Video: Kobe Reacts to “Death Stare” Statue

Video: Kobe Reacts to “Death Stare” Statue


With Kareem’s statue unveiling Friday evening, there were plenty of allusions to a Kobe statue after the Lakers win over the Phoenix Suns later that night. L.A. Times reporter Eric Pincus asked Kobe if he’d thought about his own statue pose and couldn’t illicit a response. Then, reporter Serena Winters asked Kobe how he would feel about a “Kobe Death Stare” statue, and after a few laughs, he definitely had a response for that!

Kobe also talks about whether he thinks could he could pass Kareem on the all-time scoring list. We caught it all on video. Take a look!

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Reporter: Serena Winters



  • Rasheed

    “Kobe Death Stare” statue…nice one Serena…
    “Male Medusa”…how about “Black Mamba”?
    We will see how it unfolds in future…

  • Joseph Apohen

    Why does Oscar de la Hoya have a statue? What’s he done of any significance? He does not belong with those legends as he is not one.

    • Rasheed

      when you get the answer let me know

  • Crystal

    Lol at “Male Medusa” haha