VIDEO: Lakers Nation Teams Up With Nash The Documentary

VIDEO: Lakers Nation Teams Up With Nash The Documentary


Michael Hamilton and the good folks over at NASH The Documentary have teamed up with Lakers Nation to provide you, the reader, an opportunity to win some signed gear by Steve Nash.

Hamilton has started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund Nash The Documentary. NASH is a film that will explore not just everything that Nash has been able to do in his illustrious NBA career, but also the person he is off the court. The documentary will take an in-depth look at Nash’s personal life as a father, humanitarian and film maker. Nash will feature interviews from some of Hollywood’s biggest musicians and actors as well as an interview with President Barack Obama. Below is an excerpt from the Kickstarter page:

Steve Nash has become a global name and he is receiving more attention than ever before, however, this NBA MVP remains grounded, truly humble and never complacent. Growing up in Canada with a family that instilled values and a solid foundation that all kids deserve, has grounded this international celebrity. When you are a child your future resembles a blank canvas and you are afforded the right to determine what colors and strokes of the brush you will use in order to paint your masterpiece. In Steve’s case sport was his brush and basketball his primary colors. At an early age he decided that’s what his passion and goals were, to play professional basketball in the most coveted league in the world. Every part of him, every ounce of his being was fueled to satisfy that goal.

As a reader of Lakers Nation, you will be given an opportunity to get a first look at parts of interviews from celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Owen Wilson as well as the opportunity to win a signed photo and signed basketball from Nash himself, all thanks to the wonderful people at NASH The Documentary. Be sure to go check out the Kickstarter campaign here, and support if you believe in the project have the means to do so. Our first contest will begin on Monday, to be sure to check back on our Lakers Nation Facebook page and Twitter account for details.

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    • cat

      hey thats nash’s friend the cat… :) i hope this laker team will stay healthy all year and see nash win his first championship, its well deserved to an epic career he has!!! dantoni must play a 12 to 13 man roster in order for stars like nash to stay healthy, keep in mind he was hit and beat up last season thats why he got injured. there are other teams in the league that purposely hit or injure another star player, ex. dantay jones fr. atlanta under cutting kobe, and damian lillard kneeing nash’s thigh intentionally, yup u know it. so dantoni has a very deep squad read to use and dont over play stars like nashty.. the more players play next season the longer the players will remain healthy believe that!
      what about signing the machine Sasha!! the cat says so above.. hahaha!!!

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  • backer

    Steve will supply the Court Vision and the sweet plays – Laker Nation fans need to help step-up and supply Steve’s story a 40ft vision onto the big screen. Every little bit help’s and Best of luck to the film makers and to Steve himself on a healthy, successful and hopefully another 50-40-90 season – Go STEVE!

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  • vdogg

    sounds like an interesting documentary. also, i think nash should grow his hair out long again — he seems to play better when it’s long, flopping all over the place.

  • Escort in Malaysia

    As we know about the king of America MR Barack Obama who is always ready to help anyone which is really great !! Thanks