VIDEO: Nick Young ‘Confident’ On Reaching Agreement To Remain A Laker

VIDEO: Nick Young ‘Confident’ On Reaching Agreement To Remain A Laker


There’s very little from the Los Angeles Lakers 2013-2014 season that Lakers fans would like to keep, but fan favorite Nick “Swaggy P” Young is the exception. Young’s welcoming smile and uplifting energy has found its way into the hearts of fans, during one of the worst seasons in franchise history.

Plus, Swaggy P has been the Lakers spark off the bench, averaging 18.4 points per game, ranking him first in the NBA for points per game among players who have come off the bench 20 or more times.

Nick Young has a player option on his contract with the Lakers next season for a little over 1.2 million dollars. After such an efficient season, Young has upped his market value to well over the amount on his player option. Thus, it’s highly likely that Young will make the smart business decision and choose to opt-out of his contract next season, but that does not mean he wants to leave Los Angeles.

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As a matter of fact, Young made it clear that his first choice is to remain in LA and both hopes and has confidence the he can reach an agreement with the Lakers front office for next season. Young also said he would love to finish his career as a Laker and is a player that can handle the spotlight of LA.

“There’s a lot of pressure but you have to be able to handle that and some people can’t but I think I’m one of those guys that can.”

The 28-year old guard also said it’s important for players to feel the love of the fans and the city, and he definitely feels that.

“This is home,” Nick Young smiled, and he’d like to keep it that way.

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  • embiidExum

    lakes are blind if they cnt see embiid as a young motombo/Durant, and exum like a young kobe we need a future and these two look like they would play pro ball together we neeed both asap

    • richard

      pardon me… but you can’t and you should not put the name Motumbo and Durant together… you just don’t…. Embiid can be a Motumbo, but he ain’t going to be a Durant, even in your dreams… the talent is just not there on the level of Durant, Motumbe, yes, and the position they play in is the. same… I see a young Hakeem in Enbiid, but how does that translate to NBA games is yet to be seen

    • Josh

      Mutombo/Durant? I don’t even know what that means. A guy who blocks every shot and has the sweetest looking jump shot the league has ever seen? That’s not what I’ve read on Embiid. More importantly, though, how do you propose the Lakers get both guys?

  • embiidExum

    shabazz nipier ooks like a young Derek fisher we need himtooo

    • likeitis

      napier reminds me more of a Monta Ellis type

      • comrade24

        Napier’s got hops! he’s definitely the type of pg we need. Although, I, like most, haven’t seen Dante Exum play.

  • Lerm

    I love Nick Young.We all love you Swaggy P.Come on back mayne.Lets get it.

  • Rudy

    First sentence is completely wrong. Lakers are a fool if they dont keep most of the guys….. lets start with that coach first though.. all i can say is JAMES WORTHY

  • Timothey

    Keep Nick Young.Swaggy P. is the best player on the Lakers IMO.Love that dude.

  • Josh

    I love how everyone wants to keep Nick Young, but Luol Deng (same age) is too old.

    • KiingLakersNation

      Nick is not going to ask for that much Luol Deng got paid 14 million this year do u think he will be willing to take a pay cut? that’s the problem

      • Josh

        Deng brings a lot more to the table than Nick. Whoever appraised free agents over at ESPN is valuing Deng at $7.5 mil. If he accepts a deal anywhere close to that, Mitch needs to make it happen.

        • comrade24

          couldn’t agree more. If we get lucky in the draft and land top 3, pick up Deng for the right price, and fire the coach we’re on the right track to getting back to competing for championships

    • Chrmngblly

      We have much bigger fish to fry than trying to find an upgrade for Nick Young, if that’s what you are trying to do. We need a center, folks.

      Back to Young. He plays the 3, mostly—which is where I think Kobe needs to end up as he slows down. So we don’t really need Deng at his salary for where he plays..

      We also have Bazemore, another 6th-man type player behind him. Also, we might have to take Aaron Gordon as our draft pick as the best athlete available. But I would rather have Embiid or maybe Vonleh.

      Sorry, No to Deng. Yes to Embiid.

      • comrade24

        we need a point guard. point blank.

        • Chrmngblly

          I really agree with you about the uncertainty at the 1. Marshall has some gifts but maybe not enough. At first his shots were falling a little more frequently. I hope Nash teaches the kid some of his midrange-off-foot stuff in the off-season. In the meantime, I want them to sign Lowrey if the draft doesn’t give us a PG.

          Whatever we do, we must upgrade rim protection. Did you count the number of games we lost just due to rebounds and points in the paint? Embiid in the draft, if there is any way possible.

          • comrade24

            Embiid worries me too much with his back problems.

          • Chrmngblly

            It is not like we are going to get a chance at him, but with the doctor’s OK and good character, we have to take the same chance everyone does with every player drafted. We need some good luck so badly.