VIDEO: Lakers Fan Posts Kobe’s Response To Bill Simmons’ LeBron Rant

VIDEO: Lakers Fan Posts Kobe’s Response To Bill Simmons’ LeBron Rant


Within the last couple of years, most people have come to the conclusion that LeBron James is the best basketball player in the NBA, especially as Kobe Bryant has gotten older. While James will undoubtedly go down as one of the best players in the history of the NBA, so too will Kobe.

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This point may have been lost on ESPN analyst and noted Celtics fan Bill Simmons. Before Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Simmons went on a rant imploring people to appreciate everything James does on the court instead of constantly criticizing him. His point may be a valid one, but this one line is sure to not sit well with Kobe fans:

We waited 15 years to see from Jordan to this.

It’s possible that Simmons was simply caught up in the moment and forgot about Kobe. Nevertheless, while fans could appreciate James more, they can also serve not to forget arguably the greatest player of this generation, and that is Kobe Bryant. Check out the video above posted by YouTube user, Bennett Spector.

(h/t Bleacher Report)

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  • Lakers Realist

    Is anyone really surprised by this? He’s gone from outright slandering of him through 2009, to just ignoring that he exists since he won rings 4 and 5. The real question is who disrespects Kobe more, Simmons or Barkley?

    • Alfred Luna

      A couple of dumbasses. Who really cares what these 2 idiots think

    • Freddy Gutierrez

      do you not know bill simmons is boston guy? he will bash anything from LA

      • Lakers Realist

        I obviously do as that was the implication behind my post.

    • rob

      At least last year Barkley did admit that he put kobe in his top 5 Kenny and them was surprise

    • RLA

      Both punk! The mister know it all didn’t come back after the game 3 after all of them pick the Heat to win game 3!

      I wish they didn’t have so much time before the game talking about nothing and getting paid!

    • magikwyrkz4u

      I could give a shit what Simmons thinks since he is just a hack at his job and a hater. We all know Kobe is the greatest player of this generation. If everyone can remember, Michael Jordan the real king said so. As far as Barkley goes he can suck ass because he is just jealous of what Kobe has obtained and in no way could he even aspire to that with his fat ass. Lebron may be good, but he is definitely no Jordan or Kobe.

      • AssassinsKingsGods

        MJ is not the real king, nor is he even a king. LBJ is just a princess or the king of flop. Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are the GODS of Basketball.

        • johnny

          What? None of those three were close to Chamberlin , Kareem or Magic.

      • KBM

        Yeah he’s better than kobe

      • dick head

        i would take duncan and leEgo over the rapist. Shaq was best player on the 3peat teams not jackass gunner kb….magic,kareem,elgin and of course wilt were all better than my fellow dickhead kb the mj wannabe

    • Ali Hassan

      Totally Agree with u and Bill Simmons Sir, 5 BEATS 2 and even 3 if they win it this year which is not very sure!!!! even Jordan said it! SO STFU u ignorant FOOL!

    • Jim

      Kobe is done. Move on!

      • Lakers Realist

        Go say that to Kobe. Also that doesn’t change the fact that the point of this article was how Simmons skipped over Kobe when saying we haven’t seen a player of Lebron’s caliber since MJ. Take your drama somewhere else.

  • Mike

    Bill Simmons has always been a Kobe/Laker hater. He’d never admit that Kobe is one of the best of all time. He’s a Celtics fan he has no respect for the Lakers. I don’t blame him I hate the Celtics…

    • j.thekidd


    • Lakers Realist

      The funny part is he admits in his book he knows Kobe is one of the all time greats. Guess he just can’t bring himself to vocalize it.

  • Jeff B.

    Simmons heart was ripped out by Kobe

  • JefF

    This is exactly the reason why I always skip the pre-game and half-time shows. Bill Simmons (ABC/ESPN) and Barkley (TNT) are notorious Lakers/Kobe haters… No big surprise here!

  • mike

    ESPN really annoys me with this lebron/heat ass kissing. even when the spurs won game 1 all ESPN talked about is lebron this, lebron that all the way to the pre-game of game 2 to the post game of game 3.

    • 3339

      I remember when the Mavs beat them in the finals and instead of keeping the cameras on the Mavs celebrating they were mostly on the Heat crying their way back to the locker room. espn absolutely loves them

      • ckbstokely

        East Coast Media Bias is real – no matter how much they publicly deny it.


          I totally agree with ckstokely, East Coast Media Bias is a fact…. always has been.

    • magikwyrkz

      I won’t even watch ESPN for that reason.

  • KobeIzLegend

    Simmons…u a weakass bitch 4th all time reg season pts…2nd all time playoff pts…5titles…b4 real son

  • ra

    Just wait 10 years, when all the current media weenies on ESPN and TNT will be forgotten, and forgotten forever.

    After all is said and done, we will see ‘plenty’ of highlight tapes (vids) of how great Kobe was. The last second shots, the championship moves, post up, circus moves, etc.

    The CBA has ruined the NBA, and it will become a shell of its former self in the next few years. After Miami loses the championship, there will be no ‘big market’ team (like LA, NY, Boston) in the driver’s seat, and the NBA will be a bunch of ‘floundering’ teams. That’s what league parity is getting us. The country doesn’t care if the Milwaukee Bucks make it to the Finals or not – it has to be LA, NY, Boston (maybe Bulls, but they were only relevant because of MJ). Big market teams ‘drive’ the NBA, make it interesting Miami is a ‘medium’ market team, and will be finished once LeBron is done with that city. He’ll probably stay there, but there are not enough good players to support him (and, who will work for ‘nothing’) anymore.

    Then, the media weenies will wish that Kobe was still a hot item.

    Face it, the great ones, the greatest in basketball (in recent history) are becoming rare now. LeBron is their last one (playing now), as is Kobe as he plays his last few years.

  • hookedonnews

    LeBron will never be as good as Jordan. Not sure he is as good as Kobe was before the recent injuries. I’m sure Bill Simmons will be asked to explain his comments. LeBron is still a work in progress. His size is obviously an advantage, but he lacks the clutch gene or the killer instinct of a Jordan, Bird or Kobe. Not sure how you acquire that.

    • Mason Kupston

      you mean this “clutch gene” that doesn’t exist? bunch of mini skip bayless all over this place

      • hookedonnews

        Didn’t realize I was quoting Skip Bayless. I’m talking about players who want the ball when the game is on the line–players who want to take the last shot. You won’t see Kobe passing the ball when the clock is running out and they need a basket to tie or win the game. 99 times out of 100 he’ll be taking that shot. It’s a mindset. I don’t see that in LeBron. He’s better than he used to be under pressure, but he’s still no Jordan or Kobe.

    • independentbynature

      Kobe was born with that gene.That’s the only way to get it.It’s who Kobe,Jordan and Bird are.

    • SlamFloatingLayJumper

      Kobe is second to none. LBJ will never be as good as KB24 and MJ23. LBJ’s game mostly relies on his athleticism, and as he gets older, he’ll get slower and weaker and become less and less effective. Maybe his flopping/drama skills will help him.

      • hookedonnews

        He and Wade both deserve Oscars for their award-winning flops. I can’t believe those guys. It’s a joke.

  • Darren Moreno

    Kobe is one of the greatest guards of all time. His only fault is that he came too soon after Jordan and basically had the same skill set as Jordan and played the same position. Had Kobe come into the league now he would probably be beloved more.

    • Maynard

      Dude, you totally nailed it.

  • Arlene A LeBeauf

    Who Cares what Jealous haters say.. Kobe Knows and WE #LAKERSFANS4EVER KNOW…#KOBEFAN4EVER

  • Zimmeredge

    We’ll see How lebron last once he can’t dunk it home on transition or posterize centers. If he has the same skill set. Kobe is probably the best offensive, versatile player ever. His skillset is yet to be beaten. Even jordan cańt compare kobe’s skills.

  • Matt Williams

    Who cares about Bill Simmons. Nobody likes him.

  • thetruth26

    Lebron needs to have two of the top 5 picks, an old Allen, an easy road to the Finals, a terrible conference, has to have his other 2 starters to ave 13 points and a great bench to even get close to winning a championship. Jordan did it with just Pippen and Kobe did it with just Gasol. They only need two players. Gasol is not even on the level of Wade, Pippen, or Bosh, and yet Kobe was able to win a championship.

    If Lebron is better than Jordan and Kobe, how come him and his team cannot dominate in the Finals.

    Lebron lost to Dirk who had no one in his team, not to mention that he did not do anything in that series. Lebron barely won when against the Spurs, when the Spurs have an old team.

    He can only beat the Thunder. But barley beat the Celtics with really old players. Imagine if Rose and Noah did not have an injury and had to play the Heat. My guess is that the Heat would have lost to the Bulls.

    • hype107

      I agree everything but the “jordan only had pippen” part! Those bulls teams were loaded, especially the second 3peat team – jordan, pippen, rodman, tony kukoc and a shit load of shooters

      • thetruth26

        Yea, that is true. But for the first threepeat Jordan and Pippen were the main guys.

  • thetruth26

    Stop comparing Lebron to Jordan. Compare Lebron to the center and forwards because Lebron has a one dimensional where he always drives to score. Kobe and Jordan actually shoot the ball from beyond the paint. Unlike Lebron who always drives in.

  • VillainKing™

    Bill Simmons is just jealous of what Kobe has achieve in his NBA career..

    • Ken Cheng

      Simmons has one problem with Kobe: he wears a Lakers jersey.

  • Kareem Abdul Ali

    Who gives a fuck what Bill Simmons thinks?

  • Nobody

    I think part of the thing about the LeBron vs Kobe debate (other than that it’s stupid) is that LeBron’s good, but he’s also very flashy. He’s got a lot of shock and awe in his dunks and layups. Kobe does fancy stuff too but these days pre-injury he was more finesse over flashiness.

  • Mason Kupston

    You Laker/Kobe fans are hilarious all butt hurt over this. Pretty much everyone without the Kobe goggles on see’s him for how he is – an all time great player but one who was selfish and more one dimensional as his career went on. Leave it to Kobe fans to revise history and make it seem as if Shaq was some regular good big man instead of seeing him for how he actually was. Kobe is a better scorer, LeBron is a better all around player and trying to argue against that at this point is just plain silly.

    • TPC

      So you’re not even a Laker fan but you’re spending your time trolling a Laker fan website? Get a life man. And who’s “revising history”? You sound delusional.

    • Nickoli

      Selfish and one dimensional? For one he’s only avged half an assist less than MJ his entire career so if he’s selfish so is Michael. If he’s one dimensional his “one dimension” is winning and doing whatever it takes. Get your sorry ass off our page and go read a book

    • magikwyrkz

      Go back to your hole you climbed out of troll.

    • LBJistheBestonlyatFlopping

      Lol! Kobe And Mike were way better than LeBron at basically EVERYTHING and they’re definitely more versatile. They were Lockdown Defenders and LBJ is not. They can score from anywhere and by any means. And they make their own shots. LBJ can only do dunks, fastbreaks, and can shoot only when defenders are far from him or from screens. The only thing better with LeBron is his height which is supposed to help him with everything, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with him. Kobe is selfish huh? So being 27th all time leader in assists is selfish? Not to mention the 26 above him are all PGs.

      • dick head

        shaq was best player on 3peat teams, not jackass kobe….lebron has won 4 mvps too btw which is 3 more than kb ever will

        • Smoove

          MVP means nothing after they gave it to Nash when Kobe clearly deserved it.

    • Not Dennis Rodman

      LOL! One Dimensional? Courtesy of Wikipedia:

      11× All-NBA First Team (2002–2004, 2006–2013)

      2× All-NBA Second Team (2000–2001)

      2× All-NBA Third Team (1999, 2005)

      9× NBA All-Defensive First Team (2000, 2003–2004, 2006–2011)

      3× NBA All-Defensive Second Team (2001–2002, 2012)

    • Ronniepee

      Boy you sound so stupid!!!! Yes, Shaq was a dominant big man, but just as much as Kobe needed Shaq, Shaq needed Kobe. There were so many games where Shaq was in foul trouble and Kobe was there to close teams out. Even if you take away the 3 Rings that Kobe has with Shaq, he still has 2 rings without Shaq. So now I guess those 2 rings was because of Gasol right??? The same Gasol that was 0-8 in playoff appearances before he came to LA. How quickly people forget about this guys greatness…

    • RonniePee

      You sound so stupid!!! Yes, Shaq was a dominant big man, but just as much as you think Kobe needed Shaq, Shaq needed Kobe more than people would like to admit. Do you recall the games when Shaq would get in foul trouble or put at the free throw line that would have the Lakers in a position to lose games and Kobe would play his role and deliver clutch shots and lock down defense as needed. Kobe averaged over 26ppg with Shaq, that’s not called help, that’s call “this is my team too”. We can even take away the 3 rings with Shaq and Kobe still has 2 rings without him. So do you credit Gasol with those 2 rings? The same Gasol that was 0-8 in playoff games before he came to LA??? The bottom line is that you, just like many other “fans” quickly forget about greatness!!! Just like people are quick to talk about how Lebron got to the Finals with a no-name team. Well so did Allen Iverson and he actually won a game in the Finals and is only 6 foot even and 170 pounds, not the physical specimen that Lebron is and was. Stop getting caught up in the now. Lebron has 2 other players on his team that would be “the man” on their own team. let’s not forget about that. Lastly, Lebron was drafted, hyped and the stage was set for him to be the man, Kobe was drafted #13 and rode the bench for 2 years. He took the title of being the man, it wasn’t handed to him like Lebron’s status was. Thanks.

  • Keylon Shinault

    This vid seem like it was an old Kobe interview meshed together with the bill simmons one now..but still doesnt take away the fact that he’s a Laker hater

    • Yaya

      That’s exactly what it was. Lol

  • Frnk Sinatra

    And they pay that guy to do that job?

  • cheston

    Bill Simmons is a joke. He is a laker hater I for one don’t get why espn would employ someone with such a lopsided view of reality

  • Jesus Contreras

    as if i needed more reasons to hate that boring ass clown simmons.
    #LakersForever #KB24ever

  • independentbynature

    I hit the mute button on my remote whenever the mouth of the Celtics is on.With Jackson and VanGumby calling the games,I could just mute the whole game.

  • Sayitainttone24


  • kbgreatest

    I would not consider any comments from CELTIC bitter fans.Kobe’s legacy is already in history book of basketball.His name is next to Jordan and his love for the sport is next to none. MJ left the sport to take 2 years break and retired then return again in Washington.But Kobe endured the pain and never leave the sport for personal reason.kb

  • dioguito17

    what a pity!! can’t wait to see my idol THE BLACK MAMBA exploding and beating some asses even if he not gets his 6th ring!! KB24 should be the greatest over MJ or like MJ before to talk about LEBRONING!! i’m off with these blinded and direspectful guys! #KOBEFOREVER

  • Ali Hassan

    Bill Simmons forgot who taunted his Beloved Celtics from 08/09 til 2010-2011! such disrespect to one of the greats! i used to enjoy listening to BS but now i know for sure he is an idiot!!! a bandwagon fan in Bill Simmons towards Lebron James, i m sure he wasn’t saying that when James OWNED THE CELETICS THEN!

  • what

    I was looking at this Spurs team and after seeing Tim Duncan’s salary I will NEVER defend Kobe Greedy Bryant again.

    Every time he says he wants to win, my stomach turns. If he wanted to win he wouldn’t have accepted so much money. He would have done what Duncan did and taken a pay cut to better the team. Instead, Kobe talks out of both sides of his mouth while piling nearly 50% of the Lakers cap into his bank account.

    If you want the money, be honest about. “Yeah, I’m taking all the money I can get.” Don’t say you care about winning and handcuff your team.