VIDEO: Nick Young Says The Lakers Haven’t Had Fun In A Long...

VIDEO: Nick Young Says The Lakers Haven’t Had Fun In A Long Time


The Los Angeles Lakers ended 2013 with a loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, their 6th straight, on New Year’s Eve. With Wesley Johnson out due to gastroenteritis, Nick Young who has consistently provided energy for the Lakers off the bench was forced to start. After being down by as many as 22 to the Bucks and eventually losing by 15 points, Young was noticeably down in the locker room. Young finished with 25 points and 6 rebounds in the Lakers 94-79 loss. Young admits that the Lakers have not had fun in awhile and need to start having fun again. Check out our post-game video and don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation You Tube Channel.

  • Gregory Choa

    So, lemme guess, Wes Johnson is now the “glue guy” and the missing ingredient to a Lakers squad winning games?

    • e3bonz

      I’m still sticking to the missing PG guys as the glue.

      • Gregory Choa

        Fair enough…although Kendall Marshall managed to have a pretty decent outing in relief of Farmar, now nursing a sore hamstring…jeez, it really would be nice to have our three PGs around and playing, wouldn’t it?

        • e3bonz

          I thought he did very well, but with Wes and X out also it was a long night.

  • Daryl Peek

    I know people are gonna get mad and say I’m blaming Kobe but there’s no question the fun ended when he came back and the two man game between him and Gasol started. The injuries to Blake and Farmar are a big part of it also but the abrupt, and constant changing of roles has been the biggest drag.

    Now were seeing finger pointing. That shows a HUGE fracture in the chemistry that once was.

    • e3bonz

      I can see how you came to that conclusion, he does raise the intensity when he’s on the court.

      • Daryl Peek

        Not the intensity. The guys were playing a very intense style of basketball before his return. We need his leadership because Pau is not that dude. The loss of Blake was a bigger blow than most want to give credence to. Blake was our gritty leader.

        • e3bonz

          I don’t know if I would call their style of play before Kobe as very intense. They seemed to me be looser, more active and were definitely having more fun. I will agree that the chemistry has changed.

          • Daryl Peek

            They were very intense defensively. The fun was in the uptempo game but they were hounds pressing full court and in the PNR.

          • e3bonz

            Well, I won’t argue your point, because I understand and can see the gist of what you’re saying.

        • Jim213

          Thankfully, missed the game :/ :::::. Starting to wonder if the next coach should be a RAIN MAN. Shows the importance in having a good and healthy starting lineup given that it can lead to situations like this when things turn for the worst. But it ails more when losing to some of the worst teams in the league.

          My belief has been to get the most out of this roster Kobe would need to revolve more on the team this season which required him to be more of a distributor as opposed to shooter though at his natural position and not the 1.

          I agree, things changed when Kobe returned but can’t blame Kobe too (not arguing) given that he was given the role upon his return which likely tied the team’s hands and Kobe’s given he went back to doing what’s comfortable/known to him being playing inside out w/Pau.

          Like the coach mentioned it was like training camp all over for the team who’d have to adjust to Kobe. But though I may get feedback AGAIN regarding Nash I can’t help to think that much of this could’ve been prevented with a healthy starting PG but not blaming Nash more so FO.

          • Daryl Peek

            Imagine taking Norris Cole, Dwayne Wade, LeBron, Chalmers, Roger Mason out of the Heat line up right now for 4-6 weeks and having a sick Bosh on and off the court? How many games would they win?

            Nash, Blake, Farmar, Kobe and X. Those are our 5 primary ball handlers and they are all hurt. No team gets beyond that and you can’t blame the FO for that.

            Everything that’s happening couldn’t have been avoided. I’ll offer Nash could’ve been amnestied instead of Metta as a hind sight alternate reality but that goes against the choice of HC.

            When you look at the big picture of this season objectively, MDA is getting the best he can out of the roster. In what world do we envision Nick Young, Shawne Williams, Jodie Meeks, Jordan Hill, Robert Sacre, Ryan Kelly, Kendall Marshall and a sick Gasol being a good team that’s gonna compete in the west?

          • brandon p

            Nash, Blake, Farmar, Kobe and X. Those are our 5 primary ball handlers and they are all hurt. No team gets beyond that and you can’t blame the FO for that. GOOD POINT

          • Jim213

            Nobody’s blaming the FO for the injuries. It’s their ineptness with regards to placing a good starting rotation that would’ve prevented some of these injuries. Kobe and X don’t play the 1 and Blake would’ve likely gotten more time at the 2 with the starting PG and Farmar getting most of the time at the 1.

            Yet if Farmar had gotten injured Blake would’ve then been moved at the backup 1 position to fill in. Sure we’d be better off under those conditions than now. Even Phil Jackson has brought up the issue of too many minutes for Kobe given he’s return from injury. All these injuries (ball handlers) mostly correlate at the 1.

          • Daryl Peek

            Injuries happen. Understand every returning Laker from last season is playing way less minutes than they did the previous years. Nothing could’ve changed the situation were in.

          • Jim213


            Disagree, we’d be in a better position than today but it’s re-arguing the issue. Just pray they can at least finish at 500.

          • Daryl Peek

            There’s no argument. The numbers comparison is the proof. .500 may or may not happen but the injuries have nothing to do with minutes played recently.

          • Jim213

            SMH, injuries happen and are part of the game. WHAT I”M SAYING IS THAT FO ASSUMES RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PRODUCT THAT’S PLACED ON THE FLOOR. Thus, lack of key players (STARTERS) has hurt this team which aids in its current condition.

          • Daryl Peek

            1. Nash NBA starter
            2. Kobe NBA starter
            3. Gasol NBA starter
            4. Kaman NBA starter
            5. Blake former NBA starter
            6. Meeks NBA starter in Philly
            7. Young NBA starter
            8. Farmar NBA and recently a starter overseas

            That’s 8 of our 15 players that have multiple years of NBA starter experience. Again, injuries happened and you can’t blame the FO.

          • Jim213

            Daryl to not blame FO for their bad moves being the team’s lack of consistent starters is IDIOCRACY/CLEVON (pun). But you just proved my point thanks, the only real starters on this roster are Kobe, Nash, and Pau (smh) consistent.

            This team lacks ballers at certain starting positions (no diss to others). But I know what you’re going to say ‘well don’t blame Kupcake who was favoring Phil a few years back #triangle.

            Phil’s been out close to 2-3 years so Kupcake should’ve planned ahead like the Spurs and a few other teams have done to keep sustainability. Yes, we do have good bench players but not enough talent at the starting positions to say this team will contend in the next year or down the line.

            My point is that ‘many of these injuries wouldn’t have resulted if the team had consistent starters which would’ve likely kept them from experiencing roster depletion.

          • Daryl Peek

            How did i prove your point? 8 starters on this roster. What do you want, 15 all-stars?!?

            Ring chasing for Phil matters. Look at the Celtics? They were chasing rings with the big three and are still paying the price since 2010 also. Any dynasty championship team has a similar plight as ours when its over. Championship contending is a cycle when it comes to dynasty teams . Miami will be where we are in a few seasons.

            This is what you don’t want to acknowledge about the FO. Buss and West went through it also. Times were lean after Magic in the Jordan era. There is no way around the fall off. Especially when your model is spend to win but the best player in the league is on another roster currently dominating.

            The Spurs have avoided this for the most part due to a different model of spending. They cultivated the overseas market better than anyone and still do. They also have a core group of stars that were willing to take less pay to help their sustainability. They also haven’t won a championship since 2007.

            Who has these so called consistent starters in the NBA your talking about? Miami has Wade, Bosh and LeBron. Who else on that roster is the consistent starter above what we have? They have better health going for them and the best player on the planet right now, that’s all.

            Again, Mitch and Jimmy could do nothing different. I know you wanted Howard traded and wished Nash had never been acquired but those moves were never questionable when they happened and we’ve gone over the trade problem of Howard a million times.

            You’re being so unrealistic in your expectations given the big picture. Dynasties always fall. Were in an awkward position simply because we still have Kobe but need to rebuild in a unique situation given the new CBA..

          • Jim213

            I’d expect FO to acquire consistent starters with good track hx record being showing consistency at the starting position foremost though they may not shpw up on the stat sheets.

            I even believed that the team was good enough in the mid 90’s (myself young) to advance to the conference finals. Van Excel, Eddie Jones, E Campbell, and Peeler played all solid players. .

            Although, many of them were drafted too = J West. They played good competitive ball but failed to advance or get deep in the playoffs. Some attributed this to Van Excels lack of leadership or immaturity at times.

            The Pacers along with the Spurs have done an exceptional job in maintaining depth and consistency at both starting positions and bench. Guess Kupcake hasn’t learned too much or has spent too much time in trying to fill in the small holes to keep the contention ship afloat.

            The FO’s inability of acquiring consistent starters not star players at the starting position is one of the big reasons why things are how they are which they should be held accountable for rather than blame and point fingers at others.

          • Daryl Peek

            See the discussion below I had with Richard Jim. Your expectations are unrealistic. Building a solid roster is a cycle in championship contending.

            Remember the Dunleavy Pfund era after Magic? We had average at best players on those teams. 43-39 in 92 in a first round exit. 39-43 in 93 with another first round exit. 33-49 and no playoffs in 94 with three different head coaches in season like last year.

            Del Harris was much like MDA, he was a good HC that knew how to groom average players and get them to overachieve. The 95 Lakers were a bunch of average at best players that went 48-34 that lost in the second round to the Spurs. The 96 Lakers went 53-29 and lost to the Rockets in the first round.

            Notice the cycle build up to the 96-97 Kobe Shaq Lakers? There were plenty of draft picks and FA pick ups that were total failures from 92-97. There were many between 97 up also. Team chemistry, that’s what gets teams over in the down time of the cycle. All of these injuries has hampered the chemistry MDA was grooming. Lack of talent has nothing to do with anything.

            Again, your expectations for the FO are very unrealistic and completely off base given the history of this game. No team has these consistent starters 1-12 you speak of. There are average NBA players and superstars. You have a few that are slightly better than average but depending on the team and team chemistry of said team they play on, perception of their status can be skewed… see this years Blazers and Suns. No one saw these teams being as good as they now are. The Suns were predicted to only win 17 games this season. The Blazers were rumored to be dumping salary and who thought Robin Lopez would be the missing link to their rise? Lopez has been below average at best. He fits this team and is now looking like a solid starter. See what happened there?

          • Jim213

            SMH, it’s not unrealistic to expect a competitive product on a consistent basis as you’ve pointed out (cant win rings every yr as stated numerous times blah blah). 16 championships Daryl thought some of that (formula) would’ve rubbed off on the inept. But the formula includes drafting players too not dishing them out for mediocre players that don’t pan out which seems to be happening more now.

            Who’s talking about having a full roster of above avg players which applies to the bench too? My view is having consistent starters that would’ve helped to reduce the injuries given they wouldn’t be reshuffling most of the guards (1) aside of the roster. Dunleavy didn’t pan out but J West and Dr. Buss still kept acquiring and drafting good players.

            The team had solid starters and some good bench players with Del Harris but given the youth (growth) and possibly the players not buying into Del’s system resulted in a coach change and the rest in hx. This is what I haven’t seen from Kupcake consistency in drafting and acquiring both youth and future star(s) to maintain the brand competitive which goes past catering to championships. But expecting too much from someone who supposedly learned from J West? (likely SMH).

          • Daryl Peek


            West and Buss traded picks also. Every argument your bringing is contrary to what actually happened in the West era. Kupchak is using the same model as West for the most part it’s just they stayed a little too long chasing with the triangle core players. Remember they tried to get from under them with the CP3 trade? Stern happened and that set us back big time!

            I can give you a very detailed list of draft picks that were traded away from 1978-2000 by West during his era as our GM.

            Your expectations are absolutely unrealistic given the unfounded blame game you like to play. Again I showed you the cycle of competing. If you want that detailed list of draft picks over the years I’ll supply it.

            No ones perfect! West and Dr. Buss made plenty of mistakes. This is the crux of your unrealistic expectations. You act like this team is worse than those I detailed?!? The cycle is almost exactly the same.

            And there’s absolutely nothing that could’ve been done to stem these injuries. It’s straight up buffoonery (no dis) to say other wise because you can’t predict or manage them in a physical game like basketball. It’s part of the game.

          • Jim213

            ?!? SMH ?!?

            Who’s not saying that injuries aren’t part of the game?… but Jeanie has brought up FO’s mistake with regards to the CP3 deal which has been mentioned in the past. Expectations are HIGH (FRANCHISE=16 RINGS) to play competitively (which doesn’t mean championship or bust every yr).

            Yes, J West and Dr. Buss traded players but J West became masterful in it as the 80’s shows while it took 3-5 years (90s) to acquire the solid pieces to rebuild by finding the future franchise pieces of the brand. My stance WON’T CHANGE and to believe that Kupcake can do what J West has done is pure foolishness. The proof is in the pudding (product/current team) and their bad moves only leave more uncertainty.

            But hopefully they can learn and set ego’s aside like Magic’s mentioned. Otherwise the best times for the brand were in the past.

          • Daryl Peek

            “to believe that Kupchak and Jimmy can do what J West has done is pure foolishness.”

            I 100% agree! NO ONE WILL EVER DUPLICATE THAT.

            This too is part of your unrealistic expectations. The NBA Kuchack has is different than the one West navigated. West pretty much had free reign to spend as much as Dr. Buss was willing to. This is no longer the case via the new CBA.

            There are so many different factor to why we are where we are but all you can do is play the blame game?!? I don’t expect your position to change but that don’t mean you’re not wrong and wont be proven wrong in the long run.

            Only time will tell…

          • Jim213

            The system has changed Daryl… times have changed with regards to relying on the 5 (Jabbar/Divac/Campbell/Shaq) more so to a more small ball approach as we can see. So FO will have to adapt a different modo but consistency at the starting rotation is key. But aside of that IMO this franchise shouldn’t go 100% in on small like the Suns.

            Don’t have the roster (shooters) aside of the players to fully adapt the style. The Heat and the Spurs have adapted well as both have adapted their own versions of small ball which hopefully the inept can do themselves… that modo of relying on the inside a lot (5) is mostly a thing of the past Daryl. You’re relying on the team’s hx too much and only time will tell as you’ve mentioned.

          • Daryl Peek

            All of the game changing from a big oriented league is well understood. The Spurs have their own model. Duncan is the key to it. Once he’s gone thing will be forever different for them. Pop will likely retire and they too will not ever duplicate that kind of success. Their already on the verge of the down side of the cycle. Duncan, Ginobli and Parker being willing to play for less collectively is the reason they’re still hanging on…

            Miami took advantage of a Pop like model with a West/Buss twist given Riley is there. Miami is the closest thing to Showtime overall big picture. The decision was easy for LeBron and Bosh given the lifestyle they could have in Miami coupled with a very good owner (Arison) backed by Riley. LeBron is the key to their success the same way Magic was for Buss.

            These are the cycles I’m talking about. Remove those key players (or have them injured like Kobe) at their peak you have a completely different story right now. Remember how the Spurs fell off for a season or two when Duncan was injured and could not perform top level? Last season we saw a resurgent Duncan and they rose because of it.

            The only thing I wish Mitch would’ve done differently is find a way to convince Kobe to play for less. Not his last contract because that was again grandfathered in, timing matters. Mitch is doing a fine job all considered. This is a very difficult situation were in. Kobe is not Duncan or Wade. They both allowed someone else to be the man. Kobe is not built like that, the same way Jordan wasn’t either. This is in no way a slight to Kobe but given his predicament (injury) and the granfathered in contract status of him and Pau at this new CBA juncture, not much could’ve been done differently. The seed of where we are today was planted chasing rings for Phil. The contracts Pau, Kobe, Metta, Walton, ETC… got were not bad they just came at a bad time in hind sight. Again timing matters.

            The CP3 deal could’ve been handled better or should I say differently but can you blame them for trying to get a jump on it given multiple teams were vying for his services? Who knows who may have stepped up if Mitch had delayed the deal?

            I have the faith in Mitch. Time will tell…

          • Jim213

            For team sake agree in having some faith on Mitch.But hopefully he proves the doubters wrong which goes for myself. Although, J West has done wonders for the GSW as the team’s current success (in small ball too) can be credited to his moves which the big heads give him credit.

          • Daryl Peek

            West is not as big of an impact as many think. West has not been a GM since his early days in Memphis. He missed on many moves in Memphis and they moved him out of the GM spot to consultant after a few years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to marginalize the Logo. These are just facts. West is a consultant for the Warriors also. I’m sure his advice is leaned on heavily but he not the shot caller most give him credit for there.

          • Daryl Peek

            What’s really funny to me is there’s a top 10 list of bad moves Kupchak has made since West retired on Bleacher Report. (old article from 2011)

            In this list 9 of the 10 moves are all ones Phil pushed for with Kupchak. Some of which validate my paying for chasing rings for Phil stance.

          • richard

            Daryl, I was about to agree with you till you mentioned Meeks and Young as starters… farmar maybe, overseas, but these three werent starter materials anywhere near their career in the NBA, specially Meeks and Young. Otherwise they would command more money on their contract..

          • Daryl Peek

            But they were starters in the NBA for multiple seasons. There are hundreds of NBA starters in the league right now that are their level or lesser right now. This is my point. No team has all-star level players 1-12. The injuries have forced X, Johnson, and others into starting roles with this team that would normally be the bench mob given the 1-8 starter level players we do have.

            Matt Barnes is no better than Meeks or Young and he starts for the Clippers, throw Jared Dudley into that pot also. Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers are no better than Meeks but start for the Heat, Udonis Haslem started last season. George Hill in Indy, Mike Dunleavy in Chicago, ETC…

            Building a talented roster 1-12 is not only a crap shoot, it’s a cycle in the process. This is my main point. Right now we are in the down time of that process. And moreover no team has consistent talent 1-12. This is why team chemistry is so important. Chemistry allows lesser role players to play bigger than their talent level. You can find these players on every championship proven team. Phil Jackson built his resume off getting these lesser talented role players to overachieve. Pop does the same thing with his Spurs players. Most of the guys that leave said teams don’t have the same perceived consistent success. See Gary Neal, George Hill, B.J. Armstrong with the Bulls, ETC…

          • Daryl Peek

            BTW, they all took less money in becoming Lakers. We’ve got to keep the whole picture in perspective. Farmar, Meeks and Young will all command more money next season if they hit the market. X, Hill and even Kaman also.

  • petron_run&gun

    next player will get injury is kendall marshall, mark my word!!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Losing is not supposed to be fun.Losing is not fun.LOL i am LMAO at the people who hated on Kobe Bryant and said he was selfish and not a winner also all the idiots who said Phil Jackson should be fired or just retire also all the crazy people that said Derek Fisher was useless and not a good team player also i am laughing at the people that said Mike D’Antoni was a way better hire than Phil Jackson.I am laughing at the people that said Lamar Odom was not a important piece of the Lakers team puzzle.

    Yeah all the people who made fun of the Lakers when they were actually good and winning this is the team you all wanted and here it is on a silver platter enjoy what you requested.I am having more fun than ever before and i can’t stop laughing at the way people react to certain things lol hahahahahah.

    Go Lakers!
    Hi Mike Brown!
    Hi Phil Jackson!
    Hi Kobe Bryant!
    Hi Lamar Odom!
    Hi MWP!
    Hi Derek Fisher!

    The show must go on.

    Happy New Year!

    • Al Haldie

      Dont keep useing the word, All not everyone was saying ALL of that – just the none belivers—and i have never seen any one say get get PHILL out of there, and if they did they know nothing about PHILL or BB.. or the LAKERS …

  • Al Haldie

    Nick: when you first came to the LAKERS u passed the ball and had AST. thats when u were having FUN then u started trying to be KOBE -and the ball stops there- if u want fun try playing team ball…..its no fun for the FANS also…

  • Al Haldie

    NICK: Its funny that u of all players should say the LAKERS pLayers are not having fun, maybe this might help see why–playing the BUCKS –THERE WERE ONLY TWO PLAYERS HAVEING FUN, THEY TOOK 44 of 81 shots leaving 37 shots for the other 8/9 guys. there no fun going to a game and not playing only two guys had 25 pts each , there is no fun for the rest of the team —-YOU and PAU, and its no fun for your FANS …

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    I said this right after the game on New Years – just proves my point – you can blame injuries all day – but these guys come out looking defeated before tip – and that comes from the coaching staff not being able to motivate the guys in the face of adversity