VIDEO: Nick Young Showcases His Sneaker Collection

VIDEO: Nick Young Showcases His Sneaker Collection


Kicks on Court caught up with the newest Laker, Nick Young, where he shows off his collection of shoes. Not only does he have a closet full of Kobes, Jordan, and vintage LeBrons, but Nike also made him a few custom “Swaggy P” shoes.

Most players in the NBA have their own shoe collection, but Young also has a friend called “The Shoekeeper,” who cleans and watches over his collection.

Young would like to wear most of his shoes on the basketball court, but the NBA has prohibited him from showing off his collection. He also gives Kicks on Court a sneak peek of which shoes he’s planning on wearing this upcoming season for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Here’s the video of Young’s sneaker closet featuring his “Shoekeeper”, courtesy of NiceKicks:

  • Jim213

  • SpringBreakers

    Damn dat be a grip of dem sneakers.Dat homie Swaggy P be a Gemni fo realz!Nothing wrong wit dat.I’m cool and all but what it be like to be so rich like dat to afford all dem shoes and having da finer thangz in life?Wish me a lot of cash dog lol but yea dat was tight seeing dat.

  • Sti1lmatic

    Think of the poor kid(s) that had to put together those ugly fn shoes.