VIDEO: Lil Wayne Believes Kobe, Lakers Will Make Playoffs

VIDEO: Lil Wayne Believes Kobe, Lakers Will Make Playoffs


Lil Wayne recently made a guest appearance on ESPN’s First Take. Wayne was asked about if he believed the Los Angeles Lakers would make the playoffs next season:

It’s a strong West. It’s a strong West, but I just believe the will of Kobe Bryant. I see us getting that 8th spot at least.

The one justification for his confidence in the Lakers was the return of Kobe Bryant. This kind of reasoning would seem to ludicrous to most. To be fair, there isn’t much other reason for believing that the Lakers will make the playoffs. Lil Wayne is also known for being a Laker fan and even admitted that his belief in the Lakers was based on his emotional ties to the team.

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With the most notable additions to the Laker roster being Jeremy Lin, Carlos Boozer, and Julius Randle, the Lakers have made significant changes in progressing the team. These additions are solid, however they are lacking in the kind of superstar ability which would propel the Lakers into the playoffs.

However, true Laker fans know that there is always a chance with Kobe Bryant. In the interview, Stephen A. Smith admitted that he was scared to see the kind focus Kobe Bryant would bring to the team after not playing competitively for more than a year.


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  • kliff richard

    LA Lakers should consider steal trade Andrew Wiggins with Anthony Bennett from minnesota timberwolves for draft picks because of long term rebuild LA Lakers Good for Future

    • Max


    • Ray-Marcus

      Count out the possibility of LA making any trades for any potential superstars….Mitch just does not have the vision

      • Yaya

        The vision? Geez your memory of Mitch must be shotty.

        • Realistic Laker Fan

          Bruh it’s not happening the best the Lakers can offer is the Rockets 1st and 2nd round pick along with a future pick (2018/2019) and maybe Randle, but they will be getting Thaddeus Young in the trade so I doubt they are that interested.

          • Computer Networking

            Wait until the trade deadline. If jordan hill plays well, he will most likely get traded towards an upgrade.

  • ernie824

    Can’t count out the Black Mamba


    The fact of the matter is if we win LA fans will love Jim Buss, if we continue to lose we will forever hate Jim Buss point blank, i did have problems with Jim at first but his positives out weighs his negatives if you really think about it people act like its been over 10 years since we won a championship lol it was only 4 yrs ago people act like Jim Buss doesn’t like Phil Jackson but if they did their history he was only Buss to support Phil coming back in 08 n 09 wen we got those chips i like the idea of getting it done with out Phil and also he tried to pull off the Chris Paul trade but got Dwight, he got rid of Bynum and i’m thinking the reason he didn’t sign a coach while trying to get Melo because maybe Melo wanted George Karl that makes sense we have under rated talent on our team and i think we will surprise the world next year because it has been proven that you can win without big name superstars on your team, if Steve Nash stays healthy and be the player he was 2010 and 2011 is good enough and the fans will love him he has a chip on his shoulder just like everybody else on our team, Ed Davis has chip on his shoulder, Jeremy Lin, Kobe Bryant, Juilius Randle, Jordan Clarkson, Carlos Boozer, Nick Young, even Byron Scott the Lakers are hungry and really have something to prove

    • David

      Thanks Jeannie, use a little period every once in a while in your sentence so that it makes more sense. Thanks

    • Computer Networking

      I agree with everything accept for giving Jim credit. First of all, we knew the lakers weren’t getting Melo or lebron. We knew we were going to get a healthy kobe. Even though I think the moves that were made were good moves, there better moves to be made if buss and Kupchak didn’t wait to be turned down by bron and melo. Stephenson should have been top priority. He is young and he plays hard on both ends of the floor and the lakers could have gotten him for 10 million. Then Spencer hawes would have been good to pair with pau gasol. Gasol just wanted to be with a championship contender. Hawes and Stephenson with kobe and gasol would have looked pretty good. I’m am in favor of the Lin pick up. All I’m saying is that they choked because they waited too long for something not to happen.

  • Guest

    Wayne has lost his mind. There is no way this team will win over 40 games unless they run the table against all the weak Eastern conference teams and get lucky against the elite teams. It pains me to say it but unless Kobe, Boozer, and Nash drink from the fountain of youth, we have no shot. ZERO.

    • vdogg

      that’s why the play the games, man. we’ll see.

      • Guest

        I hope so..I don’t think I can endure another whooping like we saw the past 2 years

        • Stevo

          I’ve put this Lakers team under the microscope the past couple of years and I truly believe we have a shot at making the 8th seed. The last two years, we got killed in transitional defense (last year allowed 109 points per game). If we play better defense and slow the game down, we have more of an opportunity to win games. We learned the hard way last year, we don’t win shoot outs. The Western Conference will be tough, but we added some key additions with Lin, Boozer and Davis and we should hopefully see a healthy Kobe. If what Bryon Scott is saying, his main focus will be on defense. If Randle and Clarkson can blossom quick, I think we may have a shot. I don’t see the 8th seed winning 49 games like the Mavs did last year. We could still use another Center though.. LAKERS FOE LIFE!

        • Computer Networking

          They will win over 40, but they have to fill the sf position with beasley. Nick young is a spark off the bench. That’s what he will be best at. Johnson is a good defender, but he hurts the team on offense. Beasley would give a balance there. I also believe boozer and Davis should start. Davis is more like deandre jordan. No post game, but a lot of hustle, rim protector, rebounder. Add him with boozer, rebounder and midrange shooter with an average post game, and things could get interesting.

  • Zach

    This team has a chance to be decent–after Kobe retires.

    • Keep Quiet

      You are a Warriors fan. You constantly bash Laker fans… Yet you are on LakersNation.. how narcissistic of you

  • Keep Quiet

    What a dumb article. Out of context. Stephen A. Smith even asked, “are you saying that out of emotion?” .. And Wayne replied, “Yes I am.” .. He only said it because he’s been riding with KB24 for a minute now.

    • Stevo

      Cuz he smoked like 4 blunts before that interview!! LOL

      • Keep Quiet

        That is true. But my point was, if you are friends with someone, and then someone asks you about the talent level of that person, of course you are going to hype them up, and not down play them.

  • Syl

    Why does it sound like its a struggle for him to talk? #LilWayneSucks

  • young tounche

    Believe me, believe me, lakers are not gonna make the playoffs

  • ghost

    no one give a s*** what this idiot believes

  • Laker Dude Champions

    If the Lakers sign Bynum or Okafor along with Beasley anf Jordan Crawford then trade Crappy Sacre for a second round pick no player returning in the trade also cut Wes Johnson he sucks then sign Jordan Crawford.That’s enough firepower to fight for a playoff spot.We need a big man like Bynum or Okafor also a wing scorer Beasley and a guard bench scorer Jordan Crawford.Stack up the team with these moves.

    Lakers Lineup
    PG Jeremy Lin
    SG Kobe
    SF Beasley
    PF Julius Randle
    C Bynum or Okafor
    6TH Man Swaggy P
    7TH Man Carlos Boozer
    8TH Man Jordan Hill
    9TH Man Jordan Clarkson
    10TH Man Ed Davis
    11TH Man Steve Nash
    12TH Man Xavier Henry
    13TH Man Ryan Kelly

    • Jim213

      Thirteen players on the roster w/Clarkson (not signed). Need another 5 mostly. Forget Bynum, he’ll likely play less than 25 games if he happened to be attained. Don’t see Wes (already on board) on your list too.

    • Jermaine

      We also need defense, we keep Wesley


      thought u might put Kevin Love, Wiggins, Carmelo, and Durant in there. After all, we know all those players are coming to the Lakers in 2016. LOL

  • Laker Dude Champions

    Lakers Jordan Crawford,Jordan Clarkson,Jordan Hill,Kobe,Bynum staters!

  • Laker Dude Champions

    Starters!Kobe,Jordan Crawford,Jordan Clarkson,Jordan Hill,Andrew Bynum!

  • Laker Dude Champions

    The Starters
    PG Jordan Clarkson
    SG Jordan Crawford
    SF Kobe Bryant
    PF Jordan Hill
    C Andrew Bynum

    Best balance we can have offense and defense plus rebounding and passing.

  • Rarthadys

    I think some lakers fans just want the Lakers to tank for high picks again, that’s where the zero chance of making playoff came from. Tanking is dangerous, it demoralize a franchise for years and basketball god punishes teams for that. A fan should always be positive about their team, or else, change team to support will be the best way to go.

    • Realistic Laker Fan

      Taking can be dangerous but the Spurs admitted to be tanking for Duncan and OKC tanked for Durant,Westbrook, and Harden which all turned out well. It’s as risky as relying in free agency what the front office is doing, the whole changing the “culture” argument is pretty weak and the Lakers had more then enough to success to have a bad year or two.

    • ltsJoeMama

      I don’t think the Lakers have any first round picks, though.

      • Lakers4Eternity

        Top 5 protected. If the Lakers end up the top 3 worst team in the league, they got to keep the pick.

      • Kwok Wai Lai

        The pick from Houston is unconditional.

        A Rockets w/o Parsons, Lin and Asik will dwell to the bottom. Who is going to give D12 the ball? The Rockets is going to be the biggest loser in the coming season. Rockets might even be a lottery pick.

  • Pete

    So the Lakers had one of the worst teams last year and win 27 games. With an improved roster and Kobe Bryant, you actually think the Lakers won’t win over 40 games? The Lakers will definitely win 40+. The only time the Lakers don’t make the playoffs is when Kobe gets a real injury. Which has happened twice. So dont be so quick to count the Lakers out. #Kobe4life

    • Lakers4Eternity

      ” With an improved roster and Kobe Bryant, you actually think the Lakers won’t win over 40 games?”
      Yes, I really think the Lakers won’t win over 40 games. Yes, we added new players but none of them are All-Stars calibre.

      “The only time the Lakers don’t make the playoffs is when Kobe gets a real injury.”
      How about 2004/05 season? Was Kobe injured?

      There is a different between being optimistic and delusional. If the Lakers are playing in the Eastern Conference, there is a possibility but not in the West. Plus, new players need time to gel with each other and even the senior players need time to understand Byron’s system.


      go buy your mamba strikes back shirt

  • Jose Blanco Jr.

    Seriously! Are we looking at the same Lakers team?? The west is not that tough after like maybe the 4th best team! Y’all stuck on stars so much it’s ridiculous. This is a dangerous Lakers team. Just wait til all star break.


      don’t worry, we’ll be here. LOL

  • Max

    Lakers should put Odem in rehab and hire him back and for that matter get Metta Word/panda back as well. They r both bad asses

  • numb1lakefan

    Best starting 5 in the league hands down !!!