VIDEO: Magic Johnson Recalls Learning Of Lakers Intentions To Draft Kobe

VIDEO: Magic Johnson Recalls Learning Of Lakers Intentions To Draft Kobe


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When the Lakers traded starting center Vlade Divac for the rights to a high school kid named Kobe Bryant, no one knew what to think. Many were shocked since Divac had been a very good player for the team, and high schoolers have a very high chance of turning into busts.

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Someone who wasn’t surprised by the deal was Lakers legend Magic Johnson. In a ‘Planet Lakers’ special that aired yesterday on Time Warner Cable SportsNet, Johnson recalled a conversation he had with Lakers general manager Jerry West.

Johnson and West held a basketball camp in Maui during which Bryant apparently destroyed former Defensive Player of the Year, Michael Cooper. West told Johnson that the Lakers were working on a deal for Bryant and that he would be one of the greatest players of all-time.

No one realized how correct West would be, but Johnson knew before anyone else of the Lakers intentions. Check out Magic remembering that time below:

Kobe Bryant On Jimmy Kimmel

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  • Dorian Holden

    Someone please explain to me why Jerry West is a consultant for GSW and not the Lakers? What’s the real back story, and he was gone way before Jimmy took control so don’t try and simply blame Jim.

    • Chris Park

      I believe Jerry West is a minority owner of the GSW so probably reason why hes a consultant for GSW

      • Dorian Holden

        I’ve never heard that Chris. Not that I dont believe you, because I certainly don’t know that’s why I asked. But I gotta say, people always talk about ownership even if 1% and Ive never heard anyone say anything about Jerry West owning any part of the Warriors.

        • keenanjen

          Remember Jerry said it was a stressful job because he loved the Lakers so much. He could never watch them in the playoffs or Finals. I think this job may have killed him if he stayed on.

    • Mr. G.V.

      He had feelings for Jeanie Buss, when she started dating the zen master, Mr. Clutch decided to walk away. Love really sucks man!!!

      • jona_dia

        Makes sense now(if it is true). He can come back now that Phil is gone, but Mitch wouldn’t be removed either. Sad story.

      • keenanjen

        Not true at all. smh

  • Tyson

    FYI to everyone Aaron Gordon missed jump shots for 10 minutes straight according to ESPN Radio host Dave Mcten.Anyways for all the Marcus Smart fans he hit about 70% of his jumpers and he only had one bad stretch of misses but otherwise nailed his shit.

  • Mr. G.V.

    Even Vlade Divac said a while ago; I would have traded myself for Kobe Bryant!!! No B.S.

  • jona_dia

    Can we get Jerry West back!! Why did he leave?? Trying to experience something else? Something must have happen behind closed doors. Look at what west has done for the Warriors!! Might be able to pull off a trade for Kevin Love and create the most lethal 3pt shooting team in the league!! As a Laker fan, I’m scared if this actually happens.

  • Jim213

    Vid shown either in Dec 2013 or early 2014.


    And this is just one more reason that we need Jerry West back ASAP, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!