Video: Kobe Bryant’s Left-Handed Breakaway Dunk During Practice Reviewed by Momizat on . As the speculation that Kobe Bryant will return to the Lakers this week continues to rise, the Lakers guard was looking strong at practice today. During the pra As the speculation that Kobe Bryant will return to the Lakers this week continues to rise, the Lakers guard was looking strong at practice today. During the pra Rating: 0
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Video: Kobe Bryant’s Left-Handed Breakaway Dunk During Practice

As the speculation that Kobe Bryant will return to the Lakers this week continues to rise, the Lakers guard was looking strong at practice today.

During the practice, Bryant stole the ball from teammate Xavier Henry and promptly took the ball down the court and dunked the ball with his left hand. It was his first practice since Saturday and is in preparation for Friday’s road game against the Sacramento Kings.

Bryant practiced the whole time with the team and is on track to practice again tomorrow. He did not address the media after practice and his status for Friday in still unknown.

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  • Danish

    Let’s hope the NBA is ready

    • Wiggle

      Let’s hope they’re not!!

  • Daryl Peek

    I just hope everyone keeps calm over this. It’s great to see Kobe dunking!!! but…

    Mike Trudell @LakersReporter 4m
    From the @Lakers video I just RT’d of Bryant dunking, you can see he takes off on his right foot. He’s still gaining full strength in L leg.

    • John

      well yeah… he’s dunking with his left why would he jump on his left leg? Fundamentals… right hand finish = left leg take off and vise versa.

      • Daryl Peek

        His steps seemed calculated with a purpose. Trudell would not say that if not so

        • Danish

          Yeah you need to do that when you play basketball bro, people don’t just magically get air, it’s a technique…

          • Daryl Peek


            Kobe likely did that because he’s not fully confident pushing off on the left yet. It’s awesome he still has the spring in his right to get that much air to dunk at this point.

          • ryan

            he stole the ball and ran to his left side. that wasnt calculated lol. he was on his left side and went off his right foot to dunk. im sure if he stole the ball on the right side, he would have dunked with his right hand off his left foot.

          • Danish

            Exactly, thank you. its like some people are expecting Kobe to burst out a 360 windmill every time he goes for a dunk.

          • Daryl Peek

            Of course no ones expecting Mamba like dunks yet. That’s the point I was making…

          • Danish

            It’s practice kid, confidence has nothing to do with it…

          • Daryl Peek

            No it’s obvious he’s still trying to build up strength in his leg as Trudell said and does not have full confidence in it yet. This is why he took a step back a couple of weeks ago.

            As others that have had this injury have said, you can’t predict when it will happen for you in recovery it just happens…

          • Danish

            Ever actually play basketball yourself? Kobe using his right doesn’t mean he can’t use his left, it means he used his right. Trudell doesn’t know what he’s talking about, you can’t infer that he isn’t ready because he made a dunk..

          • Daryl Peek

            Yes and I know what it is. He’s not ready to use it like that just yet, that don’t mean he wont be sooner rather than later. Knowing Kobe, if he was fully confident he would do it just to show he’s back…

          • Danish

            Why don’t you go fucking ask him to do the dunk you made up in your head and see if he can’t so it before you go and make up baseless claims like a clown. if he was fully confident he would have read your mind and done any dunk you came up with? Bro let go of the snake juice

          • Daryl Peek

            Why you butt hurt mad over an observation many have come to? Get a grip fool! No ones hating on Kobe here. People kill me with the butt hurt defensive ISH over something that’s obvious

          • Danish

            *many have come to ….. Your not smart enough to make observations kid . You’re seeing things that aren’t there

          • Daryl Peek

            Kid?!? How old are you saying that? I’ll keep it simple & off the the personal as I don’t have time to play internet tuff guy. We’ll agree to disagree.

          • Danish

            There’s no argument here, you don’t have any evidence on anything you claim. You made the inference that since Kobe used his left leg to jump off a right handed dunk(fundamentals) that he can’t use his right leg yet.your argument has just one giant gap in it, in which you just blatantly ignore reality

          • Daryl Peek

            It’s an observations which is an opinion me, Trudell and many of my other Lakers fans friends noticed right away when we saw the dunk. Kobe rarely dunks with his left hand. Yes we all know he can and has done it but it’s silly to observe this right now and completely rule out the possibility he’s not fully comfortable pushing off a leg he’s recovering from surgery on.

          • Daryl Peek

            As Trudell said Kobe is not 100 % confident in his recovery yet. That’s to be expected

  • kobeforpresident

    not much elevation. :(

    • cboy420

      more than you

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