Video: NBA Fan Compares Jordan, Bryant and James

Video: NBA Fan Compares Jordan, Bryant and James


In the eyes of many, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player this world has ever seen and there will never be another player like him. Some consider Kobe Bryant to be the closest thing we have seen to Jordan and they believe the Black Mamba will eventually take the throne from “His Airness.” However, there is another league great by the name of LeBron James that is trying to enter the conversation as the greatest player in NBA history.

YouTube user THESiCKISHEAR shared a wonderful video highlighting the three players and the quest to be named the “greatest.” In the video titled “Michael Jordan | Kobe Bryant | LeBron James • Rise to the Throne” there are countless highlights of Jordan, Bryant and James each showing their success on the basketball court.

At this point, Bryant is ahead of James in trying to surpassing Jordan for the throne with his five championship rings, but if James continues to win MVPs and adds to his one title, a case can be made for James as the greatest player this league has seen.


  • Dmouse35

    For someone to even mention the name Lebron James on a lakers website is just ludicrous. Then to add it’s a possibilty he can pass kobe up? Cant we just enjoy kobe while he’s still playing, he doesn’t have much time, besides we could read a dumb article like this any day on ESPN, who writes for lakersnation seriously? By the way I still liked the video, good editing!

  • Charles Hogue

    Lebron is an awesome player but he’s got an ugly game…He’s got size on his grace. Once the age kicks in you will see his performance plummet.

    • yeahboy

      C’mon. Lebron is a waaaaayyyy better passer than Kobe and has a basketball IQ through the roof. His game will adapt like crazy. What games are you watching??

  • TK

    The main difference that separates Jordan and Kobe from LBJ.

    They never joined. Anyone. They always make other players join or go away from them.

    • yeahboy

      Hahaha…Kobe wasn’t even the best player on his own team for the first three titles. He needed Shaq waaaayy more than MJ needed anyone. Get real.

      • Caezon Murillo


      • djdmac24

        Really?…Really?…Really?…Really? (As The Miz would say) Hmmmm…let me see…Shaq was the man in Orlando for four years and couldn’t win a title!!! Like someone else mentioned, what separates Kobe and Jordan from LBJ is that they didn’t need to go join other teams/players to try to win a title. The good players come to them because they are THAT good. Shaq went to the Lakers Kobe’s rookie season and Kobe didn’t even start until his 3rd year, 98-99, and the Lakers won the first of their 3 straight titles the next season, 99-00. Sounds like Shaq needed Kobe more than Kobe needed Shaq. Of course they both needed each other, but Kobe won 2 more titles without Shaq or any other dominating players, and don’t even try to say that Pau Gasol was dominating or even close to Shaq’s caliber. Shaq needed another dominating guard, Dwyane Wade, to win another title.

        Kobe is my all time favorite player and athlete, period, but there’s no denying that MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time. Kobe is a pretty close 2nd and LBJ will have to win at least 2 or 3 more titles to even be in the discussion and he will have to play at a high level and stay healthy to reach the scoring and stat milestones that MJ and Kobe have.

      • Mister215

        Jordan NEVER won anything without Pippen!!!!

  • hookedonnews

    Don’t think LeBron will ever approach Jordan or Kobe. His size and athleticism is impressive, but he doesn’t have the shooting ability or the competitive fire of Jordan or Kobe. Kobe is still the best player in the NBA.