VIDEO: Kobe-Jordan, Who Does The Moves Better Reviewed by Momizat on . The ongoing debate in all NBA circles will continue to be if Kobe Bryant is as good as Michael Jordan was. Jordan himself has spoken about playing the likes of The ongoing debate in all NBA circles will continue to be if Kobe Bryant is as good as Michael Jordan was. Jordan himself has spoken about playing the likes of Rating:
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VIDEO: Kobe-Jordan, Who Does The Moves Better

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Kobe-Takes-on-JordanThe ongoing debate in all NBA circles will continue to be if Kobe Bryant is as good as Michael Jordan was. Jordan himself has spoken about playing the likes of Kobe, Lebron, Durant, and Carmelo and said he would beat everyone except Kobe because ‘he stole all my moves.’

It’s obvious that Jordan greatly influenced Kobe’s moves and there is an amazing video on Youtube that puts Kobe and MJ, one after the other, doing the exact same moves so you can judge for yourself who does those signature moves better.

It really is eerie how similar they do the moves, but the efficiency that each shows is stellar. Whether it’s layups, dunks, fadeaways, step-throughs, they both do them with such grace that it’s almost impossible to distinguish who is doing it better.

Judge for yourself below:

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    You see on EVERY shot that Kobe’s defender is much closer to him and the defender is much more athletic

    • vdogg

      of course.. the average defender today is considerably more athletic than the one that jordan went up against. kobe also sees more double teams.

  • Paytc

    MJ does the best MJ version of the moves. While Kobe does the best Kobe version of the moves.

    All you can do is your own personal best. That’s what both of these master basketball players have done. Kobe can’t be Mike! and Mike can’t be Kobe !

    Cheers to Kobe’s fast and full recovery ! Go Kobe ! Go lakers !

  • Adam Abdallah

    I agreed both do it their own way but one thing about kobe his opponents are more talented and stronger. Imagine someone like John starks defending kobe. How many points is he gonna score a night. Starks can’t even guard derick rose. I like both guys though.

    • Paytc

      Good point ! Not to mention if you breathed too hard on MJ they would call a foul :-)
      But they both again are examples of greatness on the basketball court.

    • Jim213

      Disagree, many great players evolve from the idols they see on TV. Yes, players seem more athletic today but many moves are emulated which progresses the game even more.

      Many players today try to emulate MJ more so than Kobe though Kobe has taken and perfected the moves of previous players like J West, Elgin Baylor, Magic, MJ and others.

      But the game itself is what stands to prosper from players who try to emulate the legends of the game. Heard and seen that Lebron has been working on that fade like MJ and KB24 have mastered.

      • ra

        Yes, Kobe is a student of the game. He watches other superstars obsessively, and perhaps his ‘mechanics’ work best in emulating a style like MJ’s. He isn’t as suited to emulate Kareem, Larry Bird, and even Magic. He’s more physically and stylistically like MJ.

        And for this reason, it is clear that LeBron will never be able to play like either MJ or Kobe. He’s built differently, and his style of play is more like ‘bull in the china shop’ – like, who happens to score decently and likes to assist teammates. Or, like a football player who can shoot hoops. He won’t ever be a finesse player like MJ or Kobe. His post-up (if he ever develops it) will never be like MJ’s or Kobe’s. His mid-range will never be like Kobe’s. He’s probably better at dashing to the hoop, because he’s bigger and can run over players without getting called for a foul. And people ‘get out of his way’ because he’ll run you over.

        But, even more importantly, LBJ will never be a clutch player, for reasons that are known only to him – the ESPNweenies say that ‘oh, he’d rather dish’. Yeah right. I think he’s afraid to ‘fail’ in the clutch department. He can’t be as consistent taking the last shot, and so he’d rather have someone else get the credit, or take the blame. If they make the shot, he gets credit for an assist. If they miss, then the player he passed it to blew it. Nice and safe.

        Kobe and MJ take chances, and that’s why they are a cut above everyone else.


    KOBE is much better clutch than Jordan. It shows it clearly in this video!!! Kobe took the much harder and better athletic defenders than Jordan ever did.

  • Lancelot Luy

    The legends who played basketball with art

  • mark sangalang

    Ahhhh?? magaling narinnn??

  • mark sangalang


  • Eddie Lazaro

    Mj got bigger hands so he controls the ball better. he is also a bit stronger than kobe. Kobe has better footwork and jumps higher, more elusive in his shots even when double teamed. Kobe also edges Mj on his range since

    • Ali Kobaissi

      Kobe had a 38″ vert while MJ had a 48″ vert

      • Eddie Lazaro

        stand corrected on the leaf but he’s got better footwork

  • Ali Kobaissi

    Mj dealt with tougher defenders , he is more clutch , and had a better fg%. He was way more athletic than kobe! And he perfected it first, Jordan has made more than kobe , and kobe has taken more shots than anybody in the nba ever

    • Paytc

      Kobe is the best Kobe I have ever seen. And Jordan is the best Jordan I’ve ever seen. Both are great players who played under a different set of circumstances. No need to compare greatness because you can only speculate on who you think is better based on what part of their skills your comparing. It’s like saying a brunette who is a dime is finer than a blond who is a dime. If both are dimes it comes down to individual preferance IMO

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