VIDEO: Manny Harris Scores 41 Points In Season Debut Win


    On Saturday night, the Los Angeles D-Fenders snapped their two-game losing streak with an impressive 124-118 victory over the Santa Cruz Warriors. While the D-Fenders led by as much as 28 points, the Warriors made a push in the second half and were able to tie the game at 116 late in the fourth quarter. However, Brandon Costner made what ended up being the game-winning three to lift the D-Fenders past the Warriors.

    Led by Manny Harris’ 41 points in his season debut, the D-Fenders improved to 2-4. Both teams play tonight at 5 p.m. at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo.

    Here are the highlights from Saturday night’s game via NBA D-League:

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    • LakersHeatBeef

      Hold off on the trade talk and here is you’re answer Manny Harris.I said it sign him.

      • Jim213

        M Harris may address one need but not inside defense. Haven’t watched the game but will need to follow up.

        • LakersHeatBeef

          Manny Harris is a decent guard and yes we need a inside defensive presence because Pau is pouting like a bitch poodle.A female dog pouts less than Pau Gasol lol.But seriously Manny played good.

        • LakersHeatBeef

          Jarvis Vernado is the Lakers answer for defensive shot blocking big man.Currently Jarvis Vernado is the #1 D-League Prospect.He was developed in the Miami Heat system and he provides major defense and rebounding he is not a great scorer but he averages 14.4 in the middle of the paint.Lakers do need a big man and Jarvis is available for cheap.Might as well try him out.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Yeap.D-League PG list Kendall,Manny,Curry,Liggins.Manny 9 out of 10 rating.Kendall 8 out of 10 rating.Curry 7 out of 10 rating.Liggins 6 out of 10 rating.

      • kobe24

        Agreed…but we don’t need more SG Lakers should really give out a 10 day contract to Kendall Marshall (In Janurary) if the lakers are still struggling with the PG position

        I think Seth curry has potential also but…idk

        • Daryl Peek

          By January Farmar will be back. Signing Marshall would be a waste at that point.

          • Zimmeredge

            especially if we pull that trade with NYK. Kobe will mostly play pg because Nash won’t be a player anymore a nd because with Shumpert, Meeks, Henry we would have enough depth at the guard position.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            We need help now at point guard.But i am a strong believer in player development.I see Manny Harris and Marshall,Curry as players the team can develop.Lakers need a PG IMO.Kobe needs to be a shooting guard IMO.Other teams carry 3 healthy healthy point guards we have zero healthy point guards SMH.

            • Daryl Peek

              January is less than two weeks away, no way the FO should spend money when JF will be back before then. Harris was jacking up shots like crazy. This is what players do in the D-league. You got to get real about this man. Fantasy GM is not how it works in real time in the NBA.

              X and Meeks were having a hard time getting PT when Kobe was out with Blake and Farmar on the court. Why in the world do you want to complicate that by wasting luxury tax dollars? Harris or Marshall will be riding the pine behind Kobe and X. for what? Farmar comes back and that’s just another person they’d be sitting behind. Blake come back and they likely get released. Money spent for absolutely nothing man.

            • LakersHeatBeef

              See you in the lottery with you’re mentality sir.I am real about it.You seem to be feeding me the corporate line one too many times.

              It’s a sad day to see fans like you.You accept any BS you here,shoot for the stars man.Man it’s not like this team will win a championship with the way you and the FO think.

              Step you’re game up please.Old school veteran like Steve Nash is not coming back soon.Also Blake is out a minimum of 6 weeks that’s a lot of games.

              Lakers can’t afford to lose games man,we need to make the playoffs but with you’re way of thinking that won’t happen.

            • Daryl Peek

              I’m feeding you the real life stuff you see the team doing. It’s sad to see fans like you that don’t take the time to understand the complexities of the current situation the Lakers are in. There are times you just can’t spend.

              You can’t continue to hock the future chasing something your’re not gonna obtain realistically. Adding those player does what? Corporate decisions have to be made and are made all the time. Kobe’s contract was one.

              If you think this team is not trying to compete just because they don’t satisfy a few fans clamoring for them to spend money the team doesn’t have, you haven’t been paying attention and are not doing your homework.

              This team will be fine. I’m glad we got a savvy FO that’s not with the panic mode quick trigger ISH.

    • cj


      tor- nash, 2019 first rounder, 2014 second rounder

      lal- lowery, novak

      • kobe24

        lol well I’m glad you aren’t our GM

        1st off we don’t have a 2014 second round pick so that falls off

        Raptors are looking for 1~2 talented players + a first round pick (which lakers don’t really have )

        They wouldn’t want Nash…he can’t even play ball in his current state. If he was putting up number (even 10 ppg/5 apg) then we can talk about trading Nash but current situation NO ONE will take Nash

        • cj

          ok so 2015 second rounder. this would be a win for the lakers. so why would u not want a gm that gets a good deal like this? rember mich made a pau for brown deal. he could make a deal like this work.

      • Zimmeredge

        Nash won’t be traded he will play as a Laker or he will retire within the two coming months.

        but I do agree We need Steve Novak. Try a trade for Kaman. Raptors might get interested in Kaman’s expiring contract while we could really use Steve Novak as a better, greater stretch four on offense than Shawne.
        Lowry? Give up both Meeks (or Henry) and Blake. Our two best outside shooters and best point guard and two good outside defenders

        • cj

          thats y i put novak in the deal lol. well another deal that could work would be

          blake, kaman, and shawne for lowery and novak.

          this deal would be nice if nash had to medicaly retire and his cash came off the books. that would put us at 13 players and an under the tax team.

          • Zimmeredge

            If we pull up TC/IS for PG we won’t need a pg anymore.
            KB24 will play pg for the rest of the season. That’s the reason why MK told the press that they weren’t looking at someone better than the guys we already have.

            Novak is almost “free” to go so to speak. He is not playing big minutes in Toronto.

            multiple players:
            -Meeks or Henry, Kaman, Kelly for Lowry and Novak.

            individual players:
            -Kaman for Novak
            -or Meeks or Henry and Kaman for Lowry. 😉

            Also remember that Jeremy Lin is also on the trade block. We all know how much D’antoni loved him in NYK. He might be expensive but if Nash retires everything’s possible (especially if can’t get a trade with NYK)

    • Zimmeredge

      let’s play pros and cons to a Pau Gasol trade for Chandler + Shumpert:
      -Gasol earns a 19m$/year so he’s a good riddance to the cap
      -He’s consistently asking for his touches inside…
      -…but he’s a 36% shooter in the paint.
      -He’s disrupting our offensive rythm.
      -He symply doesn’t want to roll to the basket.
      -He can’t stop whinning while everybody is making the extra effort to play well.
      -All his match-ups are getting career games against him.
      -He is definitely not a good rim protector.
      -He is not enough dissuasive inside.
      -He is not communicating well.
      -Help defense is non existant.
      -He’s been playing for the Lakers for too much time.
      -He lacks focus, energy, motivation, aggressiveness and concentration.
      -On the trade block for 3 years in a row now.
      -To inspire a new moose in the franchise we need to shake things up.
      -FA 2014 might not be as good as it was predicted.
      -Pau’s value is decreasing day after day.

      -he’s Pau Gasol he has played for the lakers for 7 years.
      -He has won 2 rings.
      -He’s still pairing up well with Kobe.
      -When he feels it and when he’s motivated he is unstoppable.
      -He’s a double-double guy every night of the year.
      -he’s grabing a lot of rebounds.
      -he’s not injury prone
      -Based on marketing, he is still, to this day one of the biggest shirts seller in the NBA

      • Zimmeredge

        The FO have always made great and big trades at key moments in the past to try to get the franchise back on the winning track (Divac for Kobe, Brown & Co for Pau, four team trade involving Bynum for Howard). They don’t know how to trade our own good guys (Shaq, Odom, Gasol’s multiples failure over the past years) to other people but we have a certain knack for bringing in great players and especially centers (Chamberlain, Jabbar, Shaq, Gasol and Dwight too).
        TBH, I don’t know about this trade. Chandler (and Shumpert) could be great assets for what they can bring in comparision to what Pau is giving us at the moment. I think it could instigate a new breath to the team with players (Kobe included) who can fit the offense pretty well. But, Chandler and Shumpert are both injury prone. It’s something we have to take into consideration imo. They both suffered torn ACL. They went through big injuries involving heavy surgery.
        When your talking about changing your center, your basically talking about changing your whole game eventho Chandler and Shumpert know MDA’s system. It will take time for our team to gel together and find is own heart and rythm.
        Defense and Offense starts at the rim and so Center is the key player to every basketball system (even MDA’s system). We have to remember, that we will change the most important part of our system in changing our starting center.
        Bryant will have adapt and adjust his game. I mean, with Gasol, he is having his easy bread and butter each and every game. So, your best player will have to adapt to a whole new group of guys. It won’t happen in 60 seconds flat. Offensively, it will change a lot of things for the pick man because Gasol have the ability to shoot mid range. He is still a triple threat player and it’s a strength for our offense because he creates a lot of space on pnr situations. Chandler can’t shoot so it will more predictable for the oppenents to the defend our pnr. Of course we can keep Kaman for that one and only purpose but he is hardly in the rotation today. Chandler is effective (60%) but he is not a true offensive force inside.
        So our offense will be based on 3pt, drive, pnr, transition but no in between game anymore.
        Of course, our defense will be based on boxing out, force TO, force shot on the perimeter, force bad shots selection, hustleness and energy.

      • cj

        i have another con for u that would eat up all of our capspace for this offseason. on the other hand it opens up cap space in 15 for a run at love.

        • Zimmeredge

          look at the FA this summer. Which player will be available? Deng? Granger? Monroe? Bosh? Ariza? of course Gasol? all our bench players? So no big fish except Monroe and Bosh (the Heat won’t keep him but they might go after Monroe to replace him). No Melo and no Lebron. Deng is too expensive tbh. If Granger is in good shape we can try to have him as our 3/4.

          • cj

            i dont see deng getting more the 10 mill this offseason.

            bosh will get about 15-20
            monroe will gt about 12-16

    • Gregory Choa

      Guys, Manny Harris is great, and I’m happy for him and the Defenders, but all I want for Christmas – and is really don’t think this is too much to ask for – is our point guards back…all three of them. I am truly convinced that everything that currently ails the Lakers is attributable to not having any of our true playmaking point guards available right now. It’s screwing around with the team’s chemistry, it’s precipitating this tendency of Kobe and Pau forcing the two-man game, it’s causing way too many turnovers, it’s laying waste to our already non-existent transition defense, and it’s stalling the Wolf Pack. Not having Farmar is killing the bench’s productivity, and not having Blake/Nash is not doing any favors to our starting unit.

      Get healthy guys, the Lakers Nation…and the Lakers…would be much better off, and in much better spirits, with your three guys around.