VIDEO: Nick Young Takes Shot At Goran Dragic, Ejected From Game Reviewed by Momizat on . With less than eight minutes remaining in the first half, Nick Young was on a one-man fastbreak and took a hard foul from Suns rookie Alex Len. While some of th With less than eight minutes remaining in the first half, Nick Young was on a one-man fastbreak and took a hard foul from Suns rookie Alex Len. While some of th Rating: 0
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VIDEO: Nick Young Takes Shot At Goran Dragic, Ejected From Game

With less than eight minutes remaining in the first half, Nick Young was on a one-man fastbreak and took a hard foul from Suns rookie Alex Len. While some of the Suns players tried to help him up, Young took exception to the foul and pushed Len. As both sides tried to separate the two players, Goran Dragic approached Young and the Lakers guard appeared to throw a punch. After the three referees reviewed the play, Young was ejected and may possibly face a suspension.

Here is the video of Young’s response to the hard foul by Len:

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  • Meximus

    That was bullshit.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Wow that was the biggest cheap shot this season.Come on Phoenix stay classy.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Alex Len should be suspended and taught how to foul without attempting murder.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    FINALLY – some emotion! Hopefully this is the fire that we need to start showing some real passion out there!



  • GoLakers

    wow..disappointed in the Lakers team for not standing up for swaggy. Jodie and Kaman walking to the bench all slow wth?!

    • Lakeshow

      Wow I was just thinking this! “Team mates”

    • Evan

      Damn cowards!!! No wonder they cant win… Disgusting…



  • Lance Starks

    i’m with nick young all the way on this one. you just don’t do that in the nba.

  • Lakers Fan

    Where the fuck were the other Laker players?? I mean come on! Look at Kaman and Jodie! Nick had damn near the whole team on the court in his face, and no Laker on the court tried to step in and help him. Pathetic, just like Len. Unfortunately, this will possibly result in a suspension for Nick. I don’t care tho. At least he showed some damn emotion cause this team is so fuckin lifeless. His teammates not defending him pissed me off more than the foul itself.


      …This team has taken on the demeanor/personality of their supposed leader… True to form!

    • Evan

      SO true man…..trade them dicks to the WNBA so they can spread their legs like a bunch of women….Id love to let them hear a piece of my mind….

  • jack

    Do what you gotta do nick, real nigga.

  • Samson

    I watched the part where Len commits the foul. There is no way he was going for a basketball move. That was a clean slap in the face.

  • Nick The Quick

    Im more pissed that guys didn’t back up Nick! WTF! I know were short handed, but at least step in to say something. You don’t have to push guys, but you can at least make your statement and do something. #INSWAGGYPITRUST

    • Evan

      No they shoudlve came in hot and sucker punched someone in the face….show them not to F around…..make a statement…..their losing anyways…

  • Sylvia Ross

    Nick, you had a right to defend yourself and I was very disappointed that your teammates didn’t come to help you. I hope you told them off when you got on the bus. YOUR DUMB ASS COACH STATED THAT THE REFS MADE THE RIGHT DECISION TO EJECT BOTH OF YOU DAMTONI IS SUCH A JERK!!!

    • Daryl Peek

      I’m more mad at the teammates than D’Antoni. A HC is usually gonna try to be the diplomat after the fact. Not that I agree with MDA’s assessment, at all! MDA is not on the court going to battle in the trenches. Swaggy’s teammates are and they left him hanging! Even worse they watched him get jumped as the Morris twins and Dragic were all over Nick.

      I’m listening to Meeks in the post game interview and he’s all but saying Nick overrated. I may be exaggerating this but I don’t know how else to interpret his nonchalant answer to how he reacted.

      This is some serious punk azz mess, and the focus needs to be on the players that were on the court not the HC. If anyone on the bench had took a step off it they would get suspended automatically. the 5 on the court are supposed to have your back.

      • Daryl Peek

        Kelly is saying the same thing Meeks did basically. He tried to help but didn’t want to get into too much trouble?!? FUCK THAT SHIT! When your Fam is getting jumped knuckle up regardless!!!

    • Evan

      Dantoni is a greasebag

  • Daryl Peek

    “What I’m mad about is just, I was 1 on 5. I felt like if someone had got in the middle of it, it wouldn’t have escalated” -Nick Young

    Whooo! That’s HUGE!! He just basically called out all of his teammates, and deservedly so. This is very telling. You don’t leave your teammate hanging like that. No one, absolutely no one came to his defense!

    What happened to that energetic young group that was so close knit? All we heard and hear is how much these like and fight for each other. Was that all just posing? How could that disintegrate so fast?!? This will either result in a team meeting that galvanizes thsi group or they will continue to be BITCH MADE out there on the court!

    I’m highly upset at the other four players that watched the homie get jumped? SMDH

  • Sylvia Ross

    I would hate to have those guys watching my back.

    • Evan

      Correction, youd hate to have them PUSSIE bitches watching your back

  • Asa

    Trade every player on the floor not named nick young. PATHETIC ! Worst teammates ever and idc how good Marshall has been playing. He is a rookie in my eye and can’t say a single word back to young. Show some god damn emotion

    • EVan

      Marshall is a douche

  • papi

    Nick young is really at lakers , the others teammates the suck they’re not really teammate they suck .

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Disappointed on Meeks and Kaman… I could understand Kendall Marshall and Kelly not coming to Young’s defense, but Meeks and Kaman nonchalantly walking to the bench was telling so much. I don’t like these players near my team next season.

  • Evan

    Lakers are my team and that was DISGUSTING. What a bunch of pussies who didn’t back up Swaggy P. Losers……that’s who don’t have their teams back. WHat a bunch of cowards. Makes me sick. Trade all them idiots and keep swaggy and kobe and gasol and hill. If MWP or D-FIsh was here they would’ve laid the hammer down…

  • Evan

    Jodie Meeks and Chris Kaman must be the newest NBA romance…..little fairys…

  • Joe Sangenito

    For all those Fans that say they should of backed up Nick Young.. They wouldn’t have enough players to finish the game.. Let alone play the next one… What you want them to do? Suit up Kurt Rambis Or how bout Mark Madsen? Come On Man!!

    • Evan

      Who cares their 13th in the west….really until Kobes back there is ZERO expectations of winning so why not back up your team at least and give the LA fans SOMETHING to cheer for instead of a bunch of cowards….And YES suiting up Kurt Rambis would be about as effective as chris Kaman and Jodie meeks playing so why the fuck not!? Im willing to bet Rambis would do better than them fairys….at least u know hed have his teams back….speaks volumes…..btw YOU come on mAN!!!!



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