VIDEO: Kobe Would Not Be OK With Duncan Winning His Sixth Ring Reviewed by Momizat on . After an absolutely dominant performance, the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat, netting Tim Duncan his fifth NBA championship. That ties him with Kobe After an absolutely dominant performance, the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat, netting Tim Duncan his fifth NBA championship. That ties him with Kobe Rating: 0
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VIDEO: Kobe Would Not Be OK With Duncan Winning His Sixth Ring

After an absolutely dominant performance, the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat, netting Tim Duncan his fifth NBA championship. That ties him with Kobe Bryant as the two battle over the claim of best player in the post-Michael Jordan era.

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Kobe Bryant has made no secret about his desire to win a sixth championship before he retires. But with the Spurs having a much better roster right now, it seems far more likely that Duncan could win his sixth ring before Bryant, something that would not sit well with Kobe according to the LA Daily News’ Mark Medina:

If you ask me if I’m okay with Tim doing it, I’m not,” Bryant said. “I’m not okay with that”

This comment should come as no surprise to anyone as Bryant’s competitive streak is on par with anyone in the history of sports. Bryant will stop at nothing to get another championship and he would gladly go through Duncan to do it.

The road to getting back to the Finals will be a tough one for Bryant. The Lakers still do not have a coach, have very little to offer a team in a trade with only four players under contract, and their seventh pick overall.

Duncan is in the position to overtake Bryant next season if the Spurs can keep on the pace that they have been going, but Bryant will not be going down without a fight — that much can be guaranteed.

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  • Marvin

    Perhaps if Kobe had taken 10 mil a year instead of 25 he’d have a better chance to get that 6th ring before Duncan.

    • TheTruthKills

      DING DING DING. You sir are correct.

      • iEATcelticBabies

        ???? wtf, ding ding ding ?? are you a cow??.. go graze on the celtic page bro’ski !

        • Akinde Olagundoye

          It’s simple logic. I think we’re all Laker fans.

    • Ramon

      -_- how many times… he was offered… wtf, would you take a paycut just so you can field more employees? -_- all you know is the number, but you’ve never really done the math work…

      • lifelong laker fan

        the math work is for those who are only after a few extra dollars, not for those who are after more championships.

        • nlruizjr

          Once again, it is not Kobe’s job to analyze why Jeanie and Jimmyboy offered Kobe that contract, it’s the FO responsibility to measure the roster’s financial obligation, Kobe has nothing to do with that, why don’t you go ask Jeanie and Jimmy ????

    • iEATcelticBabies

      Kobe is worth 50 mil a year.. you are speaking of Thee Basketball God, are you outside your mind boy ?? !!

    • Kin

      Considering the Lakers are probably worth North of 3 Billion Dollars. The Lakers probably have a little more flexibility going over the salary cap. For a team valued at 550 mil like the bucks and with a 64 million salary cap. They probably couldn’t afford a 20 million player like Kobe. Good thing Kobe plays for the Lakers and they along with a few other teams could can afford to spend well over the salary cap if they choose to and still make a profit.

    • KB24

      Lakers FO wont give him that money if he does not deserves it, at the same time they said that they can still build a championship caliber team with that kobe contract…that is the reason whY kobe signed it for the PRESENT(kobe era) to the FUTURE(kevins era durant and love)…kobe would not sign that contract if the FO didn’t promise him that they will build a championship contender with his last 2 years

    • Luke Schroeder

      His salary meant nothing. The Lakers are one of the teams that can afford the luxery tax. Front office just refuses to pull the trigger on any moves.

    • Thomas Klein

      10 million, so you think Kobe is worth less than say Luol Dang, by 5 million dollars a year???
      One of the most recognizable sports figures on the planet, who fills paying seats up routinely is worth a third less than an unrecognized player who doesn’t fill seats…….
      MAN your a lousy business person

      • Derwin Davis

        You guys are missing the point. If Kobe took $10 Mil instead of 23Mil, That is more money to sign a Kyle lowry, and Marcin Gortat and Melo this offseason. Then still have money for Kevin Love next yr. If kobe took 10mil per yr, Melo will feel a lot better about taking $16, Gortart *mil, and lowry 9mil. You will be under the cap with that roster. 10+16+9+8= 43Mill. Hopefully Nash retires or you can buy him out. Team duncan took 10 Mil, They were able to sign splitter for 9mil a yr. Kobe is already rich, he doesn’t need more money. He’s only playing for his legacy. Taking all that money makes it hard for him to improve it. And Im The Biggest Lakers & Kobe fan, but its just common sense.

    • DKWTTY

      Well let’s see, Tim Duncan already had Manu and Tony by his side when they all decided to stick together and take a paycut. That’s a good core to have faith in. Who is Kobe supposed to take a paycut for? Whether people like it or not Kobe>>>Tim Duncan who has never had a bad team around him. He’s ALWAYS had Robinson or Manu or Tony. Kobe hasn’t.

      • Travis D.

        Kobe had Shaq, and ran him out of town.
        If Kobe and Shaq and stayed together for all of Shaq’s Career how many titles would the Lakers have won?
        Probably close to 8 by now.
        But Kobe is a Horrible teammate,

        No one wants to play with him.

        • DKWTTY

          Listen DUMBFUCK use the internet and see Shaq’s comments on leaving, Kobes, Phils, everyones. He was not ran out of town. This is the dumbest fucking shit that keeps being repeated. The Lakers DID NOT want Shaq back because he was fat, old and out of shape. Learn your history or be quiet!! No duh they would have won more but that’s not Kobe’s fault. Are you basically calling Shaq a bitch? Little old Kobe ran big ass Shaq out? The fact that people still repeat this annoys me. You’ve never played with him, eat a dick. D-Fish, Pau, Lamar Odom, Trevor Ariza, Antwan Jamison, and the list goes on all loved him.

          • V

            Oh shit! You tell him!

        • V

          Oh would you just stfu? Please and thank you.

        • nlruizjr

          is that why Shaq and Magic said that Kobe is the greatest Laker of all time, Kobe didn’t run Shaq out of town, Shaq ran Shaq out of town by not being in shape, Kobe just held him accountable to report in shape.

    • comrade24

      STFU, why don’t you offer to take a paycut at your job for the sake of the company? give me a break. so fucking sick of hearing this stupid ass comment. You want someone to blame for his contract? fine. Blame Mitch Kupchak, blame Jimbo. But don’t forget that if Kobe would have taken the contract he was eligible for it would have been 2 year 64 million. People say superstars never leave money on the table? Right there Kobe left 16 million dollars on the table. He didn’t even negotiate with them. They offered, he accepted just like you or anyone else in damn would have. He’s taking a 6 million dollar paycut the first season. I agree the contract is a bit stiffling for getting back to contention, but the blame is constantly misplaced here, and the notion that they can’t build a team around his contract is BS. Also, his contract shows potential FA’s that if you’re loyal to the Lakers, the Lakers will take care of you.

  • TheTruthKills

    Well Duncan and the Spurs will be back in contention next year. Duncan realized what was important. He, Manu, and Parker all took less money (combined they made less than Kobe this past year) to ensure the Spurs would always be in contention. They play selfless basketball with no egos involved. Their reward was the championship they won last night. Like Marvin said, maybe if Kobe took less the FO could have give him the necessary help to get that 6th ring. But since he and the Lakers FO made their choice. Now we’ll have to face the consequences of that arrogant decision.

    • vdogg

      the lakers have no problem going over the salary cap if they field a team that is a contender. this isn’t milwaukee.

      • Jim

        Yea with that huge tv contract they have all the money they need. As long as they have a players’ bird rights they should be good. No matter what kid of comments they make publicly about the salary cap.

        Plus who is to say that Kobe doesn’t restructure his deal if the lakers are in a position to bring in more talent? There is no reason that he shouldn’t take the money that is available right now. He can always readjust his salary later if the lakers come to him with a good deal. This actually gives him a bit of a say in who the lakers bring in.

        • vdogg

          i am not sure the NBA allows you to do that. but the salary cap is actually expanding this offseason, i do know that.

        • roseducanna

          His selfish > # 6 ring.

      • Thomas Dease


    • Jeorge Philip Santiago

      Shut up hater. All your posts here in Lakers Nation are against Kobe. I don’t care if the Spurs won, the finals last year and this year are the worst kind of finals I’ve ever watched. Lakers/Kobe > Spurs/Timmy. Lakers and Kobe are the team and player of 2000s era period. To compare the 1999 championship of Duncan to even 1 of Kobe’s is an insult, because it came in a lockout season. The Spurs can only win titles, if either the Lakers are rebuilding or tired of making 4 straight trip to the finals. Duncan never played a single season without a future HOF, placed top 1 in the west countless of times, yet beaten by lower seeds. Spurs with Duncan never even defended their title. Only this time they made it to 2 straight, and will never again. Not to mention that whenever there’s a playoff matchup with Kobe vs the Spurs, the Lakers have much more wins on the playoffs against them. They’re lucky they didn’t battle the Lakers with Kobe last year. Kobe trashed the Spurs since 2001. The Lakers always crush the top Spurs during their championship runs. So stop hating Kobe, he’s more great than your chick LBJ and Duncan.

      • TheTruthKills

        Feel better now?

        • V

          Lmao!! That’s exactly what I was thinking while reading that.

          • Jeorge Philip Santiago

            Really? Using another name again? The name’s Mark, then changing it to V? Pathetic. How loner and loser can you be, huh, Kobe-hater?

          • V

            Are you talking to me? Another name?? Wtf are you talking about?? And for your information, I love Kobe, I’m just not trying to blow him like you are. :)

          • Jeorge Philip Santiago

            C’mon Mark, I saw your name, then after refreshing, Mark changed to V. Don’t be pathetic, you’re not fooling anyone. I mean, please TheTruthKills, don’t say you love Kobe, because you obviously don’t. Saying you love Lakers or anything about it doesn’t mean you really do. So don’t play safe.

          • V

            Ummm, I don’t know who Mark is, but whatever you say buddy. For the record, my name is Veronica. So lovely to meet you, crazy person.

          • TheTruthKills

            He’s lost it. Just ignore him lol.

          • V

            This guy is a complete jackass, and apparently believes that, as a woman, I, or in his delusional mind, you, shouldn’t talk about him wanting to blow Kobe. Lmaoooo. People are out of their damn minds. Seriously!!

          • Jeorge Philip Santiago

            Really? Veronica? How low can you get TheTruthKills? I imagined a stray woman found herself in a sports fanpage, and say things like blow, wtf, etc. Pity.

          • V

            Hahahhahhahahaha!!! I’m a stray woman? Lmao. I must admit, I have never been referred to as a stray before! So let me get this straight, you believe that it is not possible for women to be fans of sports? Wow! Just wow!! I assume then you also believe that women should not be educated or have careers or basically do anything outside of being housewives and giving birth to as many children as their husband desires and cook and clean. Am I getting this right? Let me tell you darling, you have apparently been living under a rock for a very long time, because there are plenty of women, just like myself, that enjoy sports, and that visit team fan pages, and that use words such as “blow”. Welcome to 2014, idiot.

          • nlruizjr

            WOW, that must burn, way to go V, a cool Laker Fan !!!

          • V

            Haha! Thanks! :)

          • Jeorge Philip Santiago

            No, I just don’t want to reply anymore to this troll. I stopped reading at “I assume”. We’re done here.

          • TheTruthKills

            You’ve clearly lost your mind lol.

        • Jeorge Philip Santiago

          No, unless you get out here in Lakers Nation page, and please, stop using other names/email-adds for stating your points.

          • TheTruthKills

            I don’t use other names or email addresses to make my point, but I can if you want me to. All that negativity can’t be good for you. Sorry, but I won’t be leaving, and I won’t let you bait me into a internet fight.

          • Jeorge Philip Santiago

            Who’s baiting who into an INTERNET fight? Only nerds like you do that. Fighting on the internet is like eating your own vomit. I don’t have time for your shit. Use different names or whatever you want, it doesn’t change that fact that you’re an NBA bandwagon fan who actually just watched NBA in 2011. Your comments say that. If you actually look at all your comments with different names, all have the same structure. So yeah, we’re done here. Don’t bother changing your style, only a fool would believe another fool.

          • TheTruthKills

            “Only nerds do that”. Ok then please stop it you nerd.

          • Jeorge Philip Santiago

            Oh you forgot something, I said, “Only nerd like YOU do that.” I can’t even imagine fighting here on the internet, it’s funny and pathetic. And the funniest part is that you even tried to claim you’re a girl. Sheesh.

          • iEATcelticBabies

            lol, the laker hater is a dumb dumb troll, well done JPS, you raped him onto obscurity !

          • gerald johnson

            Why are you getting so worked up. Just ignore these guys before you have a heart attack.

      • iEATcelticBabies

        truth kills is not a very good troll, his little dual acct nonsense is like 5 years old already, nobody does that anymore, he must be some old fart that just got internet service for the first time….everrrr

      • lilcaazn

        Dude, you clearly need to talk to someone. You’re being irrational and paranoid.

    • SD

      because Kobe is the one who made the Lakers negotiate? They didn’t have to if they didn’t want to. I could assure you this much…Kobe would be headed to another team after the way this past season with whether he was healthy or not if he hadn’t signed an extension…and then Lakers brass would be in REAL trouble because the majority of fans would have been displeased…and those seats in the upcoming season wouldn’t be filled.

      Neither Tony/Time/Manu have been as dominant as Kobe individually…and Tim was pretty close to dominant/unguardable in his prime. Tim has plenty of ego. This is the same Tim Duncan who doesn’t talk to rookies…you know…like Kobe doesnt. Manu/Tim really had no leverage and had plenty of guarantees with KNOWING Popovich would be there.

  • Jim213

    FA will determine if the lakers have a shot at the playoffs next season.

  • Thomas Dease

    kobe will get ring # 6 next season!!!

    • Roger

      haha you sir are what i call a delusional motherfucker!

    • Draper

      You are smoking something high and illegal.

  • Mark

    I dont think the current CBA will allow Kobe to “give back” money, but if we’re being honest here, Kobe could’ve easily accepted stock options ala Magic to offset any monetary value of his current contract. You have to call it what it is, if Kobe REALLY wanted to win a 6th ring with the Lakers, he and the FO would’ve came to a better conclusion then whats currently in place, with regards to his contract. It isnt like 48 million is a big deal to Kobe nowadays, to us, YEA.. to someone with a net worth of over 200 mil.. ummm no

    • Jeorge Philip Santiago

      I’ve replied about this on YOUR previous post you put on another article, no use blaming Kobe for taking that farewell gift from the Lakers. Why don’t you tell Mitch and Jim this concern of yours if you really diss the decision. Guess what, they won’t entertain you, because they already know why they have done it, and won’t likely share the reasons to you.

      • Erik

        You’re a baboon with no knowledge of basketball.

        • Jeorge Philip Santiago

          Nice try TheTruthKills. I told you only fools would believe another fool. So you’re not fooling anyone here except maybe the lost NBA/Heat/Spurs/Pacers/Clippers bandwagons.

  • Kobe Will Get 6

    Kobe Will Get 6

    Duncan Will Stay at 5

  • iEATcelticBabies

    if they allowed kobe to goal tend, he could beat the heat and the spurs , by his dam self. !!

  • Lakers4Life

    As much as I love Kobe and agree he is worth 30+ million per season, the truth of the matter is that if he wanted to increase his chance of winning a 6th (or more) ring anytime soon, then he should have “counter-offered” the contract by proposing to take a paycut down to the 10+ million per year range.
    If he has any basic math skills and a sense of “business” in him as the media often portrays, then it shouldn’t be too difficult for him to realize that he will need many good players surrounding him (all the way down to the bench) and therefore a paycut would be essential to make that happen.
    Unfortunately, he went for the money, so I’m not sure if our Lakers can build enough of a roster to beat the likes of Spurs and Oklahoma to even get to the Finals over the next few years.

    • Devean

      It’s easy to say “I’m taking a paycut and I’m willing to play for less”, but it’s hard for some when the moment comes to put up or shut up. Ego and Pride comes to play.

      • Lakers4Life

        I agree. And that may very well be the downfall for Kobe, if he doesn’t win his next ring over the next 2 years.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          He took a pay cut. He is making almost $10 million less than what he’s eligible for. And he signed this contract coming off what may have been the best season of his entire career. Duncan’s pay cut came after a few seasons of consistent decline.

    • SD

      I kinda disagree there…The spurs don’t have many good players. They have a system. You don’t need 3 max players to win a championship. 2? Probably. The new CBA makes everything harder, but the Spurs ASKED Duncan to take a paycut like he did. Mitch/Jim didn’t come to Kobe with that mindset. They could have. Tim Duncan didn’t go and negotiate his contract. The Spurs came to him and the others and asked if they’d take a cut.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Or better yet, he should have countered with an offer to accept a vet minimum salary. Then he could call up Melo and Lebron and Pau and whoever else he wanted and ask them to take minimum salaries, too. And a few other teams could do the same, and we could have four amazing teams in the NBA while everyone else looks like the Washington Generals. Is this the path we really want to go down?

  • Ty

    Tim is selfless and puts the team first. He didn’t bitch and complain saying “I’m the man here, I eat first” when Pop turned their offense to more of a Tony Parker-centric offense. He was humble enough to realize he’s not the same player anymore, that he has slowed down and aged, and was willing to dare I say it, go to the “sidekick” role and didn’t care if Parker, or whomever else was getting the shots and pub. And lets not even start with him willingly accepting 10mil last season and next season (if he decides to return). The era of one star taking up 25-30mil of space, and surrounded by just one good all-star, and then a bunch of role players are over. The new CBA makes players today choose: Get all the money you want and rot on a pedestrian team, or take less than market value and team up with other solid players.

    • DKWTTY

      Who was Kobe supposed to take a backseat to? He was the best player on the Lakers for the last how many years? Don’t say Dwight Howard because he sucked on the Lakers. Why are so many clueless and hateful people on a Lakers website?

      • Draven909

        He has a chance this offseaon. He can put a call to Lebron and pitch him coming to the Lakers. But that ain’t happening because Kobe needs to be THE man. People keep saying Miami is still Wade’s team these past few years, but that is just a token gesture. That team was on Lebron’s back and Wade humbly ceded the drivers seat to Lebron. I can’t see Kobe being able to swallow his pride and ego. If he badly wants no.6 in this his last 2 years, Lebron is his best chance to get it. If not, then he can watch Tim get no. 6 next June.

        • DKWTTY

          Who is available this off season that they will get that he will need to take a backseat to? The fact that you even mentioned Lebron is downright hilarious. In fact it’s incredibly stupid. You clearly know absolutely nothing about basketball to even think to type that stupid shit. D-Wade is a bitch with 3 rings to Kobe’s 5 faggot. He doesn’t need tips from him.

          • Terrell

            I see Jr. High is definitely out for the summer. The guy made a statement/opinion without calling anybody names and cursing, and this is how you respond.
            And people wonder why Laker fans get a bad rep.

          • DKWTTY

            Bitch fuck you. I call it like I see it. Ever figure Lakers fans are tired of stupid people coming on LAKERSNATION and repeating the same lies and bullshit day in and day out? You can say whatever you want but what I said was a fact. We are all adults, go to the playground if you don’t want to hear grown up words little girl.

          • Jeorge Philip Santiago

            Ignore him. These bandwagon NBA fans know nothing about the sport. They think they all know these stuff thanks to the media, but please. Just like what that V said, “WELCOME TO 2014″, where lies from the media become facts, and bandwagon NBA fans scream like they know something, which in reality, is just nothing. They believe people should go and join the Spurs/Heat bandwagon, and do the same path as theirs.

            These idiots keep polluting the Lakers fan pages and put out shit to emphasize their points about their fave NBA team (Heat or whatever). These fake Laker fans are what stains the Laker fans’ rep. A real Laker fan will stick to the team either in wins or loss, not join another team that’s surging or on the rise, and say the Laker’s should do what they have done. I bet these fake fans are the same people who said Kobe can’t win without Shaq or any other all-star big man, and blames him for the Lakers’ fall. Can’t appreciate what he’s done for the victories, and all blames for the losses? Zzzzz.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      That era is not over. The Heat have been to the Finals fours years in a row with three players all making almost maximum salaries. People keep acting like they took huge pay cuts. It was $2 million below max money in the first year with 7 or 7.5% raises each year–5% is the norm.

    • V

      You are an idiot. Have a lovely day.

  • Jamar

    All you people keep saying “Well the Lakers got that HUGGGGEEE Time Warner Deal, they will go over the cap easy”. Please freaking read the details of the new CBA. As part of the revenue sharing agreement, the Lakers will flip nearly HALF of what Time Warner pays them annually to the NBA. They don’t pocket all that money. Oh, and the luxury tax is no longer dollar for dollar, it escalates like a mother for every year you’re over the cap.

    • Daryl Peek

      Finally someone with common sense! People kill me spending the Lakers money? The FO has strategically positioned themselves to be under the luxury tax this coming season and Mitch has said on several occasions they are not gonna spend all of the free cap space right away.There’s a reason for that, and part of it is making sure to avoid the repeater luxury tax this coming season.

      • Jeorge Philip Santiago

        TheTruthKills needs to learn this. Anyway, he won’t, because he’s a bandwagon Heat/NBA fan.

  • DoomedtoMediocrity

    Yeah, Kobe puts butts on the seats alright. But last I checked, the Lakers don’t hang Financial Spreadsheets and sales reports up in the rafters. We don’t throw parades for “YAY, WE SOLD OUT EVERY GAME THIS SEASON” or “YAY! LAKER JERSEY SALES ARE THROUGH THE ROOF”

  • Zimmeredge

    Kobe can always overroll his entire contrat. Announce then that he retires from basketball and then by training camp bryant comtes back. Haha
    Delusionnal post.

    • Strivefor5SPURS

      WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS NO MATTER WHAT IS SAID. Spurs show nothing but respect to all these teams but none of you givr Spurs any credit. Whether they won on the lockout or a regular season all have played the same damn games get over it. I hope Kobe comes back stronger I love his work ethic. All of you arguing over whose the best? The best wins championships. Win or go home but quit bitching. May not have won back 2 backs but still have 5 I repeat 5 championships. Do you realize how many records the Spurs broke just this season alone. ….. SPURS NATION IS HERE TO STAY WHETHER U LIKE IT OR NOT 1999,2003,2005,2007,2014. NOUGH SAID. 210 COUNT DOWN CITY

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1972, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010. Whether you like it or not. Nuff said.

      • V

        Awwww! That’s so cute! Now, cross your arms across your chest, pout, and stomp your feet a couple times. There ya go!

      • Jeorge Philip Santiago

        One thing wrong on your post. Spurs have 4&1/2 championship. To compare that 1999-lockout-season championship to a full championship is an insult to those have even who played and won on an 82-game season.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      No. If he retires, he cannot return to the league for one year. And the team still has to pay him and it still counts against the salary cap.

  • Chris

    People will always bring up Duncan taking 10 mil versus Kobe 25 mil! I admit that I have! What should be discussed is the Lakers offering Kobe 25 mil instead of 10-15 mil… because EVERYONE on this thread would NOT have said no to 25 million if that was the only option available!

  • PhylNSweet

    Kobe pays his own salary. Full house every game! Hell, they should have paid more.

  • Boop1112

    Would everyone stop trying to be the general manager, people said the same thing when the Bulls front office renewed his contract for 36 million

    • Roy

      uh..no. Besides, it was a different NBA then. The luxury taxes aren’t as punitive as it is now.

  • Boop1112

    My bad Jordan

  • Derwin Davis

    You guys are missing the point. If Kobe took $10 Mil instead of 23Mil, That is more money to sign a Kyle lowry, and Marcin Gortat and Melo this offseason. Then still have money for Kevin Love next yr. If kobe took 10mil per yr, Melo will feel a lot better about taking $16, Gortart *mil, and lowry 9mil. You will be under the cap with that roster. 10+16+9+8= 43Mill. Hopefully Nash retires or you can buy him out. Team duncan took 10 Mil, They were able to sign splitter for 9mil a yr. Kobe is already rich, he doesn’t need more money. He’s only playing for his legacy. Taking all that money makes it hard for him to improve it. And Im The Biggest Lakers & Kobe fan, but its just common sense..

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