Video: Metta World Peace Ejected Following Elbow to James Harden

Video: Metta World Peace Ejected Following Elbow to James Harden


Late in the second quarter of today’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Lakers’ forward Metta World Peace threw an elbow that took out the Thunder’s James Harden.

World Peace was ejected, and will most likely be suspended.


  • Illest_24


    this may cost us down the road

  • Brad Johnson

    No peace award this year Ron….

  • Guest

    lol fucken idiot did it on purpose lol acting like it was an accident

  • Lakers!

    Im hoping for 5 game suspension. Could be up to 10 though. 

    • Guest

      Ha, could be up to lifetime given his track record.

  • JohnSmith00

    Never get in the way of an MWP celebration.

  • Warrenwu76

    The world revolves around L.A. Anytime you try to beat the Lakers, you will get hurt. Keep up the good work World Peace!

    • ThunderUp

      Something tells me that you’re very stupid and or ignorant and or you’re an asshole

      • Crushh

        Ummm no disrespect but why would you be on Lakers Nation? Just wann know.

  • Jesse

    I think when you get paid, what these players get paid, part of that high dollar worth is knowing when not to elbow an opponent in the ear with everyone watching, or not watching as far as that goes. We all get caught up in the moment, but what separates civility and insanity is knowing our boundrys, even while getting caught up.

  • Psf_gaming

    now thats ron artist we know

  • Crushh

    Yes it’s bad in slow motion. Not as bad in real time. I’ve seen much worse…sorry.

  • Vitovillegas

    That was clearly an unintentional elbow!!! World Peace was celebrating his dunk with chest thumps and he inadvertently swung it in the opposite direction where Harden was unfortunate to be at! Why do the media and Lakers haters make such a big deal of this???

  • Jewpacabra

    Ron Artest is the biggest dumbass in the NBA…

    Wait scratch that, the NBA are the biggest dumbasses in the NBA for ever re-instating that clown after he helped escalate a riot in Detroit. I’m all for second chances, but Ron Ron is on his 10th chance.

    If you don’t think that was intentional by Artest, I feel sorry for your genetic pool, your offspring may actually be dumber than you are now.

  • Miqueas Virgile

    the Real question is why? Why is Harden playing MWP so close, if the dunk has already gone down? OKC has possession of the ball. Why does he feel the need to be all over MWP? He is nolonger on Defense. He’s on Ofense… Could it be that he deliberatley placed himself there to draw a charge or a foul? I dont want to see anyone get hurt. But if you intentionally endager yourself and get hurt. I don’t feel bad for you. Harden was looking for the contact and he got what he was looking for. If someone is speeding runs a red light and hits a tree. Do you feel bad for him? Or do you think well you shouldnt have been speeding in the first place.

  • Tgeirman

     Artest is a G i don’t care what anybody say’s the Laker’s need that kind of mentallity on the court for the playoff’s. Yeah the elbow was kinda out of hand but now it’s a mental note to Harden next time they see eachother…don’t go near Artest when his adrenaline’s pumpin’ cause he keeps it 100 and in games does the same. Harden tryna swag with throwback cut. lol smh gtfo!  Ron Ron your the man