VIDEO: Kyrie Irving Takes Dwight Howard To The Hole With Crossover

VIDEO: Kyrie Irving Takes Dwight Howard To The Hole With Crossover


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One player that Los Angeles Lakers fans would love to have wearing purple and gold in the near future is Kyrie Irving. Although it’s too early to tell if Irving will end up in Los Angeles, the star point guard scored some points with Lakers fans during the 2014 NBA All-Star Game.

In the fourth quarter, Irving purposely created the mismatch with former Laker Dwight Howard. Irving took his time dribbling and chose the perfect time to attack. Irving worked his way past Dwight and pulled up the sweet layup over the Houston Rockets’ center bringing fans to their feet in New Orleans and in Los Angeles.

H/T to Gifdsports
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  • Jay Brodes

    too bad kyrie didnt tear d12’s acl..that would have been legendary!

    • Huss

      Bro no one wishes on someones injury what the fuck are you saying.

  • nlruizjr

    Doesn’t make sense to at least get a 1st rd. pick for J Hill, getting a pick isn’t going to change what the lakers are going to give up in contract money for J. Hill, Mitch your going to have to pay someone, irregardless to take J.Hill’s spot, if you have that pick you have at least some negotiating power with another team vs. nothing !! Mitch must be smoking that same sh## that JimmyBoy and MD is smoking !!!!!!