Video: Kobe Reacts to Watching His ‘Death Stare.’

Video: Kobe Reacts to Watching His ‘Death Stare.’


During the final minute of the Lakers loss (95-86) to the Utah Jazz last night, Kobe was caught on camera giving what many interpreted as a ‘death stare.’ If somehow you missed it, the video’s below.


Well, at practice Thursday, several reporters decided to show Kobe the video of his supposed ‘death stare’ circulating around the internet. He was slightly amused (Kobe’s on-camera reaction is below).

“I don’t give a [expletive] how it’s interpreted. I’m too old to deal with that stuff, I really am.”

Despite Kobe having his worst regular season start ever (1-4) as a Laker, Bryant also negated any hostility towards coach Mike Brown.

“I’ve been his biggest supporter. You would be frustrated to lose a game…It has nothing to do with one particular person…”

And, as Eric Pincus, Lakers blogger at L.A. Times, pressed the matter further, Kobe stood his ground.

“God people are boring….maybe because we lost, that probably has something to do with it.”

Boring or not, his reaction sure entertained us!


We caught Kobe’s reaction to the video of his ‘death stare’ on-camera. Make sure to check it out below!


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  • lakers_824

    lol kobe liek did i reeally look that pissed of last night

  • Trevor

    I dont think we need a new coach i think we need a new offence it doesnt work with the people we have why would we have steve nash and dwight howard gets more asst then nash it doesnt make sence.

  • Ellis Crawford

    Well, lets see what Eddie Jordan can do in the interim as coach…

  • lakers fan n tx!

    yep Kobe gave him the look!!