VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s ‘Last Dance’ Chronicles His Comeback Attempt

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s ‘Last Dance’ Chronicles His Comeback Attempt


Regardless of any off-season moves, coaching changes, and draft picks, the upcoming Lakers season, and possible success, will ultimately come down to Kobe Bryant’s return.

Many people doubt whether Bryant can play at the high level everyone has become accustomed to coming off of two major injuries. Not to mention Bryant will be 36 when the season starts.

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But thanks to the people at Old Skool BBall, there is an inspiring video featuring Bryant and his struggles over the last two seasons.

From Bryant willing himself to knock down two free throws after tearing his achilles, to working all the way back to last season, and only making it six games before going down again.

This beautifully produced video splices comments from people like Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith, with videos of Kobe doing what he does best.

If nothing else, the video will absolutely get fans fired up for the return of Bryant this season.
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  • 16 of em

    I think we are gonna see some magic this year..I feel it…like everyone said..if anyone can do it it would. Be mamba every player on the roster Kobe wanted…he and Phil are close and phil knows he wanted him…phil has given kobe the blueprint and the players to get….cant wait

    • joshhh

      im just scared for him his bones are more brital and weaker now that he’s older. im scared he’s gonna go down again and his career is over it’s more likely now than ever before in his career. all it takes is 1 fall or maybe he lands on his foot the wrong way and twists it or something like I hope nothing happens but I hav a feeling he won’t be playing 82 games that’s for sure somethings gonna happen

      • Giovanni Thomas

        you act like mamba is steve nash …..if you played as much as kobe without getting rest yes your body breaks down …..Mamba got the rest he needed don’t be surprise if he looks like he did right before he got hurt… with all the critics saying he’s wash up …he coming with fire… 3provethemwrongMamba#KB24#

      • Judo Mma

        Shut the F up coward!

        • stephaniemshuey

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      • Josh

        Brittle bones because he’s old? He’s not 90. He doesn’t have osteoporosis. I’m about the same age, and I sure don’t worry about breaking a bone if I fall down.

      • 16 of em

        only one kobe my friend..remember before his injuries they were already saying he was on the decline…i think we know they were off…epic

  • 16 of em

    And I don’t think his knee was hurt anyway orv the rest of the lakers..they didn’t want to risk anything serious. …eyes were on exum….bet kobe avg 25

  • pacclerouge

    Oh Mamba, make those infidels feel the power of greatness !
    Anyway, great clip, got me emotional and full of hope. Go Lakers !

  • Truth B Told

    Kobe knows his body…..As Jack Nicholson said in The Shining…”Wendy…have I got a surprise for you.”…..Mamba has a surprise for the Nay Sayers…..It’s On……”Honey…I’m Home.”


    That video literally gave me chills!!! Pure greatness!!

  • Timothy Davis

    Sign Metta! He is fearless and quite a character. Also, The lakers a could use a sharp shooter since Meeks is gone!

    • vdogg

      and metta would be that sharp shooter? lol. ARE YOU HIGH?

      • Timothy Davis

        I’m not talking about signing Metta as a sharp we could use a Steve Novak, Kyle Korver , Mike Miller or Ryan Anderson.

  • ghost

    I hope it’s gonna be quick last dance because we want our team back.

  • Tune

    I see Kobe averaging 25/5/5 with this roster assuming he’s healthy

    • Josh

      Close enough. I’ll go 23/6/7.

  • Timothy Davis


  • Timothy Davis