VIDEO: Nick Young Pulls Off Amazing 360 Layup Against Grizzlies

VIDEO: Nick Young Pulls Off Amazing 360 Layup Against Grizzlies


The Los Angeles Lakers played host to the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday night in the last game of the season at the Staples Center.

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With the Lakers playing their last home game, Nick Young made a point of it to make potentially his last game at Staples a special one. Even though the Lakers ultimately lost to the Grizzlies in convincing fashion, Young’s 360 layup was about as impressive a highlight as he’s had this season.

Young pulled off the incredible 360 layup at the expense of Pau Gasol’s brother, Marc. The Lakers were down by four points before Wesley Johnson made a slick pass between two defenders hitting Young in stride with Gasol coming over to help. The seven-footer was helpless once Young left the ground and finish at the rim with a twisting layup that got all the fans at Staples on their feet.
Nick Young With A Special Message For Lakers Fans Before Their Last Home Game

  • Ali

    Best Swaggy P moment, shooting over Lebron James! All SWISH !

  • BeastyXV

    My favorite swaggy p moment was when he tried doing a 720 layup lol it looked good if only not would’ve dropped!

  • Josh

    I could swear I remember that exact play from Sedale Threatt years ago. I feel a need for a 360 video montage of those two layups, some 360 dunks from Kobe and Ceballos (maybe Eddie Jones?). And cap it off with Nick Van Exel’s 360 3-pointer. Internet ftw!

  • GOD CHRI$$$ ✞