Video: Mitch Kupchak Discusses Trading Derek Fisher Reviewed by Momizat on . Following the Lakers' trade of long-time point guard Derek Fisher on Thursday afternoon, team general manager Mitch Kupchak held a press conference to discuss t Following the Lakers' trade of long-time point guard Derek Fisher on Thursday afternoon, team general manager Mitch Kupchak held a press conference to discuss t Rating:
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Video: Mitch Kupchak Discusses Trading Derek Fisher

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Following the Lakers’ trade of long-time point guard Derek Fisher on Thursday afternoon, team general manager Mitch Kupchak held a press conference to discuss the moves. Kupchak spoke about the decision to move Fisher, and that it wasn’t an easy decision.


Kupchak also mentioned the acquisition of Ramon Sessions, and discussed how he helps the Lakers. Sessions provides the team with speed and quickness that Fisher didn’t have.


While trading Fisher was a hard decision, Kupchak mentioned that his desire to remain a starter would have created problems after the acquisition of Sessions.


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  • Jam Nicky

    Freaking idiot…must be stuck in 2002

  • Brionesanthony

    I hate Mitch

  • Crisluna

    mitch is a genious!!

    • Crisluna

      sucks that we gave out fisher, but the lakers got alot better today faster/quicker and bigger!!!

  • Ritabook11

    I’m so heart-broken about Fisher. I always thought he would retire a Laker…I understand that decisions are made for the best of the Team, but it’s still sad to see a Franchise Player like Fisher get traded. We Love You Fish!

  • Mjpreston1970

    mitch is a punk!! he should have talked to fish he has earned that!! as much as he has done fish has  earned better!! go..od move!! love the lakers.but BS!! by mitch grow a pair!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1521475437 Liz Vidal

    Yeah we know that D-Fish isn’t as good as he was before but its his spirit. Kobe trust nobody else like he does Fish. Stupid Mitch he should have let him retire a Laker this is lame!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/Gshockjohnny Ryan Alexander

    d will still retire alaker if they let that fuckin boston saq retire here deff fish will..he gonna retire like next year anyway it was a good move

  • Jeshegabmigs

    I was surprised that LAKERS traded DFish… Though, it all about business and nothing personal… I know KB24 will be sad with the decision but he cant do anything about it… NBA is a business and entertainment, and it’s their JOB to play basketball… Goodbye DFish… Thanks for the good memories and helping LAKERS to be a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM…

  • Ne0

    why not send steve blake instead? he making far more than fisher.

    • Bajee1

      cuz blake can at least put numbers up. even tho he comes off the reserve

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1560576133 Arlene A LeBeauf

    What A BLOW !! Unbelievable.. Loyalty, Dedication and this is how it is done? Why not discuss it with or tell Derek Man to Man…Derek IS a porofessional but, I would bet he would respect you more if you tell him face to face before you go to the media with it. Good Luck Derek in the future in All you do. You will ALWAYS BE LOVED AND TRULY MISSED by Loyal Laker?Derek Fans…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XAHJMMQGDSVE5FDR7SCGOPRPL4 linda s

    Kupchak could have done it better than what he did and at the last minute.  Karma is something…maybe he will be walked out the door to his surprise.  If I was Fisher, I would retire and run for office because he sure has the smarts and the professionalism.  I don’t know who this guy is that they are replacing Fisher with, but hopefully he will earn his salt.  I don’t like backstabbing…give the person a chance to know that things will change and not the way these NBA GM’s do.  It is tough.  Kupchak is a hypocrit…he is no more sorry than he claims to be or he would have given Fisher some warning.  I don’t like him now and I have never liked him.  Thank God they kept Pau.  JERRY WEST COME BACK!!!  Send Kupchak home!!

  • king jaffy

    Mitch Kupchak needs to be fired…this idiot gave away players that helped us win championships for nothing. Odom, Fisher…..he tried to give away Gasol (prior to Gasol joining the Lakers we were goin out in the first round) but thank god that didn’t go down and all cause of one bad post season.

  • Mjpreston1970

    mitch is a punk!! crisluna how long have u been a laker fan!show some loyalty all im saying is mitch should have showed him the respect he has earned!! been a fan since 1980!!

  • Ne0

    last time i check lakers was a terrible team before fisher return in 07. The very same year he return lakers got into final since Shaq Era, yes Paul is the main boost but fisher does too.

  • Ne0

    Mitch is a like supervisor do everything what he’s boss (Jim) told him to without any opposition. 

  • Bigmoe254

    what loss to the lakers.. i thought in this bigger picture, fish could run 2nd unit and come in at crucial times. still has that killer three and short burst of speed at his age. world class all the way. i’m hopin he come’s back after short season.

  • Race

    Listen all you Laker fans….I know its a emotional thing to let D Fish go, but It’s a business First and even though Fish will always be considerd a Laker this is NOT 2004 his game has fallen off dramatically. And it’s more than a popularity decision; It’s about dollars and being able to unload old to get new contracts with younger players for the FUTURE. One day even Kobe will have to announce his retirement because he just doesn’t have the physicality anymore….as shocking as that might be right now. We always will luv you D’ Fish thank you for all your effort, class, work ethick, and stickin’ it to the Spurs .04 seconds…Yes!!!   Your always a Laker and when you decide to retire WE Laker Fans will come out in a Sea of Purple & Gold to say Farewell and THANX for all the MEMORIES.

  • Guildtank

    For those of you bashing Mitch, would you prefer Fisher to keep running PG? Like Mitch said, he is old and would need to start to warm up his old bones. He always wants to be the starter, despite Blake being the more athletic and better offensive/defensive PG. Mitch made the right decision. We love Fisher for all he has done over the years, but the focus is to win, not to hold emotional attachment. 

  • Lana

    I’m going to miss Derek, but I’m also looking forward to the new additions. Steve Blake has been outplaying Fisher, so it makes sense to keep him. I do believe that there would’ve been an awkward situation if Derek would’ve stayed. He probably would’ve lost all his playing time. I wish Derek and his family the best. Hopefully he comes back to the Lake Show as an assistant coach. We all complained about Derek being old and slow, and it hurts to lose him, but we can’t have it both ways.

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