Video: Mike D’Antoni Conducts First Lakers Interview

Video: Mike D’Antoni Conducts First Lakers Interview


Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni conducted his first television interview as a member of the franchise Tuesday night on Time Warner Cable SportsNet. D’Antoni touched upon many different topics, and first and foremost, he talked about when he expects to make his Lakers debut.

At this point, there is no definitive date, but D’Antoni said his first appearance might coincide with Steve Nash’s return from injury. D’Antoni and Nash worked together in Phoenix, and it seems as though may be back on the court at the same time.

With Nash running the point, the Lakers will have the ultimate pick-and-roll player and someone who can efficiently run a fast break. However, D’Antoni admitted that the Lakers will not run as much as the Suns did when he was head coach.

The interview was very insightful and D’Antoni went on to speak about Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson and many other issues.


  • lakersforlife

    hoping coach dantoni would turn things around for us. lets get that title back in la!

  • asddd

    Id rather have him instead of some random coach. Him or Jackson

  • hookedonnews

    Good interview. Should be great to see D’Antoni & Nash reunited on the court, although I’m not sure he’ll recognize Nash with his new hairdo. :)

  • Pastor

    The Lakers just forced Jackson out of retirement, watch.

    • Michael Daigle

      yep. I could totally see Vinnie Del Negro flaming out as Clipper coach & Phil sliding right in to stick it to that greseball little Jimmy Buss

  • ken

    it would have been interesting to see what Jackson could have done with this talent, but Dantoni is the coach so let s move on.