VIDEO: Nash The Documentary – Pau Gasol’s Favorite Steve Nash Memory

VIDEO: Nash The Documentary – Pau Gasol’s Favorite Steve Nash Memory


Lakers Nation has teamed up with Nash The Documentary, a Kickstarter project, to provide you exclusive content about NASH. In our third teaser, Pau Gasol talks about his favorite Steve Nash memory.

In support of those helping get the word out about NASH, a movie funded through Kickstarter, Lakers Nation is giving away Steve Nash memorabilia until January 10. We’ve already given away a signed Steve Nash photo and T-Shirt. Next week, we’ll be giving away an autographed basketball. To win, all you have to do is retweet one of our tweets. Stay tuned on NASH is almost one half of the way toward reaching their Kickstarter goal, which will allow their documentary film to get made.

I know what you’re thinking. If Steve Nash is the subject of the documentary, why would they need help raising money for the film? Well, although Nash is the main focus of the film, he is in NO way involved financially or with the day-to-day making of the film. Having your subject involved at all financially actually goes against all documentary film making.

So, check out their Kickstarter campaign, and if you believe in the film and want to become a backer, spread the word. Plus, all backers receive a gift, courtesy of the people over at Nash The Documentary.

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  • Al Haldie

    wHEN HE GOT A HAIR CUT WHEN HE CAME TO THE LAKERS—is he still around??

    • hookedonnews

      He’s going to be reevaluated in a couple of weeks. He’s participating in shooting drills and rehabbing in LA now. I think maybe he needs to grow the hair again. Maybe that would change his luck.

      • phoenixsun13

        He needs to grow his hair. Like those phoenix days!

  • Renz Carl B. Supnet

    Steve nash. I hope he makes a comeback. He has a lot to prove. Looking at us right now everyone has something to prove, kobe with his age and injury, pau with his health, being ranked 12th, so on… I still hope that we can win a championship this season. Although it is not likely I still believe in our team.