VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s Return Date “Is Coming Quickly”

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s Return Date “Is Coming Quickly”


On Saturday, Kobe Bryant received full medical clearance to participate in his first practice since the Achilles rupture seven months ago. With the basketball world now waiting to see when he will actually make his return to STAPLES Center, Bryant joined the cast of “The View” to discuss his rehabilitation and when he will play again.

In the interview that is set to air this Thursday on ABC, Bryant shared that it was a long process because he couldn’t be active and spent those six months eating donuts all day long. While there is no set timetable for his return, Kobe revealed to the cast that he’s playing soon and “the date is up really quickly” as he is practicing and feeling fine.

Here is the preview of Kobe Bryant’s interview with “The View” courtesy of ESPN:

  • lakers_824

    Finally I can watch all 48 minutes of a Laker Game!!!

  • richard

    If he is given full medical clearance to resume full basletball activities, then that means he is healthy enough… what he is working on is his game level conditioning as mentioned in previous article.

  • Kin Diesel

    Black Mambaaaa!!!!

  • Jim213


    • ra

      Hahaha! Is that cat surprised? (Laker fans) Or getting ready to attack? (cat mamba).

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Hell yeah!Kobe is coming back.Hallelujah!

  • Jim213

    Nash’s pain may be too severe to overcome this season.

    Peter Vecsey ✔ @PeterVecsey1
    I’m hearing Nash’s pain is forcing him 2 seriously consider calling it a career. He’d still get $ this yr & next & LA’d get cap relief next

    Nash should either take the season off to get this issue corrected (surgery?) to try to return next season @ 100% (value?, IMO) or consider retirement. Doubt he’ll return to some type of consistent play this season given this issue has bothered him since going under the knife.

    For those who believe that he should still play while experiencing continued pain. SMH

    • richard

      I think Nash should really and seriously consider retiring. Join the coaching staff Steve.

      • Jim213

        ?! posted “The 1 position at this point is fully covered in Blake/Farmar/Nash?!

        IMO, Either take the year off or possibly retire though I don’t believe he wants to go out this way. However which way management (SMH) is stuck paying the $18 mil for the next 2 seasons. Although, this helps a lot with cap tax relief. Not hating on Nash… more of a bad move on managements part.

        CP3 deal… pulled the trigger too soon. DH… enough said, and with Nash being considered as viable towards the future. But like mentioned about 3-4 wks back maybe Nash should join the staff if they believe he can contribute to the guards current development (work in progress).

        Brought up awhile back… basketball operations isn’t giving the masses too much confidence with regards to decision making moves to resolve the team’s current needs in a short time span. Cons have forced them over the cap while paying substantial tax fines and let’s not talk about DRAFT PICKS!!!!!! SMH!!!!

        Heard Allen Iverson has expressed interest in playing for the team too (pun).

        • Gregory Choa

          The Lakers could be eligible for a “medical retirement” exception if he does not play again this season. They’d still have to pay him for next season, but his salary would NOT count against the cap.

        • Paytc

          The problem with Blake/Farmar/Nash holding down the PG slot is it will make Kobe’s job harder. Kobe needs someone at PG that will strike fear in other teams and make Kobe’s job easier. Yes, Kobe’s return will make their jobs a whole lot easier. But will we be good enough to win a championship? Kobe needs a PG who is capable of sharing a large load especially while Kobe works to get himself back into a high level of performance.

          Kobe wants to win it all “this year” and every year he plays the game. That said, he deserves the right supporting cast to make the task easier.

          That is why Stern shot down the CP3 deal. He knew Kobe and CP3 were capable of at least a three peat. And maybe 4 out of 5, or better?

          But it was ok for Lebron(the 3rd best player at the time) to team up with D.Wade(2nd best player at the time)? Go figure what everything is really about?

          So many fear and hate what they can’t be. It is great to hear Kobe is working to get back soon enough to salvage this year. But it would be nice if each player continues to “STEP UP ” before Kobe’s return so he is not pressed to return earlier than he might otherwise.

          And when he does we can not just sit around expecting Kobe to work miracles. We need to continue to “STEP UP ” and each and everyone be accountable for bringing it each night.

          Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

    • Paytc

      The truthful question as painful as it may be for Nash and basketball fans to hear is…. “Is it pain,or ability regardless of pain, to play a large number of minutes at a high enough level ” ?

      Obviously there is no joy in kicking a player when they are down. I wish Nash all the best in getting back healthy asap. But even then how much of a burden can we expect to pile on Nash at this stage of his career? Nash is not a Kobe Bryant and never has been. Now add on the fact that the athletes in the league are getting younger,faster,and more athletic? We need to have a young quality PG now to help Kobe reach the championships he is still striving for this year and the next 5 or so years :-) Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

      • Paytc

        Not just a young quality PG but a proven capable veteran PG so we can win now and not have to wait on developing the young PG. Kobe wants to win it all each and every year he plays the game.

  • Tina Moran

    Derek Rose’s time table to return to the game: 1 season and a half
    Kobe Bryant’s time table to retuen to the game: 8 months (and he did make 2 free throws before he went out!)

    • savi

      Don’t hate on rose!! he’s a good player, I know u r talking about the greatness of KB, but here career is playing a big part. Kobe don’t have much time left and Rose wouldn’t want to ruin his career by coming back fast, he had the choice to be patient but Black Mamba is neither patient nor he has the choice to be.

    • Paytc

      Not a fair comparison. One player is great and proven to be mentally tougher than perhaps anyone in sports. The other player is good with the potential to become great given time and more work. Like D12 ,Rose did what he thought was in his own best interest. That said, I would never compare Rose to D12 because I think Rose will be willing to put in the necessary work to be great, I don’t think Howard is not willing to make that sacrifice?

      Savi, I don’t think Rose is risking anything greater than Kobe is? Who is to say Kobe will not still have a career remaining that last as long as Rose does? Kobe is a odds defier, not a limits complier.Who knows if Rose will be able to last without getting an injury again to slow him down? There are no guarantees players will have long healthy careers. And what they both are risking is their good health after basketball which is even more precious if you enjoy walking in your old age.

      Kobe is in a league and class all by himself when compared to any active players IMO.
      That is why it is not fair to make the comparison. It’s apples to oranges. Ole school to new school. Kobe is the last of a dying breed in the NBA.

      Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

      • Paytc

        “I don’t think Howard is willing to make that sacrifice” Correction to the post above.

      • Paytc

        I hate being right at the expense of D.Rose. That is why I admired the large body of work Kobe has accomplished and why I think he is in a league of his own in comparison to any current NBA player. Any player can get injured at any time. That is why you save all the who is the greatest until players retire. You don’t get caught up in the hype the NBA creates around any one player just to benefit the popularity of the game. Or the hype and unnecessary overly praise given to any player who has a couple of great years. Longevity and playing at a high level longest is the most difficult thing to do especially without having an all star team to support you.

        Hopefully D. Rose is ok and comes back at 100 % soon.

        • Paytc

          I was out of the loop all morning with regards to D. Rose and his current health status? I will look into it now to see? I do wish him all the best !

          • Paytc

            Waiting on the results of the MRI ? It is always sad to see any player get injured. Hopefully it is nothing serious and Rose returns to playing at a high level again soon. Go D. Rose ! Go Nash Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

  • Sal Moran

    Kobe will be back 100% and get us back track in the winning streak

  • Kenneth C. Taitt

    I think he’ll take another month at least to get right, to feel 100% mentally….I’m gonna say XMAS