on his ears all this time, now the big sigh is done and let’s play Basketball!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Allen/1442196873 Mike Allen

    Go lakers!

  • lakergrl247

    Very sad to see Fisher go, but very happy for you, Pau!   GO LAKERS!!!

  • marco rico

    My man Pau i’m glad they wasn’t  fools and traded him!

  • http://twitter.com/DeLanoCorleone Buddy Love

    He is gone next season for a 2 players and a pick…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1818447977 Alvin Manganti

    Pau is so humble inside and out of the court thats why i’m a huge fan. Lakers won’t be that much w/o you thx man.

  • Joycelynjessie

     boom boom pau cant believe he dodged the bullet and fish took it.

  • Reymanansala

    I’m so happy Lakers didnt trade Pau!!!  :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000435754184 Jose Veras

    humble man… im glad he still in PURPLE AND GOLD

  • Arjaytangcoy

    you still bleed purple and gold PAU. Lets get another ring

  • Jeshegabmigs

    PAU remains as a LAKERS…. Be best that you can be… 

  • Dmplaura

    Te Amamos, Pau!!

  • Jrrivera1975

    Who would thought any laker player will show alot of gratitude n pride for staying purple n gold n posting a video to da lakersnation his emotioto go to war n win another title fo the lakers….. ARRIBA VALE!!!!!!:)jrrivera1975@gmail.com

  • Rgomez3

    yeah gasol be strong love ya gatta be stronger in post gluck we love ya

  • Peanutf7

    He is so awesome and a magnificent player as, well as still humble!! So glad Pau is here to stay!! We will miss Derrick Fisher. That was a shock to me. That unfortunately is the ugly side of the business. #GO LAKERS!

  • Angelens_17

    he forgot to thanks the 2 future drfts picks. lols

  • simon

    Glad gasol is still a laker now he can get back to playing basketball and stop thinking hes going to get traded its time to make a run in the stretch and make some noise 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1157601332 Gladys Glorioso

    its a happy result for Pau Gasol, yes! He will remain in the team to continue their goal for winning the champions again. I was awake the midnight here to wait for the Lakers about the trade rumor. i was really upset when i first heard about trading Gasol. i keep posting on net, joining the forums etc. Its difficult to lose former teammates that we know how they played well and support their  team – their second family for the past year. But as we all know, that it will happen yearly. Just hold on tight and everything will set for u all. KOBE for the MVP, for me !!!

  • 76fulviate

    sessions blake bryant beasley metta barnes gasol bynum hill

  • Glenn Howard

    pao. I have been your biggest supporter as a( Laker fan of 30 plus years) and I am pleased that you will remain a Laker. Let us get to my main comment and suggestion that is proven to work in the past for you and the team.
     I wanted to remind you to keep shooting your hook shot (left and right hand) when you are in the paint, because this is your “go to” shot and the most successful , based on previous years.

    Also you and Andrew need to remember to quit trying to dribble the ball every time you get the ball. Your only making it easier for opposing players to steal it from you,and I know that you are both working on eliminating this bad habit from both of your games.
    Yes , I  am the best living ” room couch potato ” coach of all time.

     Thanks for your dedication and professionalism as a Laker player and for all your off the court time that you give for children and various charities. Continued success !

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