Video: Lakers at Clippers Friday Night Preview

Video: Lakers at Clippers Friday Night Preview


Lakers Nation’s Daniel Buerge and Serena Winters preview the Lakers vs. Clippers matchup, with the Clippers taking home stage at Staples Center Friday night. Though the Clippers have dropped their past two games after a 17-game winning streak, they can still extend their current 10-game streak at home.

Who will have a better game – Steve Nash or Chris Paul? Can the Clippers really be compared to Showtime? Who has the better fans? We talk about it all.

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  • hookedonnews

    I don’t think Chris Paul is the 3rd best player in the league. Yes, he’s one of the top PGs in the league, but I don’t think he’s going to overwhelm Steve Nash. I also think the statement about Steve Nash not being able to do anything in the paint is wrong. There’s nothing wrong with Nash, even though he’s 38 and coming off a broken leg. He has looked great since his return. Kobe is a double-edged sword. They need his scoring, but sometimes he takes the team out of rhythm by dominating the ball too much. Hopefully these guys will learn to play together and implement D’Antoni’s system. Why is it far-fetched to think the Lakers can stay with the Clippers when Golden State just beat them convincingly? The Lakers have played well at times. It’s not all gloom and doom, although you would never know it listening to Kobe Bryant. I will be surprised if the Lakers don’t play well against the Clippers. Everyone seems to view them through the prism of their last game, i.e., the Sixers debacle. I prefer to remember the Knicks and Golden State games. I don’t know if the Lakers will win tonight, but they are certainly capable of doing it.