VIDEO: Oklahoma State PG Marcus Smart Pushes Fan During Loss

VIDEO: Oklahoma State PG Marcus Smart Pushes Fan During Loss


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Oklahoma St. point guard Marcus Smart surprised many when he decided to return to school for his sophomore season despite being a guaranteed lottery pick last season. Smart is one of the biggest prospects in the heralded 2014 draft class, but an incident last night may hurt his standing.

Trailing late in last night’s game against Texas Tech, Smart flew out of bounds behind the basket, after trying to block a layup attempt. As he was getting up, he suddenly turned around and began exchanging words with a fan before shoving him.

The fan, Jeff Orr, is known as a huge Texas Tech fan and attends all of their games. According to Doug Gottlieb of CBS, Orr believes he may have crossed the line with his words to Smart:

Regardless of what was said to Smart, he must know better than to ever put his hands on a spectator. While his draft stock is unlikely to take a huge hit, there will undoubtedly be a number of questions regarding his character, temper, and leadership ability.

Smart and Australian point guard Dante Exum are the two top point guard prospects in the draft, and both would be great fits for the Lakers. Exum may permanently move ahead of Smart after this incident.

Here is video of the incident via the ESPN Youtube Page:
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  • Lakers2324

    That fan should have done what Lebron would have done!! FLOP!!

  • johnny

    Maybe he’ll sleep down to the Lakers now. He only pushed the jerk.

    • Devon Murray

      Lakers wont draft him, he is a combo guard not a point more of a 2 guard, can’t shoot (that’s why he stayed in school) to work on his shot and is shooting only a few percentages better than last year… not really athletic, strong going to the rim, not a good passer, no court vision, due to him wanting to get to the rim, ala X. Henry, yet Henry is a 3, where as Smart doesn’t look to pass… Lakers should stay away from this guy, especially with Kobe coming back for two more years…

  • Jim213

    Will possibly drop him down a little (draft) but time will tell. #tournament

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Angry young man,he will slip in the draft i am 90% sure he will.Lakers will draft high.

  • Fat Old Man

    Boy Please,Child Please if i was that old white man i would have smacked him.

  • Fat Old Man

    That old white lady should have smacked that punk wannabe thug.SMFH.Boy Please,Child Please.Respect those elder people son,CHILD PLEASE,BOY PLEASE

  • Fat Old Man

    Grow up punk ass clown!He got suspended for only 3 games CHILD PLEASE.SMH