Video: LRT – Lakers vs. Heat & Blake vs. Spike Strip

Video: LRT – Lakers vs. Heat & Blake vs. Spike Strip


James Worthy said the Miami Heat are still the team to beat in the NBA. Do you agree? Steve Blake stepped on a spike strip and is out for three weeks. Who does that? Check out what your fellow fans and the guys from LRT had to say.

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  • Normussestudillo

    I post not to praise the Lakers, but James Worthy says that the Heats are the team to beat. And Worthy is an honorable man.

    • Salome7

      even the guys who say that rose is before kobe in the best ten players today in the league those guys are honorible too
      you must be joking rose before kobe rondo before kobe and so on
      what kobe has acomplished until today no current nba player will be even close to that and now once again i will write and keep in mind till the playoffsokc will loose four nothing to the lakers and if miami is in the eastern finals they will loose against the lakers four ,ok i give them a chance four one 

  • Kim Mathenge

    Definatly not It will be lakers or Thunder who win  it  Miami got lucky Last year because Derrick Rose got injuried.  and the Heat took an old @**…… boston team.  Just because the events of last year People will look for an excauses to run there month.

  • Kim Mathenge

    Oklahoma City will probably win if not the lakers But they really shouldn’t they are a Leastern conference team in the west conference.  Should have stayed in seattle.  Miami is the only team in the Leastern conference with rose out when you have no competeion you are supposed to win.

  • Cy Richmond

    did he really call lebron a 2 guard? son get your facts straight he’s small forward lmao