Video: Lakers Nation Interviews Dwight Howard

Video: Lakers Nation Interviews Dwight Howard


Lakers Nation’s Serena Winters managed to steal Dwight Howard away for a one-on-one interview after his introductory press conference Friday evening. Howard talks Twitter followers, his defensive presence, upcoming commercials with Steve Nash, and even gives us a preview to a Mike Brown impersonation.

Superman may not have had much of a voice, but he could not have been more excited to talk to Lakers Nation. Don’t believe me? Judge for yourself…

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  • Joe B

    He is genulinely funny unlike Shaquille who is kinda mean spirited and phony

  • sti1lmatic

    For someone who didn’t want to come to the lakers, he seems pretty FN happy to be here now.

  • Pondevida_noel

    let’s go lakers ….

  • Bx1815

    It is now time to tie n pass the celtics for the most championships

  • Chrslxndr4

    Pretty sure I’ve had a crush on Serena since UCSB